DreamVerser - Spread your dreams to the World via TRON

Project Name: DreamVerser
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: DreamVerser
Team Member(s): @DreamVerser
HackerEarth Project Link: DreamVerser - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal: All people have one thing in common. Sharing… DreamVerser is a responsive platform consisting of description, NFT drawing, digital museum and form sections. DreamVerser aims to enable TRON users to draw their dreams by hand or create them with free external platforms and to turn these dream NFTs into a diary and display them in a virtual museum. Users are free to keep and share not only their dreams but also goals, happy & sad memories, sweet relationships, funny memes & jokes, in short, anything they could think of as a diary.

Project Value: D.V. provides a unique platform for users to unleash their creativity, document their dreams, memories, jokes and others, and connect with a community of especially TRON. It bridges the gap between art, technology, and self-expression, offering a novel way to preserve and share personal experiences while contributing BitTorent Chain Mainnet.

Project Info: This project started with a responsive website with a simple interface. There are four different sections on the site:

  • Main page contains the same explanations about the project user read here
  • Dream NFT pages that offer the opportunity to draw by hand or with other platforms so that user can turn their dreams into NFT
  • Museum page created to display & wander around virtual museum
  • Form page for people to submit their own posts to the exhibition

Project Website: DreamVerser

Project Video: Youtube & DreamVerser (Artistry) Project

Presentation: DreamVerser.pdf (1.1 MB)

Smart Contract: 0x9936596b67d92eb9eac5b6983dad5246002711a3#code
:star2: NFT MarketPlace Contracts

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Read the details on the main page and start your journey
  2. Go to the Museum page, wander around, and check users’ posts
  3. Create an image of your dream on the NFT page as you wish
  4. When you are satisfied with your NFT and want to share it with others, go to the form page
  5. Allow the Metamask wallet on BTTC to be connected automatically and submit the form to convey NFT
  6. After submitting the form to the virtual museum for storage in the exhibition, verify that your work is displayed in the virtual exhibition in 2 days

Project Details: This project allows users to express their creativity through dreams. Users can draw or describe their dreams in writing. Users can create NFTs, and if they like it, they can send the NFT through the form on-site. At the time of sending, payment is made through the MetaMask wallet, taking advantage of the BTTC. The works will be exhibited in a virtual museum environment, and the audience will be able to tour these works.

Programming & Software Languages and Platforms Used:
HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap 5, OpenAI & BTTC APIs, PHP, Node.js, BTTC Smart Contract

Benefits on BTTC Blockchain: Our project uses smart contract on BTTC, and BTT to confirm the payment with the address of the wallet owner when submitting the form and save the necessary data in the external json file. In this way, we aim to increase the total volume and total transaction flow of BTT on BitTorrent Chain Mainnet.

Project Milestones:
:green_square: Development of platform infrastructure
:green_square: Creation of the interfaces
:green_square: Creating a virtual museum environment and viewing the exhibits
:green_square: Creating smart contracts and activating the form
:green_square: Making necessary adjustments according to user feedback
:green_square: Advertising and Reaching the first user process

-For feedback or questions, please write here. If you want to send an e-mail, you can write to dreamverserteam@gmail.com. Answering all your questions regarding the TRON contest here is our priority to activate the forum even more.


Good morning Tron family. We were thinking of sharing our project a few days ago. We had a few technical issues. But we would like to thank the valuable admins especially @EMerchant and @admin.hackathon, @WindsOfChange92, @StevenTRON who helped us quickly in this process.
As a result of their support, we were able to share our project.

We will be sharing the necessary information about DreamVerser this week. Please stay tuned for the details of our project :vulcan_salute:


Hello D.V welcome to Tron Hackathon session 5.
Seems your first project in the Forum.

Your project calls for some questions from me… Dreamverser.

  1. What kind of dream? Is it the ones while we fall asleep
    Or a fantasy of arts one can draw using your AI?
    How can this project be used to make art more accessible to everyone

  2. How can this project be used to make art more accessible to everyone?

  3. After users drawing their dream into arts or nfts what is next of economic importance to both users and your project?


Good morning and a happy Sunday. Sunday are usually fun days and a mini vacation day to spend time with family and friends, I’ve much time usually on Sundays and I wish y’all the utmost best this day.
Now back to the main topic, welcome to season 5, not alot has been disclosed here but watching closely for updates as your journey progresses.
Be sure to tag me to it, thank you!



Will the project connect to digital drawing tablet? Via browser or will the be an application one can download setup a wallet then upload to the blockchain


:joy::joy::joy::joy: @Gordian will kill me with laughter :joy:

You are welcome Team… from the project details it seems you are going to have an AI that will turn people’s drawings and/or text to what they dream of…. Some like that already exist and we have people or project using that to generate nfts.

Waiting to know more about this


I like the idea of having a very simple to use interface to draw with AI and that would become a kind of social media.

I would just suggest you to rethink about the branding. I don’t really understand why to put a focus on dreams. It seems to me (it’s my personal opinion of course and I could be wrong) that this kind of platform would be used mainly by teenagers. But teenagers aren’t really a big % of the crypto community. Besides they use a lot social media’s such as X, Instagram, TikTok cause they are totally free to use. They can use AI in an app and upload to X for instance. Costs nothing.

I think that kind of platform could work if the branding focuses on a theme that is more likely to attract a lot of adults (even a -18 platform for instance if you know what I mean). But “dreams” I have a big doubt it would be a hit.

I don’t say that to discourage you. I could be wrong and your idea could be a hit. But in my opinion you should chose an other segment.

Anyways, best of luck for the hackathon :pray:t2:


After a quick thinking,

What could be interesting is people drawing their dream (the kind of dream you have when you sleep) and the AI would explain what your subconscious was trying to tell you.

You could find books about the meaning of dreams and build an algo that would interpret drawings.


Hi @Gordian,

Thank you for your interest in our project. Let us answer your questions and if you’ll have more, please ask them also.

  1. Yes, we mean exactly the dreams we have while we are asleep. We or our friends or other users in the forum share their dreams in our virtual museum with the stories and audio files they like and see fit.
  2. Viewing the museum and wandering through dreams will be free for everyone. In this way, we aim to reach every creative mind, especially TRON users.
  3. We will charge a fee for sharing dreams on the platform and storing those dreams on our site for a fee. Users, on the other hand, will be able to keep their own dreams that they want to share here as a diary. Moreover for future, we aim to enable users to sell & buy NFT dreams if we can raise fund.

Our 1st favorite is Saturday, followed by 2nd for sure on Sundays. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to share our project that day. Thanks for your effective words. We will definitely tag you (@manfred_jr :v:) in the current developments.
In fact, we have greatly improved our project. After clearing the bugs, we plan to share at least the beta version with users.


:sweat_smile: :grin: Thank you for your welcome. No no, we also examined other projects in the forum in detail and tried to take the most appropriate steps to be original. We did not focus much on the development with artificial intelligence, we even refer to platforms that have free AI image generators in those parts of our project for the beginning.

Our main focus has been on storing dreams with their stories and music and presenting them to the users. In addition, as we mentioned in the previous comments, we plan to activate the dream NFT sales after raising fund if possible.


@fabsltsa thank you for your thoughtful feedback and suggestions. It’s always valuable to receive different perspectives.

I think we need to update the description of our project to be a little clearer. Because, as we said, we direct ourselves to platforms that will draw with artificial intelligence. In fact, instead of focusing on dreams, we wanted to choose an interesting feature that appeals to everyone as a starting point. Dreams supported us on this path. At the beginning, we aim to shape the culture that we will create using dreams with different styles such as meme culture and art culture. But we have to admit that after reading what you said we need to reflect this targeting to users as well.

Even this expression “I don’t say that to discourage you” makes us happy. Because you are politely telling us to optimize where you think there may be major shortcomings in our project. We will certainly evaluate these thoughts well and we will continue to shape our project at full speed.

Please, if you have such comments, share them with us so that we can evaluate them, thanks a lot again :four_leaf_clover:


Definitely a great idea, but unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to implement such a quality right now.


This could be great, a little fiddling with chatGPT and combining it with it can yield good results. You are very creative, thank you. We will definitely consider this.



oh this is what the project is about? so to use your platform one needs to sleep and dream? :rofl: :rofl: I thought otherwise like our dream as humans and not the ones we see when sleeping. Still not clear


Honestly, I don’t understand this, if I understand make I bend,

Maybe the dream is a confusion,.


mmmm yeah I don’t think he is talking about sleeping and dreaming about meeting Elon Musk :joy:


Maybe my bad, I will have to read again

not Your fault bro thats how he explained it when you asked? he said yes right


:joy: it doesn’t have to be up to date. We do not check the validity of dreams. We will include dreams that we never forget when we were little, but it is not unreasonable to use the word dream in a somewhat more broad sense. We will probably move towards expanding the concept.


@Prince-Onscolo @fabsltsa We will update our article to be more clear, these confusions will eventually come to an end. Please give us some time :melting_face: