ClaimFreeTRX By Stian

Yes it is true. Just like game of who is faster and who is good at keeping to time. Sir lack of sleep is not good at all


New update Available, you can now register for a TRX raffle every 12 hours at TRX Draw


Claiming free TRX who doesn’t want this.
I’m in! :wink:

Great job Stian!:+1:t2:


Love this, nice update. Kudos to the dev behind this project.


Very nice keep it up team :muscle:


Nice update… I’m registered… great idea! :+1:

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Lucky this morning :heart_eyes:


Congratulations congratulations :tada:


I was congratulating my brother @Prince-Onscolo yesterday not knowing that today will be my own lucky day :grin:


don’t you know I bring luck? :joy::joy:

Congratulations bro

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Congratulations buddy.
Next in line

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Why am I getting this error message

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Solved. It was because your address was not activated. Thank you

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Spread the word

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Claiming free TRX who doesn’t want this.
I’m in!

Lets Support Each other!!

Do Checkout my Project also at:-

Here is a glimpse:-

Project Name: The Existential Dread Launchpad
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Team TED
Team Member: BlurryFace04

Devpost Project Link:

Project Goal: Simplify the creation of memecoins on the Tron network while addressing liquidity concerns.

Project Value:TED is a memecoin launchpad on the Tron network. It simplifies the process, allowing anyone to easily create their own memecoin. TED utilizes a bonding curve to address initial liquidity concerns and automatically transfers liquidity to a DEX upon reaching a certain market cap.

Project Info:

Project Website:


Project Test Instructions:

  1. Make sure your tronlink wallet is set to Nile Testnet
  2. Go to our website:
  3. On the explore page checkout the memecoins developed by other users
  4. Click on one of them to view the trading options and the chart, e.g.:
  5. Launch your memecoin into the cosmic void by filling out these basic details about your memecoin:
  6. You can even edit your profile and view the memecoins that you have launched:

Project Details:
Video Demo:


Smart Contract links:
LinearBondingCurveFactory: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
LinearBondingCurve: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Upcoming Milestones:

  1. Gain initial users testing TED on testnet
  2. Launch on Mainnet
  3. Integrate with a DEX to provide actual liquidity to a memecoin when it reaches a marketcap of $69,000.

Welcome bro, all the best :pray:

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