OnChainVision - Open your eyes on chain worlds

Project Name: OnChainVision - Open your eyes on chain worlds

Project Track: Builder

Team Name: onchaindev

Team Member(s): @OnChainVision @constantinpricope201 @MirelaIoana24

DevPost Project Link: https://devpost.com/software/onchainvision?ref_content=user-portfolio&ref_feature=in_progress

Project Goal: Provide aggregated DEX, visual data over Tron(including charts), simple way of paying, an easy way to interact with the chain using mobile devices.

Project Value:
OnChainVision First Submission web3- S4
OnChainVision Second Submission builder- S5

We plan to incorporate users that want to use TRON Network but try to use it with TrustWallet or any other WalletConnect compatible wallet. Through the app we provide a DEX aggregator with in house renting through NRG & ERGON & soon will be added BRUTUS

Project Info:
OnChainVision Features.pdf (5.1 MB)

Project Website:

ON CHAIN VISION SERVER api.onchainvision.xyz

Project Test Instructions:
Android App OnChainVision

  1. Have TrustWallet installed
  2. Open OnChainVision app and Select Network Tron
  3. Press Connect and choose your wallet
  4. Go to swap
  5. Input in down the token you want to sell and what you want to buy
  6. Input the amount and press ENTER
  7. Rent+Approve process [Optional if you sell a token]
  8. Rent+Swap token
  9. Finish

Telegram @OnChainVisionTronBot
/volume trnguy trx 1d sunswap (/volume token1 token2 timerange dex)
/chart bbt trx 1d jm (/chart token1 token2 timerange dex)
/liquidity trx meox iswapv1 (/liquidity token1 token2 dex)
/price trnguy trx (/price token1 token2 dex)
/tokens - see a list of whitelisted tokens

Discord @OnChainVision Discord Community
/volume trnguy trx 1d sunswap (/volume token1 token2 timerange dex)
/chart bbt trx 1d jm (/chart token1 token2 timerange dex)
/liquidity trx meox iswapv1 (/liquidity token1 token2 dex)
/price trnguy trx (/price token1 token2 dex)
/tokens - see a list of whitelisted tokens

Project Details:

:new: Added Telegram Bot for charts Telegram @OnChainVisionTronBot
:new: Integrated Advance Charts by TradingView in our website BTC/USDT SunSwap charts
:new: Created a list of all Pairs queried by OnChainVision
:new: Fix Bugs over our Android App OnChainVision

Smart Contract links:
A. Whitelisted Smart Contracts:

  1. Tron Shasta → TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
  2. Tron Mainnet → TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

:new: In-house Router:

  1. Tron Nile→ Multi Router for DEX Aggregation

Project Milestones:
May 10
:soon: New rent Provider Brutus

May 30
:soon: Integration of BttNetwork in our server
:soon: New in-house router for our DEX Aggregator - Nile Smart Contract - Basically we will no longer use Routers from DEXes and will use our own router.

June 10
:soon:Chart Bot over Discord

June 30
:soon:Integration of #BttNetwork in OnChainVision App

End of September
:gift::free: Free transactions through staking on longer periods with just a few TRX.

:spiral_calendar: End of year
IOS application
Android & IOS BTT&TRON network

:globe_with_meridians: Social Media

  1. Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/@OnChainVision

  2. Twitterhttps://twitter.com/OnChainVision

  3. FacebookOnChainVision

  4. DiscordOnChainVision

  5. TikTokTikTok - Make Your Day

  6. Websitehttps://www.onchainvision.xyz/

  7. Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onchainvision.onchainvision

  8. icons8-telegram-100 Telegram: Contact @OnChainVisionTelegram: Join Group Chat


Welcome back team
thanks for building this but it looks complex too me. talking about the chart


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, as you continue to build on Tron


Welcom @OnChainVision to Tron hackathon season 6 keep building.


Welcome again @OnChainVision, @constantinpricope201, @MirelaIoana24
Nice to see you again here.

Tell us what you changed from last version to this version. I don’t remember if you gain any prize. If yes, how did you use it to advertise your project more?


Guys we have also this taskboards that we use for improvements:

  1. Improvements on OnChainVision server

  2. Improvements on OnChainVision Android APP

  3. Improvements on onchainvision.xyz website

For being up to day with our development please check them out!

onchaindev :white_heart:


Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, quite sincerely the whole project setup looks complicated, a simplified version would come in handy right now.

I need clarification on how the project plans to ensure security and trustworthiness, especially regarding smart contract integration and user data protection.


Thanks for the warm welcome.

Do you seem complicated the charts over telegram? Or over the website Advance Charts by TradingView?

It is basically how the price evolves…

Let’s take an example

  1. Over the website:
    a. We can go to the website to check all the pairs:
    Pairs List over OnChain Vision Website

b. We here find all the Pairs/Pools that have liquidity on TRON and are traded when a user swaps tokens. We just click on Flter on the token we are intrested in for example $BBC

When Clicking the image the pair list is filter and we see only pairs with $BBC

c. If I want to see how the price of bbc evolve over trx I can click link BBC/WTRX

d. If I want to see how the price of bbc evolve over USDT I Click link BBC/USDT

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I use the telegram own, talking about how it displays prices. Someone like me I am lazy lol I don’t like to stress a lot to understand something. One bot I like using is @JustMoney bot for prices , looks simple for me


Now for the Telegram @OnChainVisionTronBot.

Which you can find in our OnChainVision Telegram Group

  1. First I recomand you to see what tokens are whitelisted as you will able to call only whitelist tokens:

  2. Now let’s check TRNGUY (by the way we were able to track all TRNGUY activity from start as you might know)
    We could check
    a. /charts trnguy trx 1h sunswap/jm

b. /liquidity trnguy trx sunswap

c. /volume trnguy trx 1d sunswap

d. /price trnguy trx sunswap

onchaindev :white_heart:


I tottally aggrea with you that’s why we develop our Telegram Bot see above. And @JustMoney did a great job indeed they have inline buttons I chose to go with commands line.

I am not completely sure maybe @JustMoney could help me confirm it but they do not track also the sunswap, iswapv1, iswapv2, socialswap v1/v2.

We chose the command line as will have the same over Discord as well.

onchaindev :white_heart:

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Can we get some interface like this

Makes everything simple


Really appreciate the warm welcome :heart_eyes:

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Thank a lot !!

Appreciate the encouragement

onchaindev :white_heart:

We use the above icon to show what is new!
You can help by spreding the word about OnChainVision ecosystem.

onchaindev :white_heart:

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Congratulations to this onchain project. They keep building all through. Saw your notification of celebrating 1 yrs
Congratulations. I remember last session I couldn’t talk part I app testing because not yet available for iPhone users


:tada::tada::tada: Discord Integration Finish :tada::tada::tada:

:link:Join OnChainVision Discord

A few picture with Bot Integration

/price btc usdt

/volume trnguy trx 1d sunswap

/chart trnguy trx

onchaindev :white_heart:


Nice to see you still building this since season 4
All the best to your team


Welcome to hackathon season 6 wishing you all the best as you continue your building.

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:new: new version
Please update the OnChainVision Android App

:zap::new: Rent Provider Brutus added

:chart_with_downwards_trend: We just lower the prices and we now have a bigger energy pool.

The cost now might be around :scream:7 TRX(6,27 for TRX to TRNGUY) for a swap