Tronquility - Get answers from the universe through the blockchain

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Arcane Oracle

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Project Goal
We want to build something that would attract the web2 peeps into the web3 space. Something that can bridge the old with the new. Integrate traditional mythical ways with technology backed by science.

Project Value
Tronquility is an on-chain fortune reading dapp, allowing you to ask any questions or troubles worrying you, letting the universe answer to that through the blockchain. Each fortune reading results can be minted as an NFT to be stored in your wallet for future references.

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You should log into the Tronlink wallet before testing on Shasta Testnet with sufficient TRX.

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[Demo Video]:
[Deck]: Tronquility

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[SHASTA TRONSCAN]: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones
Milestone 1: Nile Testnet Beta Test, Conclude on Beta Test and Improvised based on Beta Test collected feedback and results
Milestone 2: Mainnet launch
Milestone 3: Social platform interaction feature launch
Milestone 4: Collaboration and outreach


How can Tronquility ensure the randomness and integrity of its fortune readings while also maintaining a sense of mystery and intrigue for the user.

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How does Tronquility plan to attract web2 users into the web3 space, and what strategies are in place to bridge the gap between the two?

The beauty of it is that every reading is unique at each point of time. If you ask the same question twice, you will get totally different answer everytime. Taking one step back, even if you tamper with the randomness to generate the same card, with the same question, you might not even get the same answer. And that’s pretty much the essence of the mystical power of fortune reading. Which is why it is by design to use blocktimestamp to generate randomness. It is to mimic that each moment is unique and you can’t replicate that cosmic time.

Fortune reading is something so old that it pretty much dates back to the earliest civilization. It would be a good application to attract web2 users over to use it as even though they are unfamiliar with the web3 applications, this still contains something they are familiar with. By minting the reading as an NFT it gives a novelty experience to them as well. We would also be implementing social sharing function once we deploy mainnet.

if you don’t get me wrong, what is this frontend design? I’ll be a bit rude but even high school student can make way better in a hour.

after connecting wallet, your MVB doesn’t work neither. is it what you submitted before deadline?

Don’t worry, it’s hard to mistake your rudeness for anything else. But what I fail to understand is why that kind of behavior towards a total stranger who has done nothing to you.

The frontend design is meant to be a simplistic design for easy understanding of the functionality for an MVP and something whipped up in less that 3 days while having our fulltime jobs.

I’ve tested the dapp again and it does work normally. Make sure to connect on Shasta Testnet.

Final words of advice, if you’re still in high school, it’s better to fix that attitude before you go into the real world because the world would not treat you kindly with that kind of behavior.

I agree with you that fortune telling dates back to the early civilization but it was proved to be an effective way of providing answers to myth. What mechanisms do you employ to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the fortune readings provided through the Tronquility dapp?

The key of fortune telling isn’t actually about accuracy. Because science put aside, logically, if fortune telling could be “accurate” isn’t the world boring and so predictable? Fortune telling serves more as a guidance and a psychological comfort. Let you see hope or a glimpse of how it could be, but not how it definitely will be. So it feels slightly assuring than not knowing how it could be at all.