OnChain Vision - Part II

Project Name: OnChain Vision

Project Track: Builder

Team Name: onchaindev

Team Member(s): @constantinpricope201

HackerEarth Project Link:
HackerEarth Link OnChain Vision

Project Goal:
Accessibility of users to do on mobile all that it can be done on desktop

Project Value:
A lot of users are lost due to the fact that blockchain technologies are not mobile friendly.
Our goal is when someone think of doing blockchain operations on a mobile device to think of us the first time.

Project Info:
OnChainVision.pdf (636.6 KB)

Video presentation: https://youtu.be/iZJKOrfJLMA

Video DEX presentation: https://youtu.be/z1smwn7nzyw
Transaction from video: 3f5be1ae8dcbc92a009a767de73735d3fcdb67713c401df84252ab543ef53a66

Design: OnChain Vision - Part II - #14 by constantinpricope201

We are trying to be the greates mobile developer where you could do all sorts of operations. Operations for example that you can’t do on wallets (example TrustWallet you can’t exchange tokens can’t call smart Contracts… so on) . When develop a great app you could develop either a great wallet either a great app that is doing specific task but not both.
So great wallets such as TrustWallet allows multichains wallets but it’s TERRIBLE on:

  • exchange
  • on payments(just a basic send)
  • on displaying data such as history traiding
  • on analyzing smartContracts
  • on interacting with smartContracts
  • advantages specific to certain chains to reduce blockchain fees (rent energy on tron)

All the above you could do with our app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onchainvision.onchainvision as this is the scope of a dApp (decentrializedApplication)

Multiple organizations are trying right now a mobile development because there is a huge market(check apps such as 1inch, rainbow) but somehow they do not give so much importance to the difference between a wallet and a dApp and they create in the end a wallet with a few more functionality. This is the wrong way to do things as you could affect the security of the wallet you are trying to integrate more functionality and the development process becomes tedious as applications with a lot of code monolith applications are hard to maintain and have huge costs in adding features.

Not only that we aim for multiple integrations that’s why we use a separate serverOnchainVision by the app, that will alow us to have huge flexibility with the server(that is why certain dApps are great as a desktop - multiple information to be processed) and the app will serve more like a frontend with very limited functionality.

Project Website:
OnchainVision Website
Play Store App
Project Test Instructions:
Fallow the steps:

  1. Use an Android Device and download the App
  2. Select a plan and register
  3. Do any operation Sign contracts Exchange Tokens and Pay by NFC

Project Details:
Offer regular users acces to blockchain vision such as DEX charts, DEX aggregator price, Pay by NFC under a friendly interface.

Smart Contract links:
A. Whitelisted Smart Contracts:

  1. Tron Shasta → TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
  2. Tron Mainnet → TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:

  1. Start up functionality :triangular_flag_on_post: DONE :ballot_box_with_check:

  2. Auto login :triangular_flag_on_post: DONE :ballot_box_with_check:

  3. Free transactions on TRON implementation :triangular_flag_on_post:

  4. Contract analysis :triangular_flag_on_post: DONE :ballot_box_with_check: any DEX on any token on TRON with reverse pair view.

  5. DEX outsider integration :triangular_flag_on_post: DONE :ballot_box_with_check: Whitelisted tokens DEX aggregator:

  6. Different plans with different pays with different functionality :triangular_flag_on_post:

  7. NFC pay :triangular_flag_on_post:

We will start by updating the UI and connectivity so that the UX improves a lot!
Currently this is just a draft so that the community to be able to interact!

:globe_with_meridians: Social Media

  1. Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/@OnChainVision

  2. Twitterhttps://twitter.com/OnChainVision

  3. FacebookOnChainVision

  4. DiscordOnChainVision

  5. TikTokonchainvision (@onchainvision) | TikTok

  6. Websitehttps://www.onchainvision.xyz/

  7. Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onchainvision.onchainvision

  8. icons8-telegram-100 Telegram: Contact @OnChainVisionTelegram: Join Group Chat


We started our journey,

Although somehow nervous we decided to be part of Season 5.
Taking into consideration that season 4 was a little tight for us we consider that we didn’t bring the most value to you so decided to join Season 5:

We hope that the best value proposition will be deliver to you!

So up to 6 October as per rules we hope that the best value will be deliver to you as users:

We hope that you will embark on this journey and be part of the process.

With love,
Web3Vision Team


oh so are joining season 5 with same project? Continuation of what you started or starting it?


Yeap it’s continuation of the last project and new features are added!

Constantin Pricope


Oh nice, I remember you had an app on android. I wanted to try but had my android wasn’t in good condition to try, do you have any plan to get us an iOS version this season?


The aim is to improve the Android Version so far.

With the last prize I bought an phone with IOS and plan to use it for development but as I do not have MacOS i will try a virtual machine to check if it works. Some says that it might work with a virtual machines but connections with the phone App Store have different policies than Play Store. For the moment the development for IOS will take longer and is not par of this submission!



Alright thank you.

All the best


Welcome to Season 5, I see this is a Season 4 project that spilled over to Season 5. I’ve a question and it goes thus;

How might the integration of NFC pay and different payment plans contribute to the project’s success?


Welcome back for season 5 ! On chain analysis is a must for everyone involved in crypto. And the availability of your app in mobile will enable the mass to read the onchain data. Wish you good luck !


Welcome to this season of the HackaTRON. I’m glad to see how you have distinct yourself from these cash grabbers that abandon their previous projects for a new one, in every hackathons. I have got my eyes :eyes: on your project and will be following very closely. Keep buidling mate :facepunch:


Thank you a lot for the support and watch the project closely even though right now the IOS is not in development with enough resources will be :heart_eyes:


The NFC payment will be a way to pay “in person” as the POS(Point of sales) works nowadays and is a new feature that will be integrated into the app the possibility to receive and send free of charge in a contactless way.

Will take automatically the address that receives and send the amount right away without the need to introduce the address manually it will be faster and more convenient for the users!

Regarding payment plans, this meant that you as a user could choose how to pay for the app and could choose what monthly payment plan you as a user will pay to use OnChainVision.

It is similar to Revolut. If you want to use the app you could use the Standard plan but if you want some features unlocked then you could pay monthly and you will have higher limits for certain operations. To be honest I have a plan that I pay for Revolut because of the fact that I want to exchange currencies and do not fit in their standard limit.

I really believe that this would be a great service and I wanted to create a product that TRON users will really use daily! You can’t create that in only 4 months so yes this is a continuation. The last season I finish an MVP but this time I focus to finish a product with at least 100 users. (I will be more than happy If by December I will have 100 users)

So that somehow summarizes it, hope I responded to your questions. As a mention over the time I will add more details to the post and things will become more clear

I am more than happy to answer things that are not clear enough!

Thank you so much for the great questions,


This is by far really getting interesting. First of all, I must commend you replying in such short notice, goes to say you prioritize community. I’ve more questions I need clarity on;

Integrating NFC payment for in-person transactions sounds like a convenient addition. Could you provide more details about the security measures in place to ensure safe and secure contactless transactions?

The payment plan approach seems interesting, similar to how Revolut offers different plans. How do you envision communicating the differences between various payment plans to users effectively?

It’s impressive that you’re aiming for at least 100 users by December. What strategies do you plan to implement to attract and retain users, especially given the competitive nature of the market?

Additionally, as you continue developing the product, what steps are you taking to gather user feedback and iterate on the app’s features for better user satisfaction?


What do you think about our designs?

Design Overview: The design is made in FIGMA: [FIGMA LINK](https://www.figma.com/file/Noia6hZNCzUxikgbILBm7L/OnChain-dApp)

The main design is around the downmenu which Contains Five items:

  1. Home - on the home button you can open your side menu
    On the side menu you could fill your Vision nickname in order to make easier transfers.

  2. TPay (Terra Pay) - The NFC Pay solution
    You must have your Vision nickname already set

  3. DEX Pairs - here each element will open a Pair View

  4. Exchange - here you can exchange tokens

  5. Wallet - check your wallet Evolution over time

This are the main Components.

I. Home & Home SideMenu
HomePage HomePage_SideMenu

II. TPay & TPay After:


III. List of Pairs:

Pair View:
PairView_Info PairView_Txns

IV. Exchange:

V. Wallet:

We wait for your feedback while we hop on the developed part.
The next steps are server development as the server will play an important part in gathering data that will be shown in the app.

  • The final designs might differ due to different tech usage.

What it differs on the other traditional apps like GPay(Wallet) or Apple Pay is that here both parties must be logged in the app. You are not logged you cannot make any payment

Bost parties must set the same amount and initialize the transaction where in the tradition market the vendors set the amount and the buyer just touches the POS.

You will also need to sign the transaction in TrustWallet (or any other WalletConnect v2 compatible wallet). We do not keep your private key this is the job of thge wallet we are only the dApp.

With these main differences, the maximum amount of security is in place.

The standard plan which is Global Vision which is FREE will offer more than enough features in order to play around and really check what the value added is for our dApp. So go with the basic/standard one and after that, you can change to a Premium /Platinum plan.
In order to comunicate easily with the users we created only 3 plans.

In order to gain traction I will personally work with up to 10 people who will be personally guided in order to go through the app. And if you remember I Spoke in the previous Season about a whitelisted list of addresses. Well we will use only afiliate marketing for promoting as I consider this is a way for the community to win and also for the developer.

So the above plans will drop in price for the new users to 79 TRX in case you will use someone’s whitelisted address(or Vision nickname) for the Planetary nickname and for the Galaxy the price will be 499 TRX. The inviter will get 20 TRX for a new Planetary Vision user and 100 TRX for a new Galaxy Vision user.

We are in Continuos improvement Continous Development so any feedback is highly appreciated. In the testing all the 10 member which will work close to me can and most definitely will provide the most amount of feedback but any FORUM member can and it’s highly appreciated if will provide feedback. As we are in the early stage of development.

I must say that I really love :heart: your questions @manfred_jr. The questions are point blank to the subject and I really find it constructive. I invite you to hop on the Discord server for keeping in touch and maybe you will like to be one of the 10 people to work on the testing!



These screenshots from your dapp looks nice


First, check Figma link to make it clickable.


Could this colours be a adjusted?

Aside from that, it cool .
Lovely look

Keep building


Thanks for taking out time to give detailed answers to my inquiries. In overview, your approach to affiliate marketing and incentivizing users with discounted prices when using whitelisted addresses for referrals demonstrates a community-oriented strategy and your commitment to working closely with users and seeking their input is commendable.
I’d like to be take up your invite on testing and shoot me a discord invite at your own convenience as the previous one seems to be broken.


Usually that link should not expire let’s try this one: OnChainVision
Let me know if you have any issues at all!

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Meanwhile we are fully developer mode we also listen to the community and open an Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @OnChainVision due to the request from the community. Hop in and chat. The invite link: Telegram: Join Group Chat