Hackathon winners

Here under find the lists of winners season after season and the prizes they’ve won:

Winners season 1

Winners season 2

Winners season 3

Winners season 4

Winners season 5


Very nice, Fabs. I hope you will keep updating this list by adding future winners of the hackathons and what each of them wins. This will help keeping the community informed on what hackathon participants won and equally help in accessing the level of work done by project teams after receiving their hackathon prizes


The more TRON and its ecosystem wins the better every TRX holder and builder becomes.


It’s nice that Tron commemorates previous projects every season and continues this tradition. We hope that we will accumulate many beautiful memories in this forum and rise here. Thanks for sharing this post @fabsltsa :love_letter:

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Thanks for that mate I was looking for this haha


@fabsltsa this is a content that will be useful for everyone, especially in season 5. We need to analyze previous projects and learn from them



Agreed, builders can get some ideas and, instead of building the same products as previous winners, try to innovate, build on top of them, build complementary products,… to grow the ecosystem.


Thank you for sharing! I was looking for exactly that.


Thanks for preparing such a summary in that way we see easily how previous projects from previous seasons are developed and not developed also its good to sea the upgrades and change of thinking as time passes

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Remember some of the good ones here I instantly miss the oldies but still good to see some old friends on season 5 too

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Yes this is such a treasure for some developers I hope it’ll be useful for me and my team mates as well I’m glad we have such a source like this here

Topic edited with the winners of the season 5

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Best Update ever hahah hoping it continues more and more

Hi I’ve been scammed and would really appreciate some advice. I have all hashes etc thank you!

I am sorry but there’s nothing anyone can do to reverse the situation. Sorry for your loss

Can advice on how to not get scammed again in the future. But can’t get funds back unfortunately. If it was usdt, can contact tether directly and ask them to freeze. If funds sent to cex you can contact them as well directly. On Tron side, the chain is decentralized so nothing that Trondao team or community members like me can do.

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Wishes we see more seasons from 6, 7 and etc… TRON’s hackathons’ values

Hey @UltimaTron , if I remember correctly, you were not eligible last season. Are you thinking of developing your project and participating again?