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That is a very good question :question:.

We are working now on a community solution that will attract users and keep then on a longer term.

We are offering :free: free transactions.

:star_struck: We are creating a system where user instead of burning TRX the users could stake TRX and get the energy to do the transaction.

But wait the users do not have enough TRX to get energy ? What will happen than ?

  1. Users could stake the TRX (~30 TRX for a transfer)

  2. We will give them the energy in debt (debt -60,000 :zap: point )

  3. Each day their stake TRX will produce energy points (30 TRX - daily 378 :zap: point ) - Every day we will loan the produce energy to other users - so that they can transact

  4. After 300 days their 30 TRX will produce 378 :zap: point * 300 days = 113,400 :zap: point (which will be enough for the fees (transfers - bandwidth) and what they rented on day 0)

  5. In day 301 they can unstake the amount and get their ~30 TRX back

A win-win project. We will have a user that we’ll come back to us in ~300 days and they will have some TRX that will not be lost and that would worth way more at the end of those 300 days.