ClaimFreeTRX By Stian

Project Name: ClaimFreeTRX
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Stian
Team Member(s): 1 @Stian
HackerEarth Project Link:
Project Goal: Letting users claim free TRX and other TRC20 tokens to create some engagement around Tron and its ecosystem
Project Value: Creating a safe and fair environment for users to be airdropped TRX and TRC20 tokens
Project Info: ClaimFreeTRX allows a random users to claim an amount of TRX at random times.


The genesis of TRX Claimer was driven by my dual aspirations: to contribute positively to the cryptocurrency community and to deepen my own technical expertise, particularly within the TRON ecosystem. As a developer, I recognized the transformative potential of blockchain technology not just in reshaping financial landscapes but also in empowering users worldwide.

Motivated by a desire to have TRX more accessible, I aimed to create a platform that could serve as a bridge connecting users more directly and fairly to the opportunities within the cryptocurrency space. TRX Claimer is my contribution to this goal—a project that not only allows me to give back to the vibrant crypto community but also serves as a rigorous learning experience, deepening my understanding of smart contract development and the specific mechanics of the TRON network. Through this project, I hope to inspire others to explore blockchain’s potential and participate in a more inclusive digital economy.

What it does

TRX Claimer allows users to claim TRX cryptocurrency through a secure and user-friendly platform. The system employs a smart contract on the TRON blockchain to manage claims, ensuring transparency and fairness. Users must first whitelist their wallet by adding their Telegram handle and joining our Telegram community. This not only fosters a sense of community but also enhances security by minimizing fraudulent claims.

How we built it

We developed TRX Claimer using:

Solidity for writing the smart contract to run on the TRON blockchain.
TronWeb, a frontend JavaScript API that connects the user’s web browser with their TronLink wallet, enabling interactions with the TRON blockchain directly from the browser.
HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the frontend to create a responsive and intuitive user interface.
Node.js for any server-side logic and handling API calls if needed.

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges was ensuring the smart contract was both secure and efficient in handling state changes and transactions, given the fluctuating conditions of the blockchain. We also faced hurdles in integrating the TronWeb API with our frontend, particularly in handling asynchronous calls and ensuring the UI updates seamlessly in response to blockchain events.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are particularly proud of:

The seamless integration of the TronWeb API, which provides a robust connection between the user’s wallet and our platform.
Our innovative approach to using a dynamic claiming period managed by the smart contract, which significantly reduces the potential for abuse and ensures fairness in the distribution of TRX.
Building a community around our platform through the mandatory Telegram group membership for whitelisted users, enhancing user engagement and security.

What we learned

Through this project, we deepened our understanding of blockchain technology, particularly in smart contract development and the specific challenges associated with the TRON network. We also learned about the importance of community management in cryptocurrency projects and how it can be leveraged to enhance user trust and security.

What’s next for ClaimFreeTRX

Looking forward, we plan to:

Expand the features on the platform to include TRC20 tokens and USDT.
Implement additional security features such as multi-factor authentication and automated monitoring for unusual activity.
Increase community engagement through more interactive and rewarding activities within the Telegram group

Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: you can try your luck on the live version at or you can try the Shasta test version that has a shorter random timer
Project Details:

Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
Project Milestones: 22.04.24 The contract was deployed, an updated version was deplayed on the 27th of April. Since launch a total of 3,570+ TRX has been claimed by community members.

A total of 3,000+ website visits since launch.


You are welcome, testing your platform


Welcome to hackathon season 6


Welcome buddy to season 6, indeed making trx more accessible is a great goal, Keep up with the great work and all the best.


Thank you :pray: Appreciate any feedback


Welcome buddy to season 6 :handshake:
Could you share your promotional video of your project too?

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I really like this platform it has a great community and Is most importantly a trustworthy developer…:+1:


There should be a video on devpost, but will add one here to tomorrow morning.


Thank you Matt. Appreciate it :smiling_face:


Thx for this project :heart:


welcome to the Hackathon S6. I heard about your project on Twitter and tried to understand the mechanics about it but I couldn’t understand it. As your project is all about giving free TRX to users, I want to know if there is any particular purpose for it, like what problem is it striving to solve?

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The inspiration came from the old Bitcoin faucets, the sole purpose was to introduce people to crypto in an easy way. It’s about bringing curious users to Tron.


New function going live soon


Curious… what will this be about

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Welcome to hackaTRONs6 @Stian ! Your project is a great way to giveback to the TRON community ! I love that you are growing this project further. Good luck !


Though I had no knowledge about the old Bitcoin faucets you got the inspiration from, but with the purpose which according to you, is to introduce people to crypto, don’t you think it’s going to create little impact especially with the increased level of bad actors in the space who always sort for such opportunity to maximum gains by abusing the platform. How have you planned to handle this?

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Welcome to this hackathon with a unique way of airdropping token to people. Is there any plan to expand the system beyond airdrop of TRX, to include other TRC20 tokens?

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Yes there is, already next week do we plan to go live with it.


Ok nice to hear that. This project is going to be an airdrop hub for the Tron community. Will there be plan to integrate other chains in the future :eyes:

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Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6
After testing your platform I must confess this is so cool, not only claiming free Trx alone but also like a game :video_game: , would also love it if there would be more trc20 tokens to be added too
Wishing you guys all the best as you continue to build