Save upto 95% transaction fee when swap on

Hi TRON users,
We are pleased to introduce our new tool SaveSwap. This tool helps you easily swap tokens from and save up to 95% transaction fees. We will post a detailed article later. Everyone can experience it and give us suggestions for improvement.
The interface will be upgraded next week.


oh so you are making use of sun swap and you are providing energy to save users 95%?


Yes. It’s sun swap. Using sun swap router. If you need swap on please try it. I think you love it.

How can SaveSwap help me save money on transaction fees, how can SaveSwap makes it easier to swap tokens and also improve my trading experience


We automatically evaluate and pre-purchase the energy needed for that order. thereby saving you fees

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one of my questions has been answered here too. Thanks

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Let’s try it. Hope you love it

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Have a very important question

(1) Elaborate the limitations of SaveSwap, And the plans for future development of SaveSwap.

Currently the limitation is that we cannot predict if the user has not approved the token, which sometimes makes the usage process complicated. We will add more platforms to keep swaps in one place

Kul buddy indeed I appreciate your kind explanation :clap:

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