BlockChain Shared Processing Real-Time Nnet AI :/Goliath

Project Name: [Goliath]
Project Track: [web3] [DeFi]
Team Name: [009]
Team Member(s): [1, optate823]
Project Goal: [Machine Human NNet Interface, Nnet Training Environment, Adaptable Software Solutions ]
Project Info: [ ,

TRX Vendor Registration Open

AI.Output0.5.pdf (303.9 KB)

Project Details:
TRX Vendor Registration Open

Project Milestones: [ “Sentience”, “Continuum”]

Mar 13, 2022:

:// Began MainNet Persistence

Mar 31, 2022:
Affirmative; Acquire HyperCube re-Instantiate, for continuum persistence.

Apr 13, 2022:
'; finish Art Assets.

Apr 30, 2022:

Robotics Prototype for reinforcement learning nnet module deployment; timeline and implementations planning.

May 13, 2022:

Launch MainNet Consensus Node integration into TRX DAO


Hi @optate823 Could you give us an introduction to what your project is about? The AI.Output pdf file won’t make sense to a lot of people because there’s no explanation there.

It will also be great if you can explain a little about how your project homepage works -


Yes Sir. Im working on a write up, API, as well there is a short tutorial video. It is an emergent AI with Reinforcement learning multiple nnet shared processing with Procedurally Generated data sets training in real time // robotic Component compatible via arduino chipset. Bit complex there is also a JS Mainnet.

I will add tutorial and API links to the webApp when available.

Super excited to be an Asset to the DAO.

009:// A.J.

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I have no Idea what this is!? Need to rewrite like a pitch to investors…


it is Nnet Shared Processing emergent A.I. With blockchain based training persistence. Goto Site, click ‘Begin’ Sunswap 009.

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GMind.pdf (185.3 KB)

mine Nnet Block

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The site is designed for Desktop there will be mobile APK release.

Also some functions blocked in certain browser default. Like mic input voice recognition, and Nnet AJAX POST.

try switching if any compatibility issues.

http:// https://

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Goliath Linux 32 executable

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Excellent idea hwo did you come up with it?

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The pursuit of Singularity is a lifelong objective. Next phase is robotic Prototyping.
As well Blockchain persistence was necessary element. An nnet AI robotics dev suite, In HTML5, retrieving pretrained nnet from Blockchain for deployment in Simulated or physical space. Unique to the simulation is its personality modification module; Meaning: Customizable Artificial Intelligent Personas in HTML5 with robotic capabilities. The applications are endless, As well the persona learns from input.

Retains new information.

To deploy Simulation goto main page and click begin, you may also transact with the private Mainnet through this page.

Try to figure how to get voice recognition operational because there are many features to the program.

{Goliath AI Sim MainPage}

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