ChickenWars - TRON GameFi based on meme tokens

What about IoS please?


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, love what you are building on I wish it came fruition, my major concern is when the launch of mobile version specifically Android version?

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Thanks I will read how chicken DAO will function

For now We are focused on most used platforms like Windows/WebGL/Android


In the first stage, We will deploy the game to a Windows version to catch as much feedback as possible about the game/gameplay/GameFi integration.

As seen main development process will be done We will move into WebGL and Android.
Also - $CCC is driven by the community. Together with the community, We will talk about what should be major steps of game development.


Alright then I have to work and get an android phone to try when ready. Thank you

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Project still about popular chicken coconut. I love the YouTube trailer video. Good quality but please the main game should be as good quality as this. Not be looking like what I ordered vs what I got. Thank you

Please are in game characters free? Also will there be an in game purchases?

The coconut chicken team is doing a great work and I’m so sure that they’ll be a top meme project in the incoming bull market


Alright, good to know, thanks for your response


Some will be free, some will be not free :blush:

For now, payments will be used to buy characters and enter the premium version of the game, where the winner will earn $CCC tokens.

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@HODL, @Yannyxpl, @Okorie @Prince-Onscolo
What is the point of splitting project into two and joining two different categories? @EMerchant, @StevenTRON in rules TRON basically says

Multiple Submissions
An Entrant may submit more than one Submission, however, each Submission must be unique and substantially different from each of the Entrant’s other Submissions, as determined by the Sponsor and Devpost in their sole discretion.

but in this case, neither Chicken Swap(defi) nor Chicken Gamefi works without each other.

we know that TRON does not provide any extra advantage or rule flexibility to any project, and we expect it to show the same care to this project, so as not to be unfair to other contestants.

there are not two different independent projects, but only one project. Please choose one of the 2 categories and do not treat them as different projects.

@Gordian what do you think mate? I’ve never seen something like this in previous seasons

You have an interesting point. But can you explain to me how these 2 projects are 1? From what I can tell by looking at the 2 submissions by this team I can say the game and their swap product are different projects.

what do you mean by that? if you just stop one of them, other one is not working anymore.

let’s say you stop swapping one, what are you doing in gamefi?

or let’s say you stop gamefi? What is the point of swap?

there is already an extra respect and community support for this project, I accept it and welcome it. but there is no need to tolerate this situation that is against the rules.

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I do not think this is how it works.
From what I have understood is that users will be able to earn their tokens ccc when they play this game

You can stop the game and their swap will still work.

I completely agree with you here. If anyone is breaking any rule of hackaTRON it will not be tolerated no matter what. Even if Justin Sun himself join hackaTRON and violates a rule we will not tolerate it at all. Okay

Can’t wait to give you all a whooping on the game :stuck_out_tongue:

did you understand what you quoted? the projects should be unique and different from each other.

are chickenwars and swap the same? a game and a swap