IntegraTRON by Decon Team - the AIO (All-In-One) Metaverse

Project Name:

IntegraTRON - the AIO (All-In-One) Metaverse

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Team Name:

Decon Team

Team Member(s): @decon1

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Project Goal:

The project goal is to create an all-in-one dapp that serves as a central hub for various activities within the TRON ecosystem, integrating elements of fun, gaming, and the metaverse. “IntegraTRON” aims to streamline user experience by consolidating multiple functionalities into a single platform, providing convenience and accessibility for TRON users.

Project Value:

In our pursuit of achieving the project goal of creating IntegraTRON, the all-in-one dapp for the TRON ecosystem, we strategically began by integrating the core protocols of the TRON network. Our first focus was on seamlessly incorporating the BitTorrent File System (BTFS) , SunSwap & APE NFT - TRON’s largest NFT marketplace.

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    BitTorrent File System (BTFS):

    BTFS is a decentralized file storage system that leverages the BitTorrent protocol to enable secure and distributed storage of files across a network of nodes. It operates on the principles of peer-to-peer sharing, breaking down files into smaller chunks and distributing them across multiple nodes. This decentralized approach ensures data redundancy, fault tolerance, and resistance to censorship.

    1. Storing NFT Images and Metadata: One of the primary uses of BTFS within IntegraTRON is to store NFT images and metadata when minting NFTs through our platform. By utilizing BTFS for this purpose, we ensure that NFT assets are securely stored and accessible to users across the TRON ecosystem. This integration enhances the reliability and availability of NFT content, facilitating seamless transactions and interactions within the marketplace.

    2. Integrating BTFS Encrypted Storage Protocol for Private Content: We are in the process of integrating the option to store “private” content on BTFS, visible only to designated users or the content owner. This feature leverages BTFS Encrypted Storage Protocol, which provides secure and encrypted storage for sensitive data.

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    ApeNFT Marketplace:

    ApeNFT stands as a prominent marketplace within the TRON ecosystem, renowned for its extensive collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) spanning digital art, collectibles, gaming assets, and more.

    1. API Integration for Data Accessibility: IntegraTRON has integrated with ApeNFT’s API, enabling users to access comprehensive information about collections, NFTs, owners, and more directly from our platform. With our user-friendly interface, users can effortlessly navigate and explore the ApeNFT marketplace, accessing the same rich dataset seamlessly integrated within IntegraTRON.

    2. Direct Buy/Sell Integration (Upcoming): The next goal is to enable users to buy and sell NFTs directly on ApeNFT through IntegraTRON, simplifying the trading process for enhanced user convenience.

  • SUN Swap:

    SUN io is a TRON-powered DeFi platform that integrates token swap, liquidity mining, stablecoin swap, and self-governance. Drawing on the strengths of various trading protocols, SUN io is able to offer high performance, best prices, and enhanced security.

    1. Swap tokens: Token swapping directly from our platform on Nile Testnet through the SunSwap smart router. This functionality enables users to seamlessly swap tokens, enhancing the decentralized exchange experience on our platform.

Project Info:

Main features of the project:

  1. Ability to switch from first-person to third-person and vice versa.

  2. Create and Mint NFTs: Users can mint NFTs on Nile Testnet by upload images or create new directly on a canvas within IntegraTRON. Ensure metadata associated with each minted NFT, including title, description, and other information, is securely stored on BTFS for easy retrieval and verification.

  3. View native balance and most popular tokens on Nile Testnet: Provide users with a comprehensive dashboard displaying their native balance and the most popular tokens on the Nile testnet.

  4. View NFTs of any user on TRON Mainnet: ApeNFT Marketplace API allows users to view their NFTs and those of other users directly within IntegraTRON. Provide filtering and sorting options to help users easily navigate and manage their NFT collections.

  5. Customize virtual house/room with personal NFTs: Offer users the ability to customize their virtual house or room within IntegraTRON by attaching their NFTs to virtual walls. Provide a user-friendly interface for arranging and decorating the virtual space, allowing users to showcase their NFT collections in a personalized and immersive environment.

  6. Buy additional buildings to increase space for NFT placement: Introduce the option for users to purchase new virtual buildings, providing additional space for NFT placement and display. Offer a variety of virtual building options, ranging from small galleries to large exhibition halls.

  7. Option to visit the customized virtual room of any user: Foster community engagement by allowing users to visit and explore the customized virtual rooms of each other. Facilitate social connections and networking opportunities by encouraging users to share their virtual room experiences and collaborate.

Project Website:

**Project Test Instructions **:

  1. Open IntegraTRON app & connect your TronLink wallet;
  2. There will be a button in the upper left corner. Clicking on it will open the main menu on the left side of the screen and you will see all available sections. Let’s quickly go through each:
    • Portfolio: You will see the native balance in the NILE network and the balance of several popular tokens. Also, you will see the link to Faucet
    • NFT collections (Mainnet) - you will see all your NFT collections from TRON mainnet (fetched using APE NFT API)
    • Draw & Mint NFT - you will be able to create a NFT using a canvas & also mint it on Nile Testnet. Image & Metadata will be stored on BTFSl
    • Upload & Mint NFT - you can upload a image from your device and mint it as NFT on Nile Testnet;
    • My Created NFTs (Testnet) - you will see all NFTs created with above methods ↑
    • Search NFTs of an user - you can look at NFT collections of someone;
    • Buy a new building - you can buy an additional building (that will cost ~ 100 Testnet USDT). You can buy max. 3 additional buildings for now. That will increase the number of places where you can attach your NFTs

  • If you want to attach your NFT (from the Mainnet or created and minted in the testnet), you must go close to the desired stand on the wall of your building, click on the key “E”. A modal window will open where there will be 2 lists of your NFTs: One is a list of NFTs from the Mainnet, and the second list is NFTs minted on the testnet using our platform. Select any NFT, click on the “Set NFT” button.

  • The TronLink wallet will open with a request to sign the message. Signing does not incur a commission. This is a free action designed to prove that you have access to the connected wallet.

  • After successfully signing the message, a request will be sent to the server and your NFT will be added to the database, and will also appear on the wall where you wanted to put it.

Project Details:

- dApp screens:

Smart Contract links:

All contracts are currently deployed on TRON Nile Testnet.

Project Milestones:

  • :heavy_check_mark: TronLink wallet integration;

  • :heavy_check_mark: Option to mint NFTs (on Nile Testnet);

  • :heavy_check_mark: Integrate BTFS: Secure storage of NFT images and metadata;

  • :heavy_check_mark: Possibility to customize personal virtual house / room using NFTs pinned to walls;

  • :heavy_check_mark: Ability to purchase additional virtual buildings to increase NFT placement space;

  • :heavy_check_mark: Integrate Ape NFT Marketplace API, enabling users to get data about NFT collections, items, owners and other relevant information about NFTs.

  • :heavy_check_mark: ( May 7 ) Ability to switch from first-person to third-person and vice versa

  • :heavy_check_mark: ( May 10 ) Integration of SunSwap (Testnet): allow users to swap tokens directly from our platform;

  • :hourglass_flowing_sand: (May 10 - 15 ) Integrate the option to store on BTFS “private” content and visible to yourself or designated users only, using BTFS Encrypted Storage Protocol;

  • :hourglass_flowing_sand: Integrate the multiplayer feature that will allow users to connect and engage with each other within the metaverse;

  • :hourglass_flowing_sand: Integrate more protocols from TRON Ecosystem;

  • and other


Why leaving all the details empty. Consider updating your post for us to study

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Hi, @Chizz

Project information has been updated.
You can study the project. Let me know if you have any questions.


Can you explain where I can get some testnet USDT ?

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I just tested searching of my NFTs from the APE NFT marketplace and attaching them to the walls in my house. It looks awesome!

P.S. I might need to buy an additional house soon—I’m running out of space for all my NFTs! :rofl:

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Hey there.

If you’re looking to get testnet USDT for purchasing a new virtual house (which costs 100 USDT), you can obtain 50,000 USDT every 24 hours from this faucet: TRON | NILE TESTNET

Also, the link to this faucet can also be found in the “My balance” section (see screenshot).

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We’re thrilled to receive such positive feedback from a user with a substantial collection of NFTs on the TRON Mainnet. We hope that 3 additional houses will provide enough space to showcase your entire collection! :smile:

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I’m very impressed to see the integration of so many products in your project.

I’m particularly curious about BTFS - does it function similarly to IPFS?

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Stay in touch, this is just the beginning.
More integrations coming soon.

Yes, BTFS operates similarly to IPFS. Both systems are decentralized file storage solutions designed to revolutionize file storage and distribution. But BTFS offers improved performance and speed for file transfers, thanks to optimizations tailored specifically for the BitTorrent network. These differences make BTFS an exciting option for decentralized file storage, offering unparalleled scalability, resilience, and performance for users and developers.

We’ve just rolled out a fresh update to our homepage. :framed_picture:

Go ahead and head over to our homepage to explore the changes firsthand. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the new design. Your input is invaluable to us as we strive to continually improve.

And yes, stay tuned in the next few hours for an announcement about the exciting NEW integration of a dApp / protocol from the TRON Ecosystem. This dApp plays a significant role in the current TRON ecosystem, and we’re excited to bring it to you.

Stay with us for the latest updates!

Happy exploring, and thank you for being part of our community!

Thank you for tagging me

After studying your project, IntegraTRON, I become more concern in knowing how you plan to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, particularly regarding DeFi trading and NFT transactions in countries with stringent crypto rules?


• ANNOUNCEMENT: SunSwap integration completed (on Nile Testnet) !

We’ve achieved a significant milestone!

We’ve successfully integrated SunSwap. Thanks to this integration, users can now enjoy the convenience of swapping tokens directly on the Nile Testnet without leaving our platform. This marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide a user-friendly and comprehensive DeFi experience.

Tokens available for swap:

  • USDT
  • USDC
  • JST

We’re excited about the possibilities this integration brings and are committed to continually improving and expanding our offerings to meet your needs.

• Screenshot:

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We’ve just released an updated video, showcasing the main features of the “IntegraTRON” and demonstrating how we’ve integrated:

  • BTFS
  • ApeNFT Marketplace API
  • SunSwap

Check it out now:

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, man I really love when an entry is extensive, gives me a whole lot to read about. From my read, aiming to be an all-in-one dApp for the TRON ecosystem, integrating elements of entertainment, gaming, and the metaverse is a creative idea.

Are there plans to expand beyond the Nile Testnet and deploy the platform on the TRON Mainnet?

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Welcome welcome welcome, how are you going to attract users, thank you

Hi, @manfred_jr

I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you !

Yes, sure. This will be done after adding new integrations and making sure that everything works correctly.

Cool, I’m looking forward to that migration from Nile Testnet to Tron Mainnet. Be sure to tag me to future updates as I’d be keeping an eye out, goodluck as Hackathon progresses.

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Great. I will definitely do this!

Thanks !

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Hello IntegraTRON, welcome to the TRON hackathon! You have a pretty ambitious project here!

I tested your metaverse and was able to buy an additional house but could not mint new NFTs using the “Create NFT option” , warning messages below:

I have more than enought Nile test TRX so shouldn’t be a resource issue.

Also by checking the code in your repo I could not find any BTFS integration code or API calls to your local node, even tough you mention the BTFS integration is already done for your NFTs metadata. Would you please point me to your source code using BTFS to review? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance. Keep on building!

Hello @SimbadMarino .
Thanks for your support.


We sincerely appreciate your report regarding the image upload issue.

It’s been resolved now ! :partying_face:

The root cause was a recent update to the upload method by, through which we upload all content to BTFS via their API. This update caused compatibility issues. However, we’ve made all necessary adjustments, ensuring seamless functionality.

We encourage you to test it again now and confirm that the issue has been resolved. @SimbadMarino


Thank you for expressing your interest in our BTFS integration.

Currently, we upload all content to BTFS using API calls to the protocol. In the future, we’re aiming to establish a partnership with to leverage additional benefits or even potentially operate our own BTFS node.

Regarding your query about the metadata of NFTs presented in our video demo, I’m happy to confirm that they were indeed uploaded to BTFS. To provide concrete evidence, here are the details of two NFTs from the video, including their NFT IDs, CID of metadata, and CID of the associated image:


Additionally, after fixing the issue today, we minted two new NFTs. Below, you’ll find all the relevant information to demonstrate that all content is indeed stored on BTFS.


Yes, certainly.

Below, you’ll find the relevant files and a code snippet illustrating how we use BTFS:

  • “Create NFT” section
    • app-frontend/src/components/Game/GameDrawer/CreateNft.tsx

  • “Upload NFT” section
    • app-frontend/src/components/Game/GameDrawer/UploadImg.tsx

Given that the logic is identical in both files (Upload NFT and Create NFT), we’ll include the code fragment from the ‘Create NFT’ file.

const resUploadFile = await'', {
    content: byteArray,
    size: byteArray.length,
    address: account,
    type: fileType,
    name: `${name.getValue()}_IMAGE`

const metadata = {
    name: name.getValue(),
    image: resUploadFile?.data?.data?.file_hash

const objectString = JSON.stringify(metadata);
const textEncoder = new TextEncoder();
const metadataValueBuffer = Object.values(textEncoder.encode(objectString));

const resUploadMetadata = await'', {
    content: metadataValueBuffer,
    size: metadataValueBuffer.length,
    address: account,
    type: "application/json",
    name: `${name.getValue()}_JSON`

const instance = await window.tronWeb.contract(NFT_MINT_CONTRACT_ABI, NFT_MINT_CONTRACT_ADDRESS);
const txID = await instance.mintWithTokenURI(resUploadMetadata?.data?.data?.file_hash).send({
    feeLimit: 100000000


It’s important to note that this code represents the older version that worked before the issue occurred. Initially, all this logic was on the frontend. However, after fixing the issue and making some adjustments, we migrated all that logic to our backend.

We’re wondering if it’s acceptable to update our GitHub repository with the new code. Will it comply with the hackathon rules?


We’re looking forward to your response, especially to confirm if the issue is resolved and if we’re allowed to update our GitHub repository