Unclaimed - Fall of Mankind

Project Name: Unclaimed, Fall of Mankind
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: Unclaimed
Team Member(s): 4 team members
HackerEarth Project Link: https://devpost.com/software/unclaimed
Project Goal: Integrate Gaming with Blockchain and bring gamers to BTTC
Project Value: Building a fun game living up to the standards of the gaming industry and adding a seamless blockchain integration, combined with a release on the worlds largest gaming platform Steam we are on a mission to make sure that none Blockchain players get a good first impression of BitTorrent Chain and Blockchain in general.

Project Info:
Our planet was bleeding…

People were scattered into tribes…

And our enemies? Well, if I told you this 5 years ago you wouldn’t’ve believed me, but everything has changed…

5 years ago the world went into crisis, the economy cracked and our systems stumbled. Jobs were hard to find and basic needs like food and shelter became a commodity for the rich and powerful. Distressed by our problems we didn’t see what was coming, and little did we know that our current struggles would feel like a summer breeze compared to what was coming…

The day that changed it all started just like any other day. We were heading to protest against corruption and injustice, our greedy leaders had taken all to themselves when crisis started and left the rest of us all for dead.

But that wasn’t going to matter any more, what occurred on that day made us all equal in power, or powerless. As a matter of fact we didn’t become equal with our leaders, WE became stronger. This wasn’t our first struggle, this wasn’t our first fight for survival. For us this was only a new chapter in a long war for Freedom, an Unclaimed Freedom for The Fall Of Mankind…

25 years later…

Project Website: https://www.fallofmankind.net
Project Test Instructions:
Download instruction

  1. Download the zip file and extract it
  2. launch the ‘’ Unclaimed_Steam.exe’’

The game will be available on STEAM once the verification process is done, link will be updated. The zipped is fully connected to Steam via our developer ID, you will be able to play online with or against others. See you on the battlefield soldiers.

All bugs found in the game can be reported to the TG channel so the devs can clear them out in future updates.

Project Details:

"Welcome to UnClaimed: Fall Of Men. In a post apocalyptic America ravaged by disaster and chaos, only the strongest survive. Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding multiplayer action.

Choose from three adrenaline-pumping game modes: Pick ‘‘Free for All’’ or ‘‘Team Deathmatch’’ and fight for supremacy in a desolate wasteland. Or choose ‘‘Defend or Destroy’’ and battle for survival as either a Resistance Fighter or an Occupation Soldier.

Unleash havoc with an array of free Weapons unlocked while your grinding for XP and higher levels. But why stop there? Customize your arsenal and characters with your favorite skins in our In-Game store.

Whether you’re a lone wolf looking to dominate the battlefield or a team player strategizing for victory, UnClaimed offers a fun, thrilling and challenging experience. Are you ready to stake your claim in an unforgiving world?"

Interactive Lobby
Customize, chat, pick your map of choice, define your game mode options and hit START when you’re ready to rumble.

Countdown will start…

Game mode - Free for all
Eliminate everyone. The first player to reach the score limit ends the game. The top player wins.
The Kill

Game mode - Team Death Match
Team Deathmatch is a classic team-based game mode. Fight alongside your team to be the first to reach the Score limit.

Game mode - Defend or Destroy
Unclaimed own creation: The Resistance Team fight to defend the generator and wins if they defend it to the time limit, The Destroyers fight to destroy the generator and they win if they are able to destroy it.

In game shop
Buy stylish Character and Weapon skins. Stand out in a chaotic post apocalyptic America. In-Game store has $BTT as a native payment method with fiat payments planned in future updates…

In Game Wallet
Each player is given a personal BTT wallet address automatically upon creating their gamer profile. This makes it easier to onboard none blockchain players without the usual blockchain headache. Your wallet privat keys are stored locally and only your local controller has access to it making it fully decentralized and secure.

Our self developed in-store widget handles all store purchases and makes sure that you get your assets delivered to your inventory upon transaction success. Your receipts are stored on BitTorrent Chain.

Smart Contract links: No Smart Contracts, rather BTTC integration, through a functional in game wallet supporting $BTT payments in the In Game shop.

Project Milestones:

  1. Fully functional online multiplayer
  2. Blockchain integration ( BitTorrent Chain )
  3. Steam integration ( Worlds largest gaming platform )
  4. In-Game store
  5. Wallet
  6. Payment-Widget
  7. Leaderboards
  8. Social media
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnClaimed_FOM

    Tester group Telegram
    Telegram: Join Group Chat
  9. Website: Fallofmankind.net
  10. Partnerships

Devpost pitch:


Welcome to Season 6.
As more details you provide, I will review your project and ask my questions.


Welcome Unclaimed good to have you here, waiting for more updates


Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, your project is giving Call of Duty vibes.
The idea of attracting gamers to blockchain is novel, but the project should clarify on how it intends to accomplish this effectively, what features or incentives will draw gamers to the BTTC platform?


Our first premise is to attract gamers to play the game. The in game assets in the game shop can be bought with $BTT. So there will be two ways of enhancing your gameplay, customize your persona, one through FIAT on the Steam platform, second through crypto with your in game created BTTC wallet.

By showing gamers the benefits of Blockchain and by educating them into blockchain, we will try to unboard them into BTTC.

The pool of gamers is bigger then the pool of crypto users, so we choose to use the pool of gamers as the starting point for crypto adoption


Welcome to this season. I like the graphics and the storyline too real and interesting. My mind is taking me to the recent Covid 19 that crash and took jobs away.
I’m already curious if this game will be available for mobile?


Our first video experiencing the item store can be seen here:


Love the graphics I am seeing here, I read “buy weapon” does that mean we will get in game characters?


Welcome team Unclaimed! Love the idea of a multiplayer. Time to engage some of the forum members on the virtual battlefield :sunglasses:


Check the video above Prince and you will see that you can buy a weapon for in game with $BTT.
All purchases though are for customization of character and not for benefits in the game. We do not want to have the “buy to win” approach


my question is about how to get in game characters. Will it be given to us for free? some games sell nfts as ingame characters


Welcome to hackathon season 6 your project is full of action movies.


Welcome to Season 6, the graphics design of your game is very nice, is it to be played on phone too, thank you


There will be some base free characters which you can customize by buying skins weapons and others features


At this moment it will be desktop and not mobile, maybe at a later stage…


Alright thank you
All the best


Welcome team unclaimed to Tron hackathon season 6.

From your preview video your game graphics looks so nice. And I understand that your aim is to bring gamers to the blockchain and game features would be bought using Btt


Exactly that is the goal… One of our intentions is to introduce Blockchain to games in a “not in your face” kinda style


UnClaimed sounds like a exciting adventure into the chaos of a post-apocalyptic world. Can you tell me what inspired the concept behind UnClaimed’s Survival Meta?