Baby Coconut Chicken $BCC

Hello #Tronics as we are all aware, #Tron memecoin season has started :fire: Thanks to OG memecoin $BBT from @TuruGlobal for paving the way. Big thanks to CoconutChicken $CCC for lighting up the tron memecoin :fire: This was a meme was inspired by Justin Sun’s tweet

And they have really energized the entire tron ecosystem.

Baby coconut chicken took inspiration from same Justin Sun’s tweet and the hard working $CCC team.

Currently, $BCC has a mcap of $128,428 and Holders of 340. It’s too early

You can check it out.

Contract Address: TXZUmRx4T1RW2Uj1GeTmJWyx98R9XAS2sn

Available on ChickenSwap:

X (formerly twitter) handle:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @BabyCoconutChickenChat

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Love how Tron memecoins are revolving around chicken :chicken:


Good memes coin on Tron is going well. And the most one I’m familiar with is that coconut chicken


I think it’s time to accumulate some memes tokens on Tron I believe they will make some noise this bull run

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Sure sure, we just need justin tweet


We are not a chicken, we are a bird :rofl::rofl:


How do you find and trade memes on Tron network.because i searched on dex screener and I couldn’t find Tron network

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check and other Dexs on tron

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@Prince-Onscolo, please I need your clarification

The Tron memecoin scene seems to be heating up with $BBT and $CCC.

  • How will $BCC differentiate itself and capture market share.

  • The post highlights 340 holders. Is this strong enough foundation to propel the coin forward, or is there a need for wider community outreach.

this is just the beginning, join the train let’s go higher

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BCC will continue his father CCC Pass and the destination is Sun.

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Many thanks buddy. Let me get positioned for the tron meme season

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You are an OG for a reason :rofl::rofl: