SaveWallet powered by Tronsave Team

:rocket:Hello TRONICS,

:zap:Check out our newest product, SAVE WALLET

SaveWallet provides an exceptional experience on Tron Network and saves up to 93% network fees for all of your transactions

:one:Save up to 93% network fees for all transactions
:two:Fully supports Dapps
:three:Fully decentralized
:four:Auto protect failure transaction
:five:Convenient built-in swap

:pushpin:Download NOW: savewallet | Twitter | Linktree

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Nice on-going work I tried a bit great graphics for sure. Tried to change the network to Nile it is loading state. But reopen solved it.

Added some custom token on Nile

P. S. some images when creating the wallet were not loading


Thank you for your comments. Currently, when changing networks, we have not found the most convenient way to restart apps, so this problem cannot be fixed.
We will update the images as soon as possible. Because there is a lot of work on important features being prioritized, some images and display interfaces have not been completed. If you find any money missing anywhere, you can report it and we will update it as soon as possible.

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Seeing y’all stick around so long after Hackathon and constantly rolling out products gives me a lot of hope and joy.

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Hope everyone supports our products. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great

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Kudos, great job team, keep on building on Tron

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Maybe putting a “BETA” sticker on the app would be better. If you announce a release users expect a fully working product. If you know that some things need to be fixed/improved it’s better to be clear about it. A wallet is something very sensitive.


We also tested a lot before launching. Currently, the basic features above have been completed and used normally. However, it is true that we need to upgrade the interface a lot to make it more beautiful and suitable. This is included in phase 2 of the project. Hope everyone can use and contribute ideas to make the wallet more convenient.

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Great job term, keep building :heart: