The Sports Analyzer and Generator of Sure Odds

Life is a game of chance and every decision made is a risk taken.

But to minimize this risk is what keeps most people going and not die of shocks.
Today i come again with an idea to help those who are into sport betting.

Hoping our top developers down here can tap into this idea, create something powerful out of it and make life easier and better for our sports bettors.

This idea if implemented well can also lead to a serious worldwide adoption for the tron blockchain.

After being duped by bitclub advantage in 2017, i paused crypto altogether and ventured into new fields to make my life better.

I stumbled upon sports betting, i quickly became enthused about this whole system and learnt it very quickly.
Mastered all the outcomes, from O/U, DNB, Handicap, DC, shots on target etc. but the sad thing is, in my two years into sports betting i never won anything.

I made losses upon losses till i finally decided to quit it for good and quitting i did.

The stress involve in picking matches, reading all the statistics, checking player lineups before making a decision was quite tedious and to make matters worst i wasnt winning anything from all this hardwork i put into the game.

Evebthough i no longer do betting, but something struck me today that to me will go a long way to help those who are still into the game.

What am i proposing?

I call it the The Sports Analyzer and Generator of sure odds.

How will it work?

  1. A dapp will be built, people will create account or signup with their wallet.

  2. Use the search filter to select the type of sports interested in (e.g football, basketball, hockey etc)

  3. Select the league (e.g English premier league, Spanish primera liga, France ligue 1 etc)

  4. Select the teams according to home and away (e.g Real madrid vs Barcelona etc)

  5. Select the date the match will be played.

  6. Click on Analyse and Generate

Once you click on Analyze and generate, the smart contract will analyze data from Sofascore, Flashscore, Livescore etc, scan through the available statistics for that particular game and give you likely sure odds that will play out in the game.


  1. Win Barcelona
  2. Win/Draw Barcelona
  3. 0:1 handicap Barcelona
  4. Over 2.5 Barcelona
  5. Yellow cards Win Real Madrid etc

The sports bettor will just have to choose from it the one that he or she likes.

Also bettors can use filter to maybe restrict the Analyze and Generate to one or two outcomes of their choice.

I know my developers on the forum can make this work as it will go along way to remove the burden of sitting down to read through every statistics of a game.


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Another idea here

In nutshell, I’m totally lost
As I know nothing about betting nor have done bets before

Well, let get to hear if it possible from our developers in the house far and wide


Haha i stayed in betting for two years, made losses that nearly made me bankrupt. :joy::joy:

I am hoping the developers can look into this and develop something for this season 4.


there are a lot of sites which provides these, maybe it can be done through Blockchain.


Puede ser interesante, para las personas que le gustan las apuestas, permitiría que entraran más usuarios, si el proyecto es interesante y bien planteado en Tron.


I only know of platforms that give great statistics about games but they dont really give outcomes of matches, like flashscore and sofascore. In the end the decision comes back to lie on the bettor. So if u can kindly give us example of these sites we will be very grateful. We are all learning :grinning:

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Yh this can bring in more bettors as the studying of statistics to make decisions will be done by the smart contract. All the bettor have to do is to place a bet according to the choices made by the smart contract.


Está bien planteado, puede ser factible.


I know our developers are taking a thing or two from the ideas shared on this platform. Betting is serious business venture with lots of users and implementing it right will lead to an overwhelming adoption for the tron blockchain


I have retired in betting :joy::joy: but still have some sites off head. I had apps for odds all.

You can even search on Google for more.
A lot for apps and sites for tips.
They are all based on their analysis
even sofa score has something like that.


Nice site but my question is, are the betting tips done by people or are done by programming.


good question, most are done by human and some by apps. EG: Zcode system

My idea will remove the human nature and lead us straight into decentralization where tips are not influenced by human interferences.

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OK so this will be based on the stats provided by flashscore and other apps. Head to Head, number of goals scored and conceded, current form, etc
It is a good idea but from my betting experience, there are more to it than only these :joy::joy:
especially in Champions league where teams are coming from different leagues. Surprises all time


So there is retirement plan for betting?

That will need lots of algorithms programming I guess

Not a lie
Betting is one major employment here in my place

But there are smart contracts that can be built to get the needed data from sofascore or flashscore to make this decision.

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Best known to developers and builders

For it beyond the scope of my understanding

:joy::joy::joy: you run for your life when you always see “bet lost”

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