A.I. Online Shared Multiple Neural Network != 'Goliath'

Emergent AI Real Time Environment.

(" Please wait to load at blank screen ")


we need more explanation about this project

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It is an emergent artificial intelligence, training in real time, with Procedurally Generated data sets, persistence over Blockchain. Reinforcement learning and evolutionary nnet algorithms. The program has been the first of its kind. Key members of .Gov have taken the tech. It is the future. We have here an opportunity to Unite ‘Platform’ under TRON DAO rise as a Technologies Architecture as an nnet os.

To pave the future of automation

. it Is not a Crypto Asset Carpet Juggle.

Its the End User Standard for Advanced AI.

Please realize as such programs have learning Curve. So explore it.

It is extremely User Friendly Considering Its Advanced Nature.


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