Tron Explorer by TronQL team

Simple, fast and lovely interface :white_heart:

Will prefer to use it when will be fully developed. It’s good to have an alternative data gathering.

Do you have a TRON node deployed?

onchaindev :white_heart:


Thank you, we want to improove ui and ux. What do you like in tronscan and what do not like?) For example I fixed some behaviour on tronscan that I do not like.

I will consider looking also at their point strongs and take that as well - for me it’s the Transfer tab which has TRC20 transfers it’s nice that they have a separate tab for that. As improvement could we do some statistics though:
a. Showing each token volume and nr of transactions

I will consider adding the following:

  1. A better way of showing a transaction and an internal one in the same tab maybe with an indent or a collapse tool

  2. A big FLAG if the address has MultiSign / Changed permision (tronscan has something but something to catch easily the eye)

  3. A wallet view better - number of TRX transacted, history value of the wallet, Numer of transfers made it its entire life. Number of Tokens TRC20 transfers, Volume

hope will be useful
onchaindev :white_heart:


yes, we use for this. this is our project

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