Hexs, a decentralized computing platform and a marketplace for AI developers

Project Name: Hexs

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: Delta

Team Member(s):@thedanand

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Project Goal: The aim of Hexs is to create a decentralized infrastructure platform that empowers AI developers worldwide. By leveraging distributed computing resources and blockchain technology, Hexs aims to democratize access to AI infrastructure, lower the cost of AI development, and enable developers to monetize their work through a marketplace for model fine-tuning and deployment.Hexs is all about giving AI developers the tools they need in a way that’s fair, transparent, and focused on privacy. It brings developers together to collaborate and share ideas, fostering innovation in AI. By using a decentralized approach, Hexs aims to make AI development more accessible and affordable for everyone. It’s like a community-driven hub where developers can build and deploy machine learning models, knowing their data is secure and their work is valued. Hexs is about empowering developers to shape the future of AI in a way that benefits everyone.

Project Value: Integrating Hexs with blockchain technology enhances its capabilities and relevance in AI development by leveraging the Akash Blockchain for decentralized computing resources. This integration facilitates cost-effective AI model training and deployment, making AI development more accessible to individual developers. Blockchain technology ensures transparency, security, and reliability in transactions within the Hexs ecosystem. Developers can collaborate and trade AI models anonymously, fostering privacy and innovation. Overall, this integration empowers developers by offering a robust, decentralized platform for efficiently customizing and deploying AI models.

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Project Details:

HEXS consists of a factory smart contract as an entrance to an Agent creation. Smart Contract (Factory) deploys agent smart contracts and related instances for each model being fine-tuned by developers. These agents’ smart contracts set up a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) contract with them to hold the future owners of this model. The owner joins the agent’s DAO upon initialization, and new users of the fine-tuned model automatically become members.

Agent Contract holds an AI Agent Ledger that manages records of training shares and other metadata throughout the fine-tuning process. Pre-trained models sourced from open-source hubs like Hugging Face serve as the foundation and are fine-tuned using leased computation resources, such as GPUs from the Akash Blockchain.

Subsequently, the Agent playground is utilized to run and test the fine-tuned model’s performance across various parameters and features, comparing it with other models on the marketplace. Developers then publish their research and deploy their fine-tuned models on the platform’s Marketplace for monetization, enabling end-users to access and utilize them via API keys.

When a fine-tuned model is deployed, the AI Agent Ledger updates training shares and other values within the DAO accordingly with the distributed training formula. After deployment, end-users can purchase or access free APIs (per the model settings) to integrate these fine-tuned models into their applications, leveraging their specialized capabilities. This process facilitates developers in sharing and monetizing their work while providing valuable AI resources to end-users.

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Welcome to hackaTRONs6 ! Which blockchain is being used here in this project? TRON/BTTC?

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Is this a platform one can used to create AI tools just like chatgpt?

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Welcome to Season 6, I like it when a project offering in their entry is extensive, it’s always fun to read and comprehend that way.
From my read, I see Hexs by Team Delta, aims to revolutionize AI development by creating a decentralized infrastructure platform.

For clarity, I’ve a question;
Are there plans to expand support for additional AI frameworks or sources of pre-trained models beyond Hugging Face?

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Can you explain what you mean by marketplace for AI developers?

Project Hexs sounds like a truly innovative and impactful initiative in the field of AI development. By focusing on decentralization, transparency, and community collaboration, Hexs is addressing key challenges and opportunities in the industry. The use of distributed computing resources and blockchain technology not only enhances the accessibility and affordability of AI infrastructure but also ensures the security and trustworthiness of the platform.

The marketplace for model fine-tuning and deployment is a particularly compelling feature, as it allows developers to not only showcase their work but also monetize their expertise. This incentive structure can significantly enhance the motivation and engagement of developers within the Hexs ecosystem.

I commend the Delta team, led by @thedanand, for their vision and dedication in bringing Hexs to life.
I am eager to see how this project evolves and contributes to the advancement of AI technology on a global scale.
I wish you and your team members the very best of luck.


A marketplace for AI developers is a platform that connects AI developers with businesses or organizations in need of AI solutions. It serves as a central hub where developers can showcase their skills and capabilities, and companies can browse through a diverse range of developers to find the best fit for their specific needs.

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That is to say, where AI developers can place their work for potential users to explore and possibly purchase?


This marketplace provides a pool of talented and skilled AI developers who can create cutting-edge solutions for various industries such as healthcare, finance, marketing, and more.
It allows businesses to access a wide range of expertise and select developers based on their specialization, experience, and past projects.
Thanks :+1: buddy for your understanding

Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, please if you intend to lower the cost of AI development how then would you be able to maintain your platform?


the ai developers would be able to sell their model or its inferencing to users in exchange of some capital

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yes good sir we will be expanding our hexs hub beyond the horizon as our platform would be a training ground for developers to hone their skills by developing new open source models

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yes and also beyond that like finetuned agents of chat gpt

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This is a clarification from team DELTA regarding not being able to submit the project as the project was a complex one and it required more time therefore we are still working on it and will be submitting our project in the next tron hackathon for sure.

Away from Hackathon for a second, “yes good sir” sounds too English, are you a Brit?

Now moving forward, expanding Hexs as a training ground for developers to hone their skills and develop new open-source models is an exciting direction. It not only fosters community collaboration but also contributes to the advancement of AI technology.

How will Hexs facilitate collaboration among developers and ensure proper attribution and recognition for contributions to open-source models?

OK. Are there any measures to verify the quality of AI models being sold in the marketplace?

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