[MAINNET ON 🚀] STAR-EX a cross-chain, cross-platform, cross-dimension, cross-gameFi


Project Name: STAR-EX

Project Track: Artistry

Team Name: Theras-Labs

Team Member(s): 5 (me as unicorn dev, FE dev, 3d artist, CM, filmmaker)

Team/Personal Contact: contact@theras.xyz or join into our Telegram

HackerEarth Project Link: devpost

Project Goal: Making addictive game and becoming a newly innovative cross-chain Airdrop gateway while also offer multiple gameplay (IDLE, shooter, racing, exploration)


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Whitepaper or Gamebook
BTT Shop Website

Project Info:

STAR-EX is a multi-gameplay, multi-chain, multi-platform, multi-dimensional game that fosters collaboration between major networks and smaller networks, helping the latter to interact with the former. The game also serves as an AIRDROP gateway for supported networks.

The theme of this game is racing and exploration, with intriguing RPG elements to ensure better sustainability. Players will explore various terrains such as space, planets, underwater realms, dungeons, and even fifth-dimensional environments like the matrix.

During exploration, players can acquire numerous NFTs and face multiple challenges depending on the tier of terrain they encounter or craft. Yes, players can craft new starships, gates, and abilities using not only NFTs from STAR-EX but also from other NFTs submitted for airdrop.

This creates a new level of marketing system that effectively reaches active targets, as the game can gather additional information such as geographical location for distribution purposes. Consequently, this will attract a mass AIRDROP from numerous networks to STAR-EX.

There are complex scenarios where starships can be destroyed (NFTs burnt), leading to increased resources for the planet they failed to explore. Thus, STAR-EX provides simulation and another gameplay focusing on racing to enhance players’ maneuvering skills.

Additionally, there is a staking feature where players can enjoy idle games and receive rewards accordingly.

More features will be explained in the gamebook.

The game itself emphasizes addictive gameplay and art visualization, featuring portals and multiple dimensions supported by selected major networks from the STAR-EX team, with eventual management by DAO in the future.

Project Value:

  • Empowering cross-chain interaction inside the gameplay
  • Collaboration with other network to foster other community introduction
  • Enabling user to get TRON-airdrop from the network (indirect promotion)
  • Addictive gameplay and multiplayer competitiveness
  • Growing community from many interest (gamer, browser gamer, tron-network, eth-network)

Hackthon Information: During this hackathon, STAR-EX has shift into V2.
Here’s the breakdown between v1 and v2:


  • Heavily update on the structure for cross-chain interaction. This revolve my idea to build Theras too as an agnostic tokenised protocol.
  • Update the procedural generator for obstacle
  • Update terrain including planets, and dungeons (hidden)
  • Update game-mode now based on NFTs
  • Add some sound effect, and visual effect
  • Add integration to Theras-backend for crafting purpose and match leaderboard
  • Add multiplayer
  • Recruiting team, and growing community for WL registration soon (JUNE)
  • Update inventory uiux, will be updating into v3 uiux as we have new designer lately.
  • Update materials, tier, and required crafting components. (Will release the table soon)
  • Update contract into upgradeable, and using TRC-1155 from Theras Standard (NFT as ownership)
  • Add new Airdrop Pool contract, and update play-contract (not finished, as not priority, will be explain in milestones)
  • 3D Artist joining and partnership other 3D artist, and many starships to release on several batch.

Project Website: DEMO v2.0.6 v2.0.8c
This is not the latest demo with multiplayer available because there’s still some issue on the multiplayer side and affecting the other feature too.

Old Website: DEMO-v1.2.0
Feel free to compare the app with this previous build released


Project Test Instructions:

  • make sure have available metamask on mobile/browser
  • get some faucet BTTC
  • request NFT dungeon-key to play the mini-game
  • Enter the mini-game play to find the available entry.
  • Stay within the GREEN PATH or AVAILABLE ENERGY PATH to stay
  • Closer to path can recharge boost
  • More than 400 Path distance will be game over
  • avoid many obstacle and collect the box for material reward
  • upon finishing the game, player will rewarded for nft-material to be use for crafting system.
  • play again to find blueprint-nft
  • and that’s the mini-game 1/5 available, the core gameplay is different survival

Video: youtube



How the game integrate with BTTC:
Mainly focused on smart contract integration.

We are using it as:

  1. NFT contract asset for materials, starship, ability, and zone

  2. Direct store system purchasing with BTT and collaboration with other token in TRON-BTTC network (coconut meme token, and etc)

  3. Indirect store system purchasing TRON-BTTC-NFT from other network, vice versa. This will require Theras protocol to do the job, which there is Middleware contract for tokengating unlocking and indirect minting system.

  4. Crafting system, The 3rd feature is still incomplete and also implemented with cross-chain crafting system .

  5. Gameplay system, entering zone will require NFT access, else could use unlock feature system if this related with TRON-BTTC-zone status.

  6. Airdrop Pool system and resources control, this will lead user to send NFT to TRON- BTTC and become a unique marketing tool from many network chain

  7. Cross-chain NFT system, this will lead user to use BTTC-network if they want to do cross-chain crafting

  8. Limited and specific NFT for network-zone. having a legendary blueprint that require component crafting from several events. this will force player to explore the zone that provided by TRON BTTC network

Smart Contracts:
contract repo


SHOP = 0x3FE8260E54606d5800fa6eeFa0C02C0955075262
MYSTERY-TICKET 721 = 0x590DFf35fB9e23740f64b2f85aD9005bd156e282

BTTC -testnet:

TRON contract: TBD

Project Milestones/Roadmap:

Previous Milestones:
Dec, Jan, Feb

  • Starknet Integration
  • Aptos Integration (discontinue)
  • Aleph Zero (on halt progress as we want to focus on evm)
  • Whitepaper v1 draft

March 2024: V2 revamp, a new beginning

  • UIUX update for store
  • Technical architecture with Theras tokenised and payment system
  • 3D artist partnership, and 3D model preparation
  • Update sdk to be able use multiple profile for cross-chain (evm, ink, aptos, L2)

April 2024

  • Trailer NFT teaser ready
  • Update procedural generation on obstacles, and some game logic ( fake visual of big object such as planet)
  • Update game visual art and effect
  • Preparing ready store integration with cross-chain architecture, and universal token system
  • Community building plan and recruitment
  • Prepare aidrop contract architecture
  • Finalising EVM contract with TRC1155 (Theras Standard)
  • Mapping out the 300+ Material NFT
  • Update mini game readiness with backend and contract integration

May 2024

  • Multiplayer
  • Core gameplay trailer preparation
  • Gamebook release with tier balance, and crafting components
  • Chainlink update and new game events
  • Announcement for WL registration
  • Release visual gameplay trailer


June 2024

  • Release event airdrop and WL
  • Release teaser starship trailer
  • Public minting first batch on EVM
  • Community engagement and promotion

July 2024

  • Announcement on new events and 2nd batch
  • Release teaser starship trailer for 2nd batch
  • Public minting 2nd batch
  • Community engagement

Other Hackathon Involvement:

  • V1 on starknet ( cairo contract ) - january 2024 - link >> 3rd place
  • V1 on aleph zero ( substrate contract ) - polkadot ecosystem, unable to do submission
  • V1 on aptos ( move contract ), unable to do submission due off-chain signature problem and not meeting deadline. Developer also need to focus on UIUX, and Game mechanic
  • V2 on TARAXA ( solidity contract ) hackathon (May 3) - link - rigged hackathon for real
  • V2 on TRON ( solidity contract ) hackathon (May 7)
  • V2 submitted to LISK ( solidity contract ) hackathon (May 14) - link >> 2nd place
  • V2 submitted to Polkadot ( substrate contract ) hackathon (May 26) -
  • V2 will submit on opBNB ( solidity ) hackathon (June 4) - link
  • V2 will submit on ChainLink ( solidity ) hackathon (June 3) - link
  • V2 will submit on Starknet ( cairo contract ) (June 23) - link

Welcome to the session. Good you joined in before the end of time. All the best buddy


Everyone drop your BTTC-testnet address

You need this NFT to play the demo and start collecting other NFT to craft and rank up into leaderboard, will send the demo link soon as well.

If u are in top leaderboard, we will airdrop you the BLUEPRINT X STARSHIP once we go to mainnet.


Welcome to Season 6, for a moment I thought your project was named STAR TREK lol.
Everyone loves a good airdrop, I mean I love a good airdrop. So seeing STAR-EX introduces a novel concept of cross-chain, cross-platform, and cross-dimensional gaming, fostering collaboration among networks and providing an innovative Airdrop gateway seems very interesting to me.

How do you plan to sustainably monetize the game while maintaining player engagement and avoiding pay-to-win scenarios?


Hi, thanks for asking.

we have our business plan in these :

  1. Crafting fee: because this game is heavily ALL NFT-BASED, only the tutorial-zone and mini-game you don’t need to have.
  2. Season Pass: it will be a similar like mobile game which depends heavily on season pass, and pay for advance feature.
  3. Royalty trade: it will be based on trade over our 300+ materials NFT for each network chain.
  4. NFT-sales: it will be a skin or new starship selling. Releasing soon our first batch on early June. We are bullish on TRON since our CN community want it.
  5. Staking fee: staking feature, since we are also offer IDLE gameplay for the exploration
  6. Partnerships and Sponsorships: since this is cross-chain game, and there will be a major and minor network from the team to select, we want to create collaboration in case a new network want to get more exposure and making cross-community interaction.
  7. Airdrop subscription: since we are also offering a tool as cross-chain airdrop, and can get better traffic and information (such as geographical, time open) than normal airdrop. We might want to release a subscription for better tool analytics.
  8. Utilising TGEM (from theras labs) on some events and features.

Regarding P2W: First of all, this game has multiple gameplays: Racing, Exploration, IDLE-exploration (STAKING), (team-battle TBD) heavily skill-based, on exploration it will be a survival and require higher tier of starship-ability to survive in higher tier zone.

Again, everything here is an NFT.
so to avoid P2W, we have some blueprint of legendary starship and ability that we WONT sell/release on the store.

We want to create some mystery that make people keep exploring across our rich world building. [Some leak: this is sci-fi fantasy, and perhaps you can even find dragon on some planet exploration, wink-wink]

Since abilities, and starship are NFTs. You can craft them, so if player find blueprint, they either can craft it for themselves to survive and goes advance or they can sell it to the marketplace (either they can sell the ready-ability, or just the blueprint or the required materials). because some materials only can be found on some zone.
Basically you can forever FREE-TO-PLAY if the player is really skilled and can win the challenge in higher tier zone with lower tier equipment. but most likely the dev trying to balance this, unless they can find bug system and exploit blockchain system. (We will have a gameplay-contract interaction for high tier zone to keep the security)
so player can just farming some materials in lower tier zone and sell it to the marketplace if they dont want to go further

There will be some tweak that i can’t spill yet. it will create an ecosystem and reason why player need to keep crafting the starship, plz wait until gamebook finish. as We also have system resources balance on zone: PLANET only.

We are also releasing on lower tier first, and progressing into higher tier for each period.
Beside exploration, there’s other addictive with our space-racing like mario-kart but now it’s a spaceship and player have 360 field degree, but you need NFT-permit to access them all.

and all of them can be multiplayer, unless some dungeon key only for solo exploration.

After some years, we will introduce team-battle and create more competitiveness to join esports.
It’s so fun to play a game as gamer, but now since im making game. it’s so fun to develop an interesting game, so many ideas and everything possible. there are some tweak a portal dimension on the gameplay exploration and racing, and it will be really cool but ofc we need time.


I’m excited to follow this project from the beginning to see where it can go, especially with the cross-chain interaction. Best of luck


Welcome to hackaTron S6. Taking a look at your social media channels and community, I would like to ask if this project has been in existence prior to the hackathon or it was developed during the hackaTron


Yes, this project has previous version v1 solo developed around december 2023 but the idea revamp around march 2024 and undergo on whitepaper, uiux, game logic and visual. even the smart-contract now has flavor from Theras idea, so it’s built during the hackathon and sadly not fully finished yet. but at least now I’mnot solo anymore but having team to take care the community, trailer, and 3d artist.
Some of the feature still not even finished yet. Wishing to extend the time more actually.
you still can try the version1 here and it’s not that good.

originally it supposed to be simple racing with collecting NFT but now there be all NFTs, and I must say the gameplay has hardcore feature because there will be NFT burn everywhere. (Still trying to finishing the gamebook here)
and feel free to check the progress here.

But we are releasing on mini-game (90%) first before core gameplay (60%) (because it is a game, and need some testing on terrain, requires balances. expected core gameplay release will be in 2 months, and we are releasing our first batch minting soon, because team need funding.

I’m trying to handling to grow community first in these past week resulting the slow down progress of game dev, and we hve plan to revamp the uiux for 3rd time with a new dev

The team dont have docs person, so im handling development (FE, BE, Smart Contract) , whitepaper, gamebook, release but now recently just got a dev from japan to join and exploring the code too. Will take while to grasp the situation and contribute.


Okay, if that is the case, I don’t think artistry is the right track for your submission. Did you try communicating with the Admins to know if your project suit the artistry or builder track categories?


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6
Your project, STAR-EX, sounds incredibly ambitious and innovative in the world of gameFi.
The idea of creating a cross-chain, cross-platform game that also serves as an AIRDROP gateway is definitely unique and has the potential to disrupt the industry in a positive way.
It’s great to see that you have a diverse team with different skills set to bring this project to life.
Establishing a strong community presence through Discord, Twitter, and Telegram shows that you are serious about building a supportive network around your project. I’m excited to see how STAR-EX evolves and how it contributes to the gaming and blockchain space. Good luck with the TRON Hackathon Season 6 and your future endeavours.


@Youngyuppie Not yet,
well i assumed wasn’t builder as it stated:
A track for returning projects or Integration Track projects that continued development on TRON/BTTC and have created a significant update for their project.

  1. not returning project
  2. continued development but wasnt from TRON/BTTC we change into evm again and rebuild the smart-contract, previously starknet with cairo-smart-contract and aptos with move-smart-contract

I think i mistaken here, i thought it supposed for project that come from previous tron hackthon.
but yeah now it seems likely suit into builder category and also Integration project? because i need to do cross-protocol interoperability?

there are a mixing crafting here, and doing it offchain.
like a component of crafting can be from multiple-chains nft but the final crafting code from the respective contract


I’m not sure it’s only limited to projects coming from previous hackathons but it was stated like that to emphasise that if you have participated in previous hackathons with your project, that you are still eligible to participate in future hackathons with it but under builder track. Since your project has been in existence before the hackathon announcement, though not in Tron/BTTC networks, I think the appropriate track for you should be the builder track cause you shouldn’t be competing with start ups. @WindsOfChange92 and @SimbadMarino can provide the right guidance on this


From what you said here, please what other chain and platform is your project on?

Welcome to this sessions hackathon


sure, no problem. i already change to builder.
but fyi we are still startups too, no funding yet, the community still building and 85% develop on march-today


This haven’t fully decide yet for other chain.
As our early chain will be based on hackthon winning and we will start releasing NFT batch for this early mainnet chain. Currently the cross-chain only to some multiple testnet.

fyi: there will be 3 Category Tier chain (it will be introduce as Faction later, as it will be Guardian and can control resources and having their own DAO):

  • 3 High: will release some NFT batch to this, control crafting system, can control resources, events will be based on this High tier chain
  • 5 Medium : crafting system control, some NFT tools release, some events collaboration.
  • Low rest… : only materials crafting, people can find randomly other chain nft

So even if a new network but as BIG 3 Factions:
for e.g (Polygon, NEW_NETWORK, Binance)
This will surely impact to their community and tx traffic, as we will introduce the collaboration events that require participant to use more than 1 network tx. (cannot spill further until gamebook release).

But for the 4th, it will be starknet L2
the 1st and 2nd must be an EVM → (the candidate might be BTTC-TRON, opBNB, zkPolygon)
and 3rd one: might be Solana, or Polkadot. The polkadot has half ready smart-contract.

but this is just speculation, we are pushing to mainnet soon based on hackathon winning, again this is the privillege we offer.
there’s WL registration plan on EOM, but not decided yet either those 3 (BTTC, opBNB, zkPolygon) or perhaps can be other chain. we want to quickly release ASAP as we need fund to scale the team.

All the FACTIONS can be iterate depends on traffic and community later, but for High it will not be easy (because they might give support) and it also control the balance of resources.

for platform: Desktop, Mobile, or even TV, anydevice that can open browser.
so user can quickly play the game 10-20s waiting load instead of GIGA download for high quality graphic game (amazing right?, this is due to how compression, and progressive download by browser)

and after some years, we still gonna port it into applications to the appstore.
We can do it right now since it’s compatible framework but we want to get support from browser-game-community so trying to focus on browser first.

And No steam, since steam will force us to use different cloud. I want all everything here connected even with different device.


Welcome to the Hackathon, please I will like to know how are you going to handle technical challenges, thank you


can you elaborate more what the technical stuff you want to know?

the code is heavily based with off-chain signature system with EIP-712,
so it make it easier to secure everything


We are also ongoing to integrate with ERC-2981 and ERC6551 but this is more related to Theras-Labs ecosystem as the dApp will consider use ERC-404. Again this is more related to Theras as we use it in our first game STAR-EX

For this hackathon, we are just simply use simple UUPS upgradeable, so we can scale easily too.
Feel free to question deeply again. I would love to share it more


With the wave of gamefi projects around, what steps have you taken to promote the project within the gaming community to attract players from diverse backgrounds and preferences?


Builder is only for TRON/BTTC projects that have participated in the past and are building a significant update upon their projects.

For projects entering from outside they can enter a fresh track but must specify what they have done during the Hackathon submission period for TRON/BTTC.

If they continue to build upon their project and enter the next season they then enter the builder section.

In this case, they are in the correct track, gameFi.