Pravahini (प्रवाहिनी) by Team Pravahini - Where Data Flows, Models Grow, and AI Glows!


Project Name: Pravahini (प्रवाहिनी) - Where Data Flows, Models Grow, and AI Glows!

Project Track: Builder

Team Name: Team Pravahini

Team Member(s): @victorious @im_31 @oggyyy

Devpost Project Link: Devpost Submission

Project Goal:

Our goal is to create a user-friendly and secure AI marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of datasets and pre-trained ML models. Our platform also offers coding capabilities for the users and empowers decentralized computation to process their machine-learning models. We aim to establish a vibrant community of data providers, model developers, and users, offering a diverse range of high-quality resources for various domains using blockchain technology.

We are adding more features like Data Visualization, Commenting Features in individual datasets and Models, Email notification for completion of Computation Job and Plagiarism Checker to avoid duplicity of the dataset. These features will enhance the user experience.

Through Pravahini, we aim to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing among data enthusiasts and researchers, driving ground-breaking advancements in AI and data-driven applications.

Project Value:

Benefits of Pravahini on Blockchain:

Secure Marketplace Functionality: Blockchain ensures a secure and transparent marketplace for buying and selling datasets and pre-trained ML models. Transactions are tamper-proof, enhancing trust.

Efficient Decentralized Computation: Leveraging blockchain, Pravahini optimizes ML model processing through the Bacalhau Protocol. Users harness the power of distributed systems for resource-intensive tasks.

Granular Access Control: The Lighthouse Protocol enforces secure access control, allowing users to define permissions. This protects sensitive data and resources from unauthorized access.

Transparent Revenue Sharing: Smart contracts facilitate transparent revenue sharing with data providers and model creators. This creates a fair and collaborative ecosystem, incentivizing quality contributions.

Project Info:

In Sanskrit, the term “प्रवाहिनी” (Pravāhinī) embodies the essence of a “flow” or “stream.” Within our platform, it symbolizes the continuous flow of data, models, and innovations powering the realm of artificial intelligence. Pravahini is not just a marketplace; it’s a dynamic ecosystem fostering the evolution of AI resources.

Pravahini Presentation Video

Pitch deck: Pravahini.pdf (319.1 KB)

Project Website: Pravahini (प्रवाहिनी)

Project Test Instructions:

  • Connect your wallet:
    Connecting your wallet is the first step to using our Platform.

  • Get Started:
    Click on the ‘Get Started’ button to be redirected to the sign-up page.

  • User Dashboard:
    The user dashboard will provide you with access to all your datasets and machine learning models. Additionally, it will display the purchased models and datasets for your convenience.

  • Data Visualization of Datasets:

    • Navigate to the Dataset Marketplace
    • Verify that the new visualization tools (bar chart, line chart, pie chart) are available and functional.
    • Select different entities within the dataset to visualize.
  • Plagiarism Checker:

    • Go to the “Create Dataset” page.
    • Upload a dataset.
    • If the dataset is plagiarised, user will be notified and prevented from creating the dataset on Pravahini Platform.
  • Commenting Feature:

    • Navigate to individual dataset or model.
    • Verify that a comment section is available.
    • Write a comment and submit it.
    • Confirm that the comment appears on the dataset or model page.
  • Email Notifications for De-computation Job:

    • If E-mail address is not added then first add your email address to your Pravahini account
    • Add the Dataset Url and Model Url to start a de-computation job
    • Once the job is started user will receive an email notification confirming that the job is started.
    • Once the job is completed, user will receive another email notification that job is completed.

Project Details:

Problem Statement

Existing marketplaces for AI resources lack a unified platform that seamlessly integrates dataset and pre-trained model trading, coding capabilities, and decentralized computation. This fragmentation hinders efficient collaboration and resource utilization within the AI community.

Solution -
Pravahini is an innovative platform that offers an expansive AI marketplace encompassing datasets, pre-trained machine learning models, and decentralized computation. We empower users to unlock the full potential of AI through our comprehensive suite of features:

  • AI Marketplace:
    Explore a diverse array of datasets and pre-trained models tailored for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. From image recognition to natural language processing, Pravahini provides a rich repository of resources to fuel your projects.

  • Decentralized Computation:
    Harness the power of distributed systems with our decentralized computation feature. Seamlessly process machine learning tasks across multiple nodes, maximizing efficiency and scalability while minimizing resource constraints.

New Features Enhancing User Experience -

In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we are excited to introduce several new features designed to enrich user’s Pravahini experience:

  • Data Visualization:
    Gain deeper insights from your datasets through advanced data visualization tools. Uncover patterns, trends, and relationships with interactive charts, graphs, and visualizations, enhancing your understanding.

  • Commenting Feature:
    Foster collaboration and feedback within the community with our commenting feature. Share your experiences, insights, and concerns directly on individual datasets and models, facilitating knowledge exchange and quality assurance.

  • Computation Completion Notification Feature:
    Email notifications for computation completion. Now, when your machine learning tasks are processed on our platform Pravahini, you’ll receive instant updates right in your inbox. Stay informed about your task progress, and track completion status.

  • Plagiarism Checker for Datasets:
    Safeguard data integrity and encourage original contributions with our plagiarism checker. Detect and prevent data duplication, ensuring the authenticity and credibility of datasets within the marketplace.

Smart Contract links:
Contract1 | Contract2 | Contract3

Project Milestones:

Milestone 1: (01/04/2024 to 10/04/2024) [Completed :white_check_mark:]

Aim: Integration of Data Visualization Tools

Research and Tool Selection

  • Research various data visualization tools and libraries.
    Evaluate compatibility and integration with the existing tech stack.
    Select the most suitable tool for integration.

Integration of Visualization Features

  • Implement interactive charts and graphs based on uploaded datasets.
    Refine the user interface for a seamless visualization experience.
    Conduct thorough testing to ensure functionality.

Documentation and Deployment

  • Document integration process with setup instructions and usage guidelines.
    Deploy updated platform with data visualization tools to the production environment.

Milestone 2: (10/04/2024 to 20/04/2024) [Completed :white_check_mark:]

Aim: Commenting Feature in individual Dataset and Model

Research and Planning

  • Research existing comment systems and define requirements.
  • Define user flow for adding, viewing, and managing comments.

Database Schema and Backend Setup

  • Design database schema for storing comments.
  • Implement backend APIs for comment CRUD operations.

Comment UI Design, Integration, and Testing

  • Design UI components for adding and displaying comments.
  • Integrate comment UI into dataset and model pages.
  • Test comment functionality thoroughly.

Documentation and Deployment

  • Document usage guidelines and moderation policies for comments.
  • Deploy updated platform with comment feature enabled.

Milestone 3: (21/04/2024 to 30/04/2024) [Completed :white_check_mark:]

Aim: Email Notifications for Computation Completion

Research and Email Service Setup

  • Research email notification services compatible with the current tech stack.
  • Set up an email service provider or configure SMTP settings.
  • Create email templates for computation completion notifications.

Backend Integration and Testing

  • Develop APIs to trigger email notifications on computation completion.
  • Implement logic to retrieve user email addresses and customize notification content.
  • Conduct thorough testing to ensure emails are sent correctly.

Documentation and Deployment

  • Document email notification feature with setup instructions and usage guidelines.
  • Deploy updated platform with email notification functionality enabled.

Milestone 4: (01/05/2024 to 15/05/2024) [Completed :white_check_mark:]

Aim: Deployment of Plagiarism Checker

Research and Planning

  • Research plagiarism checker tools suitable for the platform’s needs.
  • Identify integration points within the platform for the plagiarism checker.

Dataset Submission Flow

  • Design submission flow to include a plagiarism checker feature.
  • Implement automatic plagiarism check during dataset submission.
  • Develop mechanisms to handle detection results and notify users.

Testing and Optimization

  • Conduct extensive testing of the plagiarism checker feature.
  • Optimize plagiarism detection algorithms for improved accuracy.

Documentation and Deployment

  • Document usage guidelines and policies for plagiarism checkers.
  • Deploy updated platform with plagiarism checker enabled.

Project Screenshots:


Trading of datasets and ML models, cool!
All the best team.

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Hello Team, welcome to session 6. Congratulations you won last session.

Looking at your previous sessions. Session 5
Please share with us latest development

Secondly, share with us your project Active social media handle. Thanks.
All the best buddy


I remember they won a prize last season, is your platform active with enough users?


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6
More clarification is needed about your latest building/development as one of the winner’s in season 5…any working product yet?


Welcome to tron hackathon season 6


Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, your name strikes a semblance and the pattern of your project looks familiar to me, are you a regular in the Hackathon?

Are there plans to expand the platform beyond datasets and ML models in the future?


Good to see you again Team Pravahini!
Welcome and all the best for Season 6! :star2:

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Welcome to Season 6, are you an Indian project, and how are you planning for the safety and secure of every transaction, thank you


Welcome back to hackaTron S6. It’s good to see you’re still building to make your project better. During season 5, you registered with this project under AI track [Pravahini (प्रवाहिनी) - Where Data Flows, Models Grow, and AI Glows!] and you won 3rd place ($10k) in judges vote and 3rd place ($5k) in community’s vote [Congrats to HackaTRON S5 Qualifiers and Winners! - #2 by admin.hackathon]
Can you tell us how you have utilise this funds (a total of $15k) in developing your project?


Welcome to hackatron season 6, this sounds like a very promising project, All the best.

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welcome to hackathon season 6
Pravahini’s focus on decentralized computation is intriguing.
Please I have some important questions

Q1 Can you elaborate on how you plan to incentivize users to contribute computing power to the network.

Q2 How will you balance fair compensation for contributors with keeping costs attractive for buyers of processing power.


@Gordian @Prince-Onscolo @manfred_jr @MasterShadow007 @Andreaxino @Beast @ines_valerie @Relate101

Hello and thank you for the warm welcome to Session 6! We’re truly grateful for the recognition of our previous success in Session 5, and we’re excited to provide you with updates on our progress.

Regarding the latest developments, we’ve been hard at work refining our platform, Pravahini, to ensure it goes beyond being just another MVP. Our goal is to create a truly valuable resource for the community, which is why we’ve dedicated a significant amount of time to visiting universities and engaging with professionals already active in this domain. These interactions have provided invaluable insights that have guided our efforts in implementing new features aimed at enhancing the user experience and security of Pravahini.

Some of the key features which we are adding that includes Data Visualization, Commenting Features for individual datasets and models, Email notifications for completion of Computation Jobs, and a Plagiarism Checker to maintain data integrity. These additions reflect our commitment to building a platform that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our users.

In addition, we are actively researching ways to improve the feature of decentralized computation. Our aim is to optimize the usage of Bacalhau Protocol to further enhance the efficiency and scalability of ML model processing through distributed systems.

While we haven’t created our social media handles just yet, we’re actively planning to do so once our project is fully developed and ready for public feedback.

As for the question about our platform’s activity and user base, while we’re still in the development phase, we’re confident that the features we’re implementing will attract users seeking a secure and user-friendly AI marketplace and decentralised computations.

Regarding the future expansion of our platform, we’re definitely open to exploring opportunities beyond datasets, ML models and de-computation . Our ultimate goal is to create a dynamic ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing among data enthusiasts and researchers. As the project evolves, we’ll be looking for ways to expand and enhance the offerings of Pravahini to better serve the needs of our users.

Thank you once again for your support, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you soon!


alright, thanks for the update

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Team pravahini thanks for the update.


Hi @Okorie!

Thank you for the warm welcome. So Our platform does not rely on users contributing computation power. Instead, we generate revenue from computation tasks performed by the user on our platform.

Alright, keep us posted. Thank you


Thank you @Youngyuppie for your warm welcome and for acknowledging our achievement in the previous season.

A portion of the $15k prize money was utilized during the hackathon itself, allowing us to devote our full-time efforts to developing and refining Pravahini. Post hackathon, we allocated some part of the funds for conducting primary research by visiting Universities to gather feedback on enhancing our project’s features and functionalities based on user needs. The remaining funds were split between sustaining the project since the previous hackathon and reserving a part for further development, research, and sustaining the project moving forward.

We are committed to making the most effective use of these funds to create an impactful and innovative solution through Pravahini.

It’s nice to read about your progress in developing Pravahini and collaborating with experts and universities to gain insights.

Your focus on improving decentralized computation using the Bacalhau Protocol is exciting. Can you elaborate on any specific tweaks or enhancements you’re considering to improve efficiency and scalability?

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Thank you @manfred_jr for recognizing our dedication to developing Pravahini.:grinning:

We are going to optimize the current APIs to improve efficiency and scalability. Also we will be adding a feature of email notification when job is started and executed.