ChickenSwap/Bot - TRON swap platforms (web3/mobile/telegram)

Project Name: ChickenSwap/Bot

Project Track: DeFi

Team Name: Coconut Chicken

Team Member(s): @yannyxpl (5 people in team total)

HackerEarth Project Link:

Project Goal:

The Coconut Chicken team was formed in January with the fundamental idea of promoting the TRON blockchain in the crypto scene through the power of meme tokens. As Elon Musk said, “Who controls the memes controls the universe.” We believe that TRON memes are the key to attracting a new community to experience the TRON blockchain. Several utilities have been identified as necessary on other successful blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche. Our goal is to onboard as many users as possible onto the TRON network. We truly believe that any user experience on TRON will keep them connected, as TRON is one of the greatest blockchains that have ever existed. ChickenSwap/Bot is the leading decentralized exchange/trading tool on the Tron blockchain, providing users with a seamless, secure, and efficient platform for swapping TRC-20 tokens while fostering community engagement and innovation within the Tron ecosystem.

Project Value:

Over the past months, it has been confirmed that Coconut Chicken, with its utilities, is building a bridge for new users to experience the TRON blockchain. Thousands of new users come to the TRON blockchain, experience real-time secure swaps, and are amazed by the technology provided by ChickenSwap/Bot on the TRON blockchain. A secondary value of the project is to generate income (from swap fees) and secure it for Coconut Chicken DAO members, so they can use it to bring more people to TRON with the marketing power connected with utilities (listings on exchanges, AMAs, etc.).

Project Info:

ChickenSwap/Bot is a swap tool that optimizes fees for users based on the same Smart Contract deployed on the TRON blockchain. Energy is rented to SmartContract so swaps for users are flat and way cheaper than the original one on SunSwap. The swap platform needed to be accessible via web, mobile, and Telegram. As we recognized, Chicken Bot is the first-ever telegram trade bot on the TRON blockchain that was built. Telegram is a very important tool that can help bring new users to the TRON network and give them the possibility to access TRON tokens within seconds.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:



GitBook: Welcome to ChickenBot | ChickenBot
Video how to use:

Project Details:

  • Built on Tron: Optiomize fees for swaps using a rented energy system. Leveraging the high-speed and low-cost transactions of the Tron blockchain, ChickenSwap/Bot offers an unmatched experience in terms of speed and affordability on web, mobile, and Telegram platforms.
  • User-Centric Design: Our platform is designed with the user in mind. Intuitive interfaces, clear instructions, and seamless integration make the swapping process straightforward, even for beginners.
  • Community-Driven Development: The Coconut Chicken Community ($CCC) is at the heart of ChickenSwap/Bot. This is a project born from the collective ideas, feedback, and enthusiasm of a dedicated community of crypto enthusiasts and developers.
  • Security and Reliability: We prioritize the security of your assets. Our platform employs advanced security measures to ensure safe and reliable transactions.
  • Community Growth Support: The fee system helps the $CCC community grow. Every swap generates 17 TRX that goes to a marketing wallet that can be used for marketing purposes: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
  • Referral System: ChickenBot’s Telegram swap platform gives users the possibility to share an invitation link to earn $TRX with every registered user’s swap! This solution helps to scale the system and to be recognized.

Smart Contract Links:

ChickenSwap/Bot Router Smart Contract:

Project Milestones/Roadmap:

ChickenSwap/Bot are working solutions that are being tested by Coconut Chicken and the TRON community that wants to help build that.


  • Recognize concepts and ideas on how to bring new users to TRON - February 2024
  • Smart Contract development/fee system development - February 2024
  • UI/UX concept and development - February 2024
  • Publish platform - February/March 2024
  • Publish ChickenBot Telegram tool - April 2024
  • Support all meme tokens that are working and building communities - February-April 2024


  • Develop ChickenDEX platform - an info channel available on Telegram with important information about the TRON blockchain that can help recognize traders/holders tokens:
    • Announcements - news channel related to meme tokens on TRON
    • New tokens - with details about name, ticker, and contract address of added TRON tokens
    • New tokens initial LP added - most important information that means that the token can be bought early on the TRON network via ChickenBot (!)
    • LP burned - with details about name, ticker, and contract address of TRON token
    • Tokens burned - with details about name, ticker, and contract address of TRON token
    • Token performance - summary of token performance + price/volume performance and security score
    • ChickenSwap/Bot swaps - swap tracking tool based on ChickenSwap
    • SunSwap/JM swaps - swap tracking tool based on ChickenSwap
    • Security level upgrade – information about token security score upgrade
  • Develop sniper tools for ChickenBot - one of the most requested community tools that help configure how users want to participate in early buys of new tokens that have added initial LP
  • Marketing around ChickenSwap/Bot
  • Cross-chain solution - so users can easily bridge between all blockchains and TRON within a few seconds.


ChickenDex added to ChickenBot. It is a telegram channel connected to ChickenBot. Little sneak peek for the TRON FORUM community. ChickenDex main features:

  • Recognize newly created tokens
  • LP that was initially added
  • Tokens burned
  • Performance of tokens: get all TRON tokens, sorted by best one performed


This is only the beginnings of what Coconutchicken will bring to Tron😁


Lovely you are welcome chicken family
Testing your telegram chickenswap bot, I will let you know the testing results :pray:t3:


Chicken Bot aka TG bot is an important initiative towards Tron chain experiencing a meme run. Much of the degens like these days to use the bots to quickly and easily perform trades.


We are building something big here.


$ccc DEVs are on fire!!!


Exactly! Our idea from the beginning was to create degen ready environment :innocent:


All of that is possible since the Coconut Chicken Community is so great. There were like 14 weekly AMAs on Twitter that got Us closer to the community. And it is pleasure to build around such cool people


Hi everyone, I’m really into the Coconut Chicken project. I am convinced that it will do better than these predecessors of memecoins from other networks. A committed and dynamic team and a strong community to which I am proud to belong. The future is bright with Coconut Chicken $CCC


I have gotten time to test your bot and you guys are really here for business.

Export of private keys works fine, nice interface and simple to navigate through


Seems mine not working


I have some questions;

  1. I made a withdrawal of trx, it gave me options (50%, 100% and x amount) I chose the 100%.
    I had 10 trx in the wallet, I received 9.5 trx and 0.5 was still sitting in the wallet. I want to know why

I have some small recommendations;

  1. I realized when I made a deposit to the bot, I got no notification indicating I have deposited any asset. It will be better if the bot can notified me if o received a deposit.

  2. I saw a withdrawal button and that was for $trx which means without exporting your private keys you can’t withdraw trc-20 tokens from the bot. Please try and allow withdrawal of such tokens via the bot.

  3. I bought $BCC using the bot, it was successful but I did not get the chance to see the fee it will charged. I got to know after the transaction went through. I don’t know if it is possible to get an estimation of the total trx that will be charged like TronLink and other wallets do.

  4. If only it is possible for the bot to rent energy before executing transactions then please partner with some of these energy providers and integrate it. It will save your customers a lot of fees.


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, wish you guys all best, … will definitely test the swap as soon as possible


It must be possible to show an estimation I think. @Prince-Onscolo it is not the wallets that charge us the fees for transaction it is the network or the swap platform we use.


Yeah I know it is not the wallet but the walkers displays the estimation


The work done so far by this team has been amazing.

I have been a tester on chickenswap as well as the telegram bot, and it is hard to fault any of it.

The dapps work smoothly and as expected, the level of simplicity is outstanding which I think is important to onboard hoards of new people to the Tron Network.

I see this team and its dapps only going from strength to strength and I am truly honored to be a part of it.

Well done Coconut Chicken


I love Ccc coconut chicken, best product builder on tron


Thanks for letting Us know:

  1. DM Me on telegram for support: yannyxpl - We will look into it.
  2. Yesterday We were updating ChickenBot since it is still under development process. Probably this was an issue. Let Me know

Hey! Thanks a lot for the feedback:

  1. Withdrawal - We will check that case how it can be optimized.
  2. Deposit - to get the balance address You need to press the refresh button. TronScan API limitation holds Us back to make everything work way more smoothly. We will soon request a Tronscan API update, then We will optimize that process.
  3. Withdrawal of each token - is on TO DO list :blush:
  4. Fee system system is a 1:1 fee system from ChickenSwap (always 29 TRX)
  5. The bot is connected to the ChickenSwap system - which uses an energy-saving system :wink: All of this missing information We will update in docs and bot.

Thanks for the feedback! :heart_eyes:


Thanks a lot - It’s mean a lot for Us to get community feedback :blush:

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