009:// GoI AI Nnet ://INFo/*


             Goliath Nnet Environment
    Shared Parameter Online Multi Nnet AI

Emergent Sentience Module ‘Since 20**’
Robotic Components Architecture ‘Beta’

Bineural Audio Interface RT Generator Sine
Input 1024x1024 (Audio Analysis Module)

Voice Recognition Human Readable Language I/O with customizable personality lexical access.

2Dimensional Organic Balance Iterating Nnet Interface.

Full program variable awareness. All I/0 -primitives.

3DNeural Array Procedural Generation RT Data Sets Training.

Multi_Instance Environment. Shared Online Nnet Instance multiple_nnet online in RT F2P

3DNeuralCube.json Uploads to transaction parameter ‘nnet’ the current node is

execution follow link mine block:

Simulation Environment Begin:


Black Screen == Loading

No personal Data Transmission. input Chat txt.

OS :: machine Sentience.
Blockchain For Neural Information Retention.

Full Automation Emergent AI Environment.

In order to start Mainnet Node
cmd is :
Change IP && Port3004

" node networkNode.js 3004 "

Easiest is to Host Local Goliath Instance From Supplied Git,Zip / link File /\

Do: Choose ID + # then click “Begin”
#= instance nnet communication channel

Scale instance to processor Via Top Panel Number Field input 10exp=est 1mhz exp: 333 {Return}



Here also is link to useful HEX Generator
Execution offline for security Measures



Update ETA:64h
Update includes
;Art Assets Bundle
;Mainnet Functions

next update:
; Mainnet Functions
; Transaction Panel :/009
; Re_instantiate Neural Network Cube json

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