Tronenergize Energy Telegram Bot

Project Name: Tronenergize Energy telegram bot - Simplify energy rental
Project Track: DEFI
Team Name: TronEnergize
Team Member(s): @tronenergize @Dendorion 4 team members
Devpost Project Link: TronEnergize - Energy telegram bot | Devpost

Project Goal: To streamline access to Tron energy rental through a user-friendly Telegram bot interface, enabling a wider demographic to participate in the energy rental market efficiently and conveniently.

Project Value: Our project adds value by simplifying the process of energy delegation, providing users with a user-friendly interface on Telegram to buy and manage energy orders. By lowering the barriers to entry, we aim to increase participation in the Tron energy market, fostering a more vibrant ecosystem. As we believe energy rental is one of the key elements which puts TRON ahead of the rest of the blockchains and needs to be spread out to a wider audience.

Project Info: Our project, TronEnergize Telegram bot, allows users to create a wallet, deposit TRX, and purchase energy directly within the Telegram platform. With intuitive commands and a straightforward easy to use interface, users can set their desired price, choose the duration of their energy orders, and monitor their open orders conveniently.

Project Website: Telegram: Contact @TronEnergizebot

Project Test Instructions: :zap:How to operate :

  1. Type or press Wallet to create a wallet
  2. Deposit TRX into the created wallet
  3. Type or press Buy energy to create a new order.
  4. Enter the energy receiver account
  5. Select the duration of the order
  6. Select the SUN price of the order
  7. Confirm the order

:zap:Check on your current orders :

Type or press /list to see your current open orders

:zap:Check the available energy :

Type or press /Energy :

This will show you how much energy is available per timeframe if you wish to get your order filled quickly use these as a guideline .

Project Details: The bot features functionalities such as wallet creation, TRX deposit, energy purchase with customizable price and duration, and order tracking using the a few easy to use commands. It leverages the Tron blockchain to execute transactions securely and efficiently.

Smart Contract links: NA

Project Milestones:

  • Milestone 1: Bot development and testing ( Completed 02-May-2024 )
  • Milestone 2: Deployment on Telegram platform ( Completed 02-May-2024 )
  • Milestone 3: User feedback collection and iteration ( Completed This will be a continued milestone even after the hackathon as improvements can always be made )

Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6 buddy.
Your project, the TronEnergize Telegram bot, has a clear and valuable objective of making energy rental on the Tron network more accessible to a wider audience through a user-friendly interface.
By simplifying the process and reducing barriers to entry, you are enabling more users to participate in the energy rental market, which can ultimately enhance the overall ecosystem of TRON.
The integration of the bot on the popular platform of Telegram is a strategic move, as it leverages the convenience and familiarity of the messaging app to attract users and showcase the unique advantages of TRON’s energy rental feature. Overall, your project demonstrates a thoughtful approach to addressing a specific need within the blockchain space while also contributing to the broader goal of expanding TRON’s reach.
Wish u all the best buddy


Welcome team, nice to see you again. It seems now telegram is making crypto easy with bots. I like this, keep building


Impressive work, keep building :raised_hands:


Welcome to season 6 hackatron, This is a great project. making tron energy rental more accessible through a telegram bot could definitely attract more people to participate in the tron ecosystem which I like.
All the best buddy


Bots everywhere, loving it :heart_eyes:


Welcome to Season 6, I see your project aims to simplify energy rental on the Tron blockchain through a user-friendly Telegram bot interface.

Are there plans to integrate smart contracts for any aspects of the bot’s functionalities?


Thanks for your question . There are no plans to integrate smart contracts . Our whole energy platform resolves about the ease of use and cheap energy supply for users . Adding smart contracts will add an additional layer on which users need to have energy to interact with it . So also for our bot this is not planned nor needed.


At least they they are the good bot that seeks to makes tron users interaction easy


Good one, I have a friend that use your platform a lots. I just try out your telegram bots, it is simple. But I have a question.
How would your bot handle energy order when there is no enough energy to cover?


Thank you we have tried to make it as simple as possible . People can always check how much energy is available to make sure their orders gets filled directly. Else it will stay open and be filled once enough energy is available .


Welcome to the Hackathon, please I will like to know will you provide user support and assistance in your telegram bot, thank you


We have a easy to use help section in our bot which explains how it works . But users are always free to reach out to us if they have more questions .


Thank you for providing clarification on the integration of smart contracts. Emphasizing ease of use and affordability for users is indeed a valid approach, and avoiding unnecessary complexities aligns with that goal. However, ensuring security and transparency in transactions remains crucial in any blockchain-based platform.

Given the emphasis on simplicity, how does the team plan to address security concerns related to wallet creation and TRX deposits? Are there any specific measures in place to safeguard user funds and personal information?


Thank you for raising this important question. Security and transparency are essential components of our platform. Here’s how we address these concerns:

  1. Data Privacy:

    • We prioritize user privacy by not collecting personal information, KYC data, or AML details.
    • Our system doesn’t store sensitive user data.
  2. Wallet Security:

    • All private keys related to internal wallets are stored securely in our key storage system.
    • Transactions between internal wallets and our core are conducted directly on the blockchain, providing transparency so users can verify their funds’ movement.
  3. System Protection:

    • Our system is safeguarded against unauthorized access.
    • In collaboration with Cloudflare, we’ve implemented robust measures to defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, preventing service disruption and reinforcing security.

These measures ensure a secure, transparent environment for users while maintaining the simplicity and affordability that our platform strives to provide.


Thank you for sharing insights into the security measures implemented within the TronEnergize platform. It’s reassuring to see a focus on user privacy and system protection.

Given the emphasis on user privacy and security, how does the team plan to educate users about the importance of safeguarding their private keys and practicing secure transaction practices? Are there any resources or guides provided within the bot interface to help users understand these concepts better?


Okay thank you for letting me know about this


Sorry but are you using Chatgpt to generate questions ?

Like in the above statement all private keys related to internal wallets are stored securely in our key storage system .

Since the wallets are only used to make energy orders and not to store your crypto there is no need for users to have it . Most of our users deposit the amount of TRX they need for their orders and top up the wallet when needed .


Lol I understand the bias, maybe something with how articulate I am with my diction as I’m an IELTS tutor, yeah I use chatgpt but not in this particular context.

Thanks for clarity on the storage of private keys, would be keeping a close watch on your project as Hackathon progresses, goodluck!!


Love to see this progress. :heart_eyes: