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Updates will try a swap today, thank you


That will mean with the same burn amount you can do up to 6 swaps

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We just updated our video presentation take a look :eyes:

We also added our PDF presentation on why would you use OnChainVision dApp. :man_detective:


Clean video presentation. New update getting better till it best. All the best buddy


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Hi ! Really interesting your project! Just ,I have a short question for you, how you plan to keep your users on the platform? What you gonna offer more to became loyal customers?

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That is a very good question :question:.

We are working now on a community solution that will attract users and keep then on a longer term.

We are offering :free: free transactions.

:star_struck: We are creating a system where user instead of burning TRX the users could stake TRX and get the energy to do the transaction.

But wait the users do not have enough TRX to get energy ? What will happen than ?

  1. Users could stake the TRX (~30 TRX for a transfer)

  2. We will give them the energy in debt (debt -60,000 :zap: point )

  3. Each day their stake TRX will produce energy points (30 TRX - daily 378 :zap: point ) - Every day we will loan the produce energy to other users - so that they can transact

  4. After 300 days their 30 TRX will produce 378 :zap: point * 300 days = 113,400 :zap: point (which will be enough for the fees (transfers - bandwidth) and what they rented on day 0)

  5. In day 301 they can unstake the amount and get their ~30 TRX back

A win-win project. We will have a user that we’ll come back to us in ~300 days and they will have some TRX that will not be lost and that would worth way more at the end of those 300 days.


I don’t have full knowledge of this energy market. They other day on this forum I’m learning a bit. Sorry I can’t relate better. But I have some tron I haven’t stake yet

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Just watched this video that explains how onchain works. So bad I can’t participate. Not android users. The video is nice and looks simple. But my question is, does it mean that for each transaction on the application I will have to rent energy first?

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Hello Onchain vision! Thank you for joining TRON hackathon season 6!

I noticed you mainly use wallet connect to connect to TokenPocket and TrustWallet, have you explored DeepLinking for future Metamask and Tronlink integrations?
Please refer to DeepLink | TronLink Docs for tronlink examples on how to do it, this will potentially give you broader audience.

What is the purpose of whitelist smart contract?

Would you please elaborate on what the In house Route will do?

Do you have plans to open source your mobile app ? You can potentially get some allies as code contributors or your app being re-puposed to other use cases in the TRON community, as you say not many mobile developers around TRON ecosystem :slight_smile:

Thank you for having detailed milestones!


Thank you so much for checking out the project!

Our dApp uses DeepLinks that is how the TrustWallet/TokenPocket is open when connected or when a transaction is sent for Sign

In fact WalletConnect is compatible with Metamask (or to be more technical Metamask supports WalletConnect) and you can open Metamask but the connection will fail due to Tron network not being supported by Metamask. (loading indefinitely)

For the BitTorrent network the pop up will appear but at the moment the dApp is NOT ready for BitTorrent. When the BitTorrent will be ready the app will open but we still have some work to do on our server part.

I explore that but unfortunately last time I check the DeepLinking was not working for TronLink… I check that again today and still does not work or might be that I cannot find how it works… What I did I open justlend.org on a browser and select TronLink and normally a pop up should appear… it doesn’t… But I do not exclude using also TronLink …(as is widely used)

Just a way to keep whitelisted addresses that will get some special benefits (such as a free x transactions at certain time, later on a free domain .onchain or .vision )

Now we use for each DEX is own router (apart from SunSwapv2 where with help from @PorkyPork we deploy a different router TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器). The idea is that we use hardcoded function selector and each DEX have different selectors (Ex: SwapExactTRXForTokens / SwapExactBaseForTokens) so in this way we cannot use the routers that are used by the DEXes. And more powerfull than a DEX aggregator now is a smart Router that uses multiple factories(multiple exchanges liquidity) to get the best price with different algorithms as sun.io has but they have for their own liquidity and also @JustMoney and @intercroneswap use now smart routers and they add also the liquidity from SunSwap.

A new Router in-house will
:sparkles: have check security in place (no funny business),
:star2: factories as a parameter so we can use any factories to aggregate any path and find the best price not only in Sunswap, not only in JM, or not only in InterCroneSwap but over all exchanges(all exchanges that we support)

Example smartRouter using liquidity on sun.io

OnChainVision server uniqueness is that it can bring all the Pairs(ex USDT/TRX) / Pools based on the factory address (if they fallow Uniswap Protocol).

All the DEXes that we track have in total 2224 pairs(including 2 factories on Nile but they have just a few pairs)

JustMoney - TBfTeNjh7k8PbkTad8z6WS2vqh7SQZUfQ8,
SocialSwap v1 - TN57jo2jGQz3v5YDybyLFHFtvkmRQvCNFz,
SocialSwap v2 - TSzrq5j2Btn27eVcBAvZj9WQK3FhURamDQ,
USwap(they still have liquidity on chain) - TQ4F8Gr1qRKcMva64qYweAJNAVtgfj6ZJd,
ISwap v1 - TPvaMEL5oY2gWsJv7MDjNQh2dohwvwwVwx,
ISwap v2 - TJL9Tj2rf5WPUkaYMzbvWErn6M8wYRiHG7,
SunSwap v2 - TKWJdrQkqHisa1X8HUdHEfREvTzw4pMAaY

Is just a bit technical but for the users a new router will mean that they can benefit of the best price when buying some tokens.

We have a
separated server api.onchainvision.xyz(python + django + rest_framewrok + tronpy) and
separated dApp (kotlin + compose)

I will not opt to open-source the code as it contains a lot of work behind and I won’t love to see crappy versions of this around. But I am more than happy to share the code on people that are around TRON and would like to see around what is behind the scene. If you want access I have no issue in providing you and any other developer access to our repo. Just dm.

We have open source code for our chart bot GitHub - OnchainVision/bot: Telegram & Discord bot for on-chain data


Thank you for the detailed reply! About tronlink the team needs to whitelist your app so you can use deep link, I believe the process on doing that is detailed in the docs I shared, if thats in your interest and you have issues getting tronlink support let us know :slight_smile:

Related to permissions on your github it is not needed but I’m glad you are open to share your knowledge and even code with interested devs in the community :slight_smile:
Kudos for that!

Thanks again!


Good way to see all your Tron based data Onchain