ChickenWars - TRON GameFi based on meme tokens

Project Name: ChickenWars

Project Track: Artistry

Team Name: Coconut Chicken

Team Member(s): @yannyxpl (ChickenWars are 6 people in total)

HackerEarth Project Link:

Project Goal:

The Coconut Chicken team began its journey in January, driven by the core mission of elevating the TRON blockchain’s presence in the cryptocurrency world through the allure of meme tokens. Echoing Elon Musk’s words, “Who controls the memes controls the universe,” we steadfastly believe that TRON-themed memes are crucial for attracting new enthusiasts to explore the TRON blockchain.

We have recognized the need for certain utilities that have proven successful on other major blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche. Our objective is to attract a vast user base to the TRON network, convinced that an encounter with TRON’s capabilities will encourage lasting engagement. TRON stands out as one of the most remarkable blockchains in existence, so we chose the ChickenWars GameFi project to help reach that goal through entertainment.

Project Value:

ChickenWars is focused on the following values:

  • Targeted Market Size: The GameFi market is consistently growing. The size of the market in 2022 was around 9.9 billion USD, and by 2023 it had already reached 12.723 billion USD. GameFi is increasingly recognized as a way to connect users with the blockchain system.
  • Revenue Model: The game is integrated with the $CCC token on the TRON blockchain. It generates revenue from transactions made in the game, renting sponsorship areas in-game, and partnerships that help promote the TRON blockchain with ChickenWars.
  • Technological Advantages: The game is created with the Unity engine, one of the most reliable on the market. TRON itself offers fast transactions, enhanced security, and limitless scalability.
  • Community/Social Engagement: Game characters are all based on meme tokens created on TRON. We aim to bind all projects and communities together to support each other, stay connected, and be recognized on TRON as a united community.

Project Info:

ChickenWars is an online multiplayer shooting GameFi based on the TRON network. Integration with the TRON blockchain gives Us the possibility to connect the game world with the crypto scene. The game works on Windows now and it is planned to make the game available as WebGL/iOS/Android cross-platform.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

The game is ready to be played on Windows. Here are steps to play:

  1. Register Your account and connect Your TronLink wallet on the website:
  2. Confirm Your created account (mail from
  3. Download game:
  4. Unzip the folder and start the game with chicken.wars file
  5. Use Your created account credentials or use a demo account to log into the game:

login: hackatron

Press READY to play the game! If You have any questions related to the game let Us know on X

Project Details:

The game was developed using the Unity game engine and is currently available as a PC build ready to play. In the future, we will work on optimization to make it accessible as a WebGL/iOS/Android platform. The graphics are a mixed low poly (polygon)/cell shading style, which, in our opinion, best represents the game characters. All characters are based on meme/project tokens on TRON. Currently available are:

  • Blitz/Spark – Coconut Chicken ($CCC) character
  • Chicken Sun – Baby Coconut Chicken ($BCC) character
  • Tron Guy – Tron Guy ($TRNGUY) token character
  • More are in progress and will be revealed each week…

There are two maps currently available for play: “Tropical Island” and “Space Bay.”

Users can connect their wallets to identify themselves, allowing the game to track all their achievements. At this moment, the game is in the early access phase focused on community testing. When we release the game, Season 1 will start with premium access, which requires a small amount of $CCC to play. The game records the performance of each player. Based on performance, a player can:

  • Earn $CCC tokens if they are among the best performers.
  • Receive $CCC airdrop tokens from partnered projects that enter the $CCC launchpad.

The initial plan is to have seasons at least every month.

Game modes will accommodate 12-24 people playing at the same time. Servers cover players from all over the world. When a player starts the game:

  • We look for an already created lobby where they can join other players.
  • If no existing lobby is available, we create a new one with them as the first player. All missing players are replaced with bots until real players are connected.

Blockchain integration
Shop on Chicken Wars contract allows users to purchase different characters using Token ($CCC on mainnet, custom “TestCoin” on Shasta). Each character is represented by ID and Price on the contract, to keep it simple and maintain less compute on the blockchain. Contract also handles storing leaderboard data, and sorting it out using bubble sort. All the tokens that are stored on the contract are retrievable by the creator of the contract.

Smart Contract Links:
Chicken Wars Smart Contract: TSpWg5jtgBmC7VQcmw7v9omxR1gVd7M8sw
Token Contract (TRC20): TNiQsVHgx7yYBK1DcEFozTp22JUEb3SMab


ChickenWars just confirmed migration to macOS, iOS, and Android.

Windows - available now
macOS - available now
iOS - available in the middle of Season 0
Android - to be announced

Project Milestones/Roadmap:

February 2024: Idea Formation
Develop the core concept of ChickenWars, focusing on unique gameplay mechanics and blockchain integration.
Market Research: Analyze current GameFi trends and competitor strategies to position ChickenWars distinctively.
Feasibility Study: Assess technical and economic feasibility, including blockchain platform selection (TRON)

February 2024: Pre-Production:

  • Design Documentation: Create detailed game design documents outlining gameplay, blockchain elements, character designs, and storyline.
  • Technical Blueprint: Develop a technical plan for game architecture, blockchain integration, and smart contract development.
  • Team Assembly: Form a skilled team including game developers, blockchain experts, artists, and marketers.

February 2024 - May 2024:Development Phase - start of season 0

  • Game Development: Begin building the game using appropriate engines and tools, focusing on user experience and blockchain functionality.
  • Smart Contract Development: Create and test smart contracts for in-game transactions and token utilities.
  • Alpha/Beta Testing: Conduct early testing phases to refine gameplay, fix bugs, and gather initial user feedback.

May 2024 - Blockchain Integration

  • Token Integration: Integrate CoconutChicken Token ($CCC) within the game for transactions, rewards, and entry fees.
  • Security Audits: Perform comprehensive security audits on smart contracts and blockchain integrations.


June/July: Work on WebGL/iOS/Android release

June 2024: Community Building and Marketing

  • Community Engagement: Build a community around ChickenWars, engaging potential players and investors through social media, forums, and crypto communities.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Launch marketing initiatives to promote the game, focusing on its unique GameFi aspects and blockchain features.
  • Partnerships: Forge partnerships with other crypto projects for character integrations and cross-promotion.

June/July: Launch of season 1

  • Soft Launch: Release an initial version of the game to a limited audience for live testing and feedback.
  • Full Launch: Officially launch ChickenWars, accompanied by a strong marketing push and community events.

2024: Sustained Growth and New Ventures

  • Iterative Improvement: Continuously refine gameplay and blockchain elements based on player data and market evolution.
  • New Collaborations: Explore new partnerships and integrations to keep the game fresh and engaging.
  • Diversification: Consider diversifying into other platforms or spin-off projects to capitalize on ChickenWars’ success.

Welcome to hackaTRONs6 Chicken team ! This game trailer is what caught my attention to chicken coconut on TRON. I love how characters in your game are based on meme projects on TRON. I will soon test your game and write my review here. Good luck !


Thanks a lot! Yeah We are closing build that We will be available for public test/HackaTRON entry :slight_smile:


Okay great ! Any plans to add custom characters in future? Some of us community members can have characters of ourselves in your game :smiley:


Welcome to hackathon season 6 It sounds like ChickenWars is an interesting project aimed at utilizing meme tokens to attract new enthusiasts to the TRON blockchain.
But i have some important questions

  • How will ChickenWars differentiate itself from other GameFi titles, particularly those already established on TRON or other blockchains.

  • While the revenue model mentions transactions and in-game sponsorships, are there specific plans for how these will be implemented, For example, what kind of transactions will generate revenue, and how will sponsorship placements be balanced to not disrupt gameplay.


Main differential is that our game and all other utilities are based on TRON meme tokens. We aim to bring meme season to TRON by onboarding new users here to help them recognize the TRON blockchain.

The revenue system will be described in detail shorty. The main idea is to have 2 options to play that game:

  1. Free for all - just for fun
  2. Premium - where access to that mode will cost x $CCC. All of the gathered $CCC will be divided for the best player and % of that amount will generate revenue for project

Also, there will be commercial rental areas in the game - like banners/animation. Where sponsors can rent that area and put their own commercials that players will see during the game.


Now We would love to get more meme projects onboard. But yes, in the future, We want to involve other types of TRON project characters, and some important people/influx connected with $CCC from Tron.

TBH ChickenDao will decide on that. As soon as HackaTRON ends, We will leave all choices to DAO :innocent:


You are welcome team, per your submission this game will be a desktop version, is it possible we will get a mobile version too?


Super excited about our first game release!!!:grin:


Thanks for your response, I sincerely appreciate :+1:


Nice how chicken DAO will take decisions. Please how the chicken DAO will determine these decisions?


Yes it is mentioned in the submission post that


Awesome CCC team. I truly appreciate the idea of the characters representing the CCC meme tokens which is quiet unique.


Thank you my brother :pray:t3: and I will be happy if they include IoS, we are also here lol


Im very excited to test this great game.
The trailer is amazing
Thanks @Yannyxpl for making that happen on Tron.


This game is gonna be awesome!!!


Yes Android one is on the roadmap :slight_smile:


Everything is described in
DAO is making next decision about $CCC future.


with Coconut Chicken $CCC, it’s a whole different approach to memecoins. we get our feet wet with a lot of fundamentals, it’s another level, utilities galore.


It’s impressive to see the your team’s dedication in leveraging meme tokens to elevate Tron’s presence in the cryptocurrency space. Your offering make me question the strategies you have in place to ensure lasting engagement from users who encounter Tron’s capabilities through your project