[MAINNET ON 🚀] STAR-EX a cross-chain, cross-platform, cross-dimension, cross-gameFi

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Got it, thanks for the information. I didnt read thoroughly because many tasks right now.
I just add information of v1 and v2 difference. Also include the prev contract + gameapp to be compared. Still need to fill the TBA soon though.

The project heavily progress on growing the team and community, and less development side but still have massive development as I think the v1 is not even a ready game. Meanwhile v2 is multiplayer and mini-game ready for playing into leaderboard soon, but im getting more busier than ever


Hey cool question,

Yes this project is tend towards into browser-game community first. I’m actively on webgamer community

As you can see, all of these browser game are just DEMO, none of them real game that can be continue to play and tracking the progress. So the community is really looking for the ready games that can ignite browser-game industry and for indie game developing browser game especially when WebGPU has been released, and able to make AAA game on browsers but it’s still hard for indie game to pursue this without monetisation from blockchain. So this is the opportunity of STAR-EX want to achieve to become the leader for browser game and also we got heavily favor from the community already, which means STAR-EX can bring web2-gamer taste the web3.

So this is the first step I’ve done to attract non-web3, simply sharing it to the community I’ve been involved with because attracting web3 is easier than web2. As long as it bullish, it will go up. Since even NFT without usecase can go to the moon.
and game like Star Atlas without an existing ready game, but NFT is already sold out since 2y ago.

But still, it is not enough and the other step I’ve taken is reaching the Chinese community and also joining some hackathons, which still aligns with our goal to be a cross-chain GameFi project.

This step will hopefully increase our community from many blockchain communities, even a new one, which will be rich in backgrounds.

Luckily our team is really diverse too. Since I was working with PlanetIX (previously rank.1 in polygon) based on sweden but im ASEAN located. So some of my co-worker can help and contribute.

We have Europe, China, Asia, USA based. Well some of them isnt particularly active yet
and I myself is Indonesian living in sg, and I can attract massive people from Indonesia country too.

Once team have enough Fund, I already have plan to recruit more talent that I’ve known and they are from many countries. This will be diverse team, hopefully we can make it through.

As the preferences for gameplay, STAR-EX also offer multiple gameplay. (Racing, Exploration, and even IDLE game). So even if player bored, they can still play differently. We have team battle plan but this is for longer term and wont be able to make it within this year.

Most of the decision and preference still heavily from my experience. As i like playing game, and i play a lot of game since my childhood. Either PS, Nintendo, mobile game (Snake game), some old pc-game, into esports game.

So I know what exactly the gamer looking for, what kind of game that make addictive, and most of all something unique because there’s too many SIMILAR game right now, and hard to be the top.
also It must be an emotional involved, like you are tilted when you are still losing, so you keep playing until you win. This is the important multiplayer matchmaking.

Nowadays, I only install the game, to inspect what they offer instead of enjoying to play. Since it’s time for me to build the game. So yeah, it’s influenced by my experience.

for e.g, I want to play high visual graphic spaceship game like no-man sky or etc, but most of those game require to be purchase, and download first, and even worse. Only able to be play on desktop.
I wanted to play from ipad too, and if my ipad’s battery off then i could just switch off to the desktop and continue playing. So no hassle of heating ipad charging while playing.

This is the problem of current gaming, and what the solution of STAR-EX trying to solve.
So as the dev, I prefer to make a game that I myself will definitely enjoy and addictive to play.

Please look into STAR-EX we are building the future :))

Feel to ask more, I would love to share more. Since our gamebook still unfinished


I wish you all the best bud.


Welcome to the Tron hackathon !

On your X posts i can see you have won 3rd place in the starknet hackathon in february and you currently also participating in the Wavehack hackathon .

Listening back to the winners AMA space , you were planning to deploy on Starknet . Since some months have passed have you deployed the game there ?

Looking forward to test the game .


Yes, we won 3rd place for STAR-EX V1.

If you listened the AMA space as well, I mentioned we are planing to open minting batch for starknet on late june, right after a bigger STARKNET hackathon. As the starknet team suggested me to do it after that as well.

Also this decision because we want to release it on EVM first, which I’m more familiar and expertise in this structure than Starknet L2 using Cairo Language, it was litterally 2 weeks learning that. Security consideration is a must.

Other than that because Starknet is L2 and cannot use metamask, and require special wallet (argentx, and 1 more) so to minting the first batch It will be easier to bring community that already familiar with metamask. It is only reasonable to release sale when community is interested instead of half-baked preparation.

So after Starknet June Hackathon, it should bring more attention to starknet community. This is why the plan for starknet is not immediate, and hurry.

But we dont want to wait for starknet release only, and pushing the EVM release too as we need fund to scale. We have ready trailer and etc. so the WL registration has prepared in this end of month to our First choice of EVM blockchain network, which seems likely would be in BTTC here as we just interact with chinese community recently on wechat and TRON is more familiar in CN community. So yeah, project more confident to release minting and getting the buyer now.

Also the Starknet contract need to be revamp into V2, making it more suitable into cross-chain.
That’s why there are many consideration to hold the starknet release, also the prize is quite small 500usd and not enough to proceed further and giving privillege to starknet as major blockchain in our cross-chain.
As I explained here in this comment, the first batch minting will become a high tier faction to control resources.

So releasing to starknet minting first when there are many consideration isn’t right decision in our perspective. We would like to release confidently and neatly.

Yes, you can play the mini-game soon in this end of week, this is just a sugar before opening WL, and also while waiting for the core-gameplay to go ALPHA.


and also wavehack isnt hackthon but a grant system which end in 2months later as well. Purposely getting into a new community which is Japan’s community.


Thank you for your reply that makes it clear .

BTTC would be a good choice for integration as it is EVM compatible and it looks like you will be offering a multichain product . Where as deploying on tron it might prove more difficult because of TVM and higher transaction costs .

You sum up you need funds to scale and the $500 was not enough to continue . In case you will win no judge prices or end up at one of the lower spots . Will you still continue the integration into BTTC ? Or will this grind the project to a halt untill more funds are available ?


In case we don’t win but having community traction then we can deploy it to BTTC mainnet. because we can get fund from our NFT-selling. This is why we started to grow the importance of community,

By joining hackathon also indirectly trying to promote and growing community too.
In-case we don’t win anything, and not enough signal from the community then we most likely to deploy on popular chain with big community like polygon or ethereum first since we already have footprint promoting cross-chain. and can deploy BTTC on 5th-8th option later.
Also some of preparation is ready for launching. We have ready teaser trailer actually.

So if somehow winning, it definitely give strong signal, starting to go launch surely going crazy.
become the first chain to be deployed in our cross-chain model is also a privillege.

if previously having enough support on starknet community, STAR-EX might already selling NFT on that mainnet but in that time, our v1 wasn’t pleasing enough into the community, and that’s why we revamp a lot too.
but that’s also my failure to not consider growing community, and again as I mentioned because of not EVM as well and cannot upgradeable yet. So it was better to strategise it and rejoin on June for bigger attraction.

If winning just tick one of these boxes:

  • high prize (at least 3k+)
  • community support
  • evm compatible
    and definitely push team to release on Starknet.
    but If not winning need to tick 2 boxes at least.

Right now, the team don’t have fund and most of them are my co-worker and long time friend.
The project will continue, because i can develop everything, and it is my goal but it will just only slow down the progress and might discourage other teammate but not me. This is why we are pushing open minting soon and already have a ready-teaser trailer. So everyone can stay bullish by completing the milestone.

On the beginning I handle everything, from the idea, whitepaper, community, video-making, trailer, frontend, game-dev, backend, smart-contract. i learn other language cairo, move, and trying polkadot network just to get support and it cost on my game development which actually get postponed several times because of chasing meaningless deadline. But It’s always better to have team even if i can do it all, that’s not good for long term, and Im determined more than this.

With fund, i can hire properly a talent. I already eye-ing some guys i know, (solidity-pro, shader-pro, FE, BE, Artist) and all i need to do just lead them what i’ve built.

currently there’s new dev from japan to join as FE but still on learning some code i task, so the time he will contribute still unsure but i like his enthusiast to join.

Furthermore, there’s still many opportunity (grant, and hackathons), and still need time to polish on the development to fully achieve milestone by milestone.
So i dont have “halting the project” ever in my options, because right now i still even have many tasks to improve it and still far from my final idea

The base plan for team right now is actually open WL on EOM then public minting.
Joining the hackathon is just a simple promotion of our cross-chain feature.
Winning it would be the best possible outcome that can help to scale the team and community faster.
the worse possible, if we dont have enough buyer after going to mainnet then what we just do recap, revamp before releasing the 2nd batch, 3rd batch and goes on until it strikes.

Since our business model is not just on NFT-selling. Once the core-gameplay for exploration fully finished, we have more options to get revenue and more options to scale the game too. whether introducing team-battle quicker than the original plan or invent a new gameplay. whatever is that, the team have the ability to achieve that. the question will be how long it take. This is why we do progressive development.

i like to take it from my experience working with planetix, we were releasing minting 200million NFT and from that it grow as the team, and build more smart contracts and more dapp.


so for the conclusion, the project are not waiting for fund.
the project are eager to making fund ASAP instead.

In this hackathon, we’re not aiming for big prize but for traction. Winning it will be huge signal too. Since NFT selling can making more than the prize. It is different case from starknet that wasn’t evm, it requires other factor to continue


Hi, I just updated the detail how we use BTTC in our cross-chain game, the hackathon involvements past and future

Will update again later for detail words and explanation, currently busy figuring out the architecture problem as we want to publish the multiplayer demo on mini-game

so the demo i provided right now is using the previous build version, but you can still play mini-game solo, and try to purchase the BTTC NFT in the store, and collecting NFT-materials then claim it.

I will inform back when multiplayer is released, supposed to be in this week.
and this is already delayed for 5days, because of health issue and community promotion issue

Also since no one drop their wallet address here, so i can do airdrop the NFT access to BTTC zone. then i will make this NFT-zone to be purchase-able in the store with BTCC testnet.
but if the build still using the previous, you can freely enter the game too


Okay! Should that be the case, I believe it’s going to be an easy win for the project because of their already built community against few start-ups that mostly can’t boost of 100 community members :smiley: But then Thanks for clarifying this. I believe he has read and adhered to your guideline

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Appreciate that, but we are late into the party here, could have get more traffic in this forums.

We are testing releasing on 3 testnet BTTC, AREON, TARAXA and requesting address to airdrop nft-access,
it’s great for others community to discover BTTC too.
because on the mini-game, player will get mix cross-chain NFT.

and once when we go to BTTC-mainnet for starship NFT sale, we also deploy to other mainnet for the materials only but not NFT starship sale, as NFT sale for high-tier network (Faction).
Will be explained later on gamebook but still fixing tech stuff for our newest demo.

The demo in this forum is still from the previous one (still able to purchase BTTC-testnet), and will update within this week.
hopefully to win something, so STAR-EX can use the momentum and release mainnet on schedule


Thank you for detailing the steps on how you planned to promote your game in regions like the Europe, China, Asia, and USA where your workers are based. Considering the emerging adoption of blockchain in regions like Africa, how do you plan to bridge into the web2 community there?


Thank you for your reply, do you mind to elaborate for understanding by people that don’t have too much Blockchain knowledge


Hello, i wasnt sure what is the question.

Are you questioning:
A. how i could bring web2 community from africa regions?
B. or How i bring in web2 community generally?

A. Our previous mod was from nigeria, and our currently guy who stay in Texas, USA right now is from south africa. So i probably will question them again and analyse back because I don’t have enough information from Africa’s market situation. (Like people from USA prefer shooting game, people from japan more into individual gameplay, or console popular, while china also has its own characteristic because the limitation of time playing for underage) but yeah we also just focus on what we acknowledge right now, and expand from that.

B. Regarding for web2 community adoption generally.
I think I have explained a bit, what’s our plan that our game is browser game. Which I have joined into this community and full of people without blockchain interest and none of the action-game is A FULL READY for competitive game. This is because browser gaming have problem monetisation compared to PC with steam or mobile with Appstore/Playstore, yet until blockchain become more popular and people can buy NFT which open more opportunity to monetisation in browser gaming.

So by involving this community is directly bringing web2-community to try STAR-EX.
Last week, I just recently share in that community in virtual meetup about STAR-EX progress, Explaining what’s problem of developing and yup I don’t explain too much the web3 involvement here and focus on the gameplay sharing. This community heavily interest with browser game progress and want to support because right now as I have explained, there is no FULL READY browser game that can be play daily or competitively. So when STAR-EX fully ready the community will rejoice and most of web2 user will try the game, and we can become the LEADER from this browser game market comparing to the other browser-game or even other gameFi.
This is because the game focus on visual quality aspect too and the base structure of the game is FREE to play (with limited zone obviously) with rich-mystery exploration

We dont ignore the importance of what make the game addictive,
or what i could say, we dont ignore the basic essential of gaming, that require to be skillful and enjoyable. (whether it is, snake game, pipe game, chess game) because this is what web2 gamer looking for, a game they can enjoy and spend their time

And as you know:

  • Most of GameFi that in the browser, they’re just collection, card battle, or IDLE base game or a gamification mostly but the newer generation is prefer an active game too.
  • and if it’s an action gameFi, it will mostly be on PC game and most of them require to purchase something even before player can try the demo which can kill the first interaction and make customer leave. if it’s not FREE to try then it is already not enjoyable
  • and if it’s a mobile gameFi, it could have problem with appStore regarding different system of payment outside their apple store

So this is the great things, because our basis is still naturally a game and inviting gamer from web2 and the existing community to the ecosystem and help them to learn about web3. STAR-EX will approach players with web-2 popular features, meaning we will avoid using the words of “Play to Earn” because web2 community has prejudice about this even though we have this feature on our Staking exploration as our IDLE gameplay, and letting user to play with FREE and getting the NFT that they can claim later.

So the game wont be straightforward teach web3 and can give player a time to understand and make a choice whether they want to continue advance which would need interaction with web3 or they can just play simply in the FREE-zone and get the un-claimable Asset which will be NFT.

This will require our off-chain database to store and reserve the NFT for players to claim it later or as custody. Our goal for the game is always focus to make addictive gameplay like how mario kart, or candy crush.

So player can keep coming back and try different challenge, and this is why we will include Season Pass like mobile game to one of business model. But the Season Pass will be NFT and it will help player to learn web3 from the familiarity (UX) because everyone surely already familiar with Season Pass right.
if we approach web3 forcefully like the game must to purchase something first within web3, im afraid it rather will scare the web2 user.

This is where we are improving the mini-game first (with more challenge and multiplayer), which only have NFT involvement as reward while the exploration as core gameplay itself require more knowledge of web3 because it requires player to do NFT burn, crafting system contract, learn resources from FACTION that controlled by major network chain will be explained further when player want to keep explore, we need to keep the level of their curiosity. Everything here will be release step by step. Same with the NFT zone, starship, and higher tier will be release progressively, and release feature by feature.

Lastly we could also port the game into a mobile app, desktop app, or console apps here as React is quite versatile but we will do that after giving favor to browser community first and becoming the leader market on browser. As with this browser game, player can quickly jump into the game without heavy installation

So i would definitely invest to other gameFi that use threejs too like us if I ever find it.

Here i shared, there is UNREAL ENGINE demo game port into browser game, but it still requires user to download 500mb in the browser

The team could make this exactly like that game with threejs, because it’s still not many effect and it will between 10-20mb, because there’s gltf with crazy compression system, you can illustrated it like the comparisson between png and webp.

This is why you should consider browser game as the future gaming, especially with the rise of webGPU and making AAA game possible running in the browser.
The web2 community bullish with the tech, but I also bullish with the opportunity with blockchain interaction, even more I have crazy bullish involving many network chain.


Given the emphasis on using NFTs from other blockchains within STAR-EX,

  • how will your team ensure compatibility and a smooth user experience for these cross-chain interactions, considering the potential for technical differences between blockchains.

And also Considering the complexity of STAR-EX’s features and the tight deadlines for upcoming hackathons,

  • how will your team prioritize development to ensure a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is ready for the earliest possible public release

Thank you madamoiselle for the question too.

Ok to make it easier,

ERC-404 is like share equity that will be use on STAR-EX game because STAR-EX is using tokenomic from Theras Labs and from network partnership as we have a cross-chain model too. So to increase the value, we might implement this.
combining the ERC-6551 as token bound.

ERC-2981 is more like like royalty that will be use on our planet resources.

but none of this will be matter for now as what we submit is the mini-game first. before core-gameplay interaction with more complex understanding.

Feel free to ask more, i need more information so I can get your persepective and explain it better.



The description highlights both exploration and racing elements,now my question are

  • How will the developers ensure a healthy balance between these aspects to keep players engaged in the long term.

Also the project mentions addictive gameplay.

  • How will the game offer increasing difficulty and challenges to keep players engaged as they progress and master the core mechanics.

The compatibility will be heavily using off-chain signature, we want to upgrade into EIP712 but right now still using ecrecover.
So this will be simple interaction with backend, and similar with any contract contract bridge to ensure the interoperability.
Also we are on hybrid mode, as we need to store data centralised too.
With this player can claim NFT in one go for each network rather than annoy player with many interaction wallet popup to do transaction.

And because of this compatibility,
User will be able to login with multiple profile from different wallet compatibility, this also include inventory to load directly to the several chain and have mix of NFTs. ( we want to shift this into subgraph later so it has really faster load)

but even then the game will have some limitation too, and we forcefully create some limitation too to avoid player exploitation, like the ability must be on same nft network with starship, and more into equipping problem.
and that was the most consuming time that i was trying to build, because i need to prepare the architecture to serve this goal. beside the other challenge to balance the tier NFT for crafting system too.

And also other problem which some standard isn’t always available for all network, but this instead open a new idea to make exclusive event gameplay for the network-chain specific. As every problem always have solution in the end.
for e.g: the chainlink integration where the game can use on-chain function and make progress updately in different way for different gameplay. This is also reason why we make gameplay into NFT and create a unique game.

So to avoid those, we always focus on the end interface first. How we want player to interact with our game. So UX for different network will be similar, then we make the system accordingly to that UX. The major difference will be from the behind ( either smart contract or backend functionality )

For the tight schedule, this is why we releasing mini-game to avoid heavily dependent on incoming core gameplay because also the structure for the code is similar. So it wont have major code difference, and also we can release core-gameplay confidently as some of issue at least occur already on mini-game. When we release core-gameplay, it will also progressive release, means we don’t fully release whole feature but we make it into events by events and can lead community feedback while also compose the game balance update

for e.g: the first quarter will be releasing zone tier 1-3, and next one tier 4-5, and goes on
This zone eventually have different gameplay and challenge. With this we are able to minimise the risk handling too many issue and increase the hype for each period. So yeah it can scale better and the structure will be defined earlier to make this all possible. Again this is what time consuming for me last month, cause i need plan out and make a lot of scenarios.

But it is possible we postponed several future schedule, Unless we make commit statement to community, like countdown for X events, and like if we’re winning something then we are going to tweak some of plans too, since we haven’t really launch so we are still in the area where we can be a bit flexible and utilise the momentum when it exist, but without completely divert from the main goal too far.

for e.g: when momentum is bad instead of releasing 8 starship on first batch then it will be only 4, or introduction for other things but we are still on plan for releasing first batch.

And even then what we do for earlier is releasing our NFT on several batch, which not a problem from development progress but problem on reaching the market.

Because NFT without usecase even can soldout, which telling us the NFT itself is factually not related to the development progress.

I meant there are gameFi like STAR-ATLAS that havent release the main game 3y ago until now, and their NFT has already sold out. While this is also great to nurture the community first

and we actually have ready unreleased landing (100%), some of teaser trailer (100%), 3D Starship (100%), gameplay trailer (0%), minting website will be in the game (60% because will revamp the uiux), whitepaper v2 and gamebook (80%), mini-game (70%, decreased because of current bug)

We want to make sure everything 100% so we can just release it situationally. So since it is a progressive feature release, then development priority also follow to that accordingly.

for e.g: we still have many smart-contract need to build like staking-contract, trading contract but none of those will be needed our soon first batch minting, so we can finalise that later and prioritise what need to be closer event soon like fixing the UIUX or community involvement first.