Monetizado - On chain pay per view platform

Project Name: Monetizado
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Monetizado
Team Member(s): 1, @nescampos
Project Link:

Project Goal:
Monetizado is an on-chain pay-per-view platform that allows you to monetize any web page and static content (if you don’t have access to the backend to make changes) through Web3.
With Monetizado, you can implement it on news sites, social networks, exclusive content portals, and more. You could also use it to incentivize users to pay not to see advertising on your sites.

Project Value:
The vision of Monetizado is to allow any Web platform (especially Web 2.0) to give content creators the opportunity to monetize their creations and directly receive their income, without needing to depend on centralized platforms or pay high percentages, taking the best of Web3 and not having to force creators to migrate their content to other platforms. And for users, they should pay only for what they want to see, instead of subscriptions for periods that they will underuse, encouraging creators to be more active with new content, and users to consume more frequently.

Project Info:

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Create and enable your protected/exclusive content in the smart contract on BTT.
  2. Using the address and ID generated by the smart contract, enable Monetizado on your website.
  3. Implement the Javascript SDK on your website and protect your content, allowing only those who pay to access it.
  • You can try the BTT demo here (you need Metamask, also you can check the source code for the HTML to check Monetizado implementation): Monetizado demo - BitTorrent

More info about instructions for SDK:

Smart Contract links:

Project Milestones:

  • Enable it on Tron (already on BitTorrent Chain).
  • Enable UI for interaction with the smart contract (now through the JS SDK).
  • Create Monetizado Proxy to verify if the user already has access to the exclusive content before accessing the final website (a kind of Cloudflare to verify without altering the content creator’s website).
  • How easy is it to integrate the Monetizado Javascript SDK with different website platforms (e.g., WordPress, Wix, custom builds).

  • Are there any technical limitations on the type of content that can be protected (e.g., text, images, video).

  • Does Monetizado offer any support for website owners during the integration process.

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Hi, thanks for your question. The answers:

  • How easy is it to integrate the Monetizado Javascript SDK with different website platforms (e.g., WordPress, Wix, custom builds): Very simple, if you can to edit/change the front end, it is all you need.
  • Are there any technical limitations on the type of content that can be protected (e.g., text, images, video): There are no limitations, that’s why I’m working so that all content that accepts the “link” tag can be monetized.
  • Does Monetizado offer any support for website owners during the integration process: I’m working on it, the idea is to have automatic (chatbot) and then personal support, in addition to improving the documentation.

Welcome to Season 6. You need an MVB for your application to be valid. Where and how can we try your project? (Or could you share an environment you tried in your video?) Please create a guide on this subject. Also, thank you for sharing the codes as open source.

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Thank you for the feedback, I will fix it now.

Welcome to amazing season 6, I have go through your project, monetizado sounds like a cool way for creators to earn money from their content. Keep building buddy

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Thank you so much for your worlds.

Oh wow, revolutionizing content monetization by providing an on-chain pay-per-view platform that leverages Web3 technology.

How does Monetizado ensure the security and integrity of payments and content access within its ecosystem?


Please you have active social media presence for your project?

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Thanks @manfred_jr.

Beyond the integrity provided by smart contracts, I am working on a “proxy service”, where before reaching the exclusive content, the user goes through an intermediate page to verify if they have paid, if they have to pay, and then redirect them to the content (something similar to what Cloudflare does as a proxy to validate that the user is not a bot).

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Not yet, the idea would be to have them in the next few weeks, since for now I am focusing on finishing the technical details

You are welcome to the Hackathon, please tell me about the difference between you and other content monetizing platforms, thank you

Thanks @ines_valerie . Unlike other platforms, instead of creators having to migrate their content to these platforms, Monetizado allows each Web page (Web2) to be transformed into a monetized system but with minimal changes for the owners, in addition to the advantages of Web3 and decentralization to optimize payments, costs and access to any user.

Your approach to implementing a proxy service sounds promising, as it adds an extra layer of security and verification before granting access to exclusive content. Integrating such a mechanism could enhance user experience and ensure that only authorized users can access paid content.

Can you provide more details on how payment verification is conducted within the proxy service? Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of payment verification is essential for maintaining the integrity of the platform.

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Thanks, currently I am just thinking and working in the process with the proxy. For example, today I created a PoC of that (it is not the final version), and with this one, the content creator just needs to add 2 lines in the HTML: GitHub - Monetizado/proxyjs

Glad to see you’re putting in the required work to see your project churned out perfectly, that’s quite commendable. Keeping fingers crossed to see how this unfolds as Hackathon progresses, goodluck!!

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Thank you so much @manfred_jr!!!

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Ok I have clearly understand, the monetization side is good because people are really looking at getting rewards for participating

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Alright no problem, please keep me posted when available. All the best

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Hola Monetizado team! Welcome to TRON hackathon!

I tested your demo and I believe there is great potential to your SDK for different websites like newspapper, blogs, etc. I’ll encourage you to get in touch with teams from that area and showcase your product :slight_smile:

Checking your milestones I noticed you are implementing TRON as well, is this happening during the hackathon period? would be great if you can add dates to your milestones so the whole community and judges understand better what to expect and when.

Thank you for building on BTTC/TRON ecosystem and happy to have more latam projects joining the family.

Let’s keep building together! :muscle:

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