DreamVerser - Spread your dreams to the World via TRON

Kudos on everything and I wish you more accomplishments and milestones achieved asides the improvement of your project, ciao!


Thank you for your kind wishes, we plan to share all the details and demo of the project this weekend. We hope you will be satisfied with the outcome of your wishes, please stay tuned @manfred_jr


I sure will, I’d be keeping a close watch and be sure to tag me just so I don’t miss it.


Hi DreamVerser
Such a great project but there are some important questions

(1) How does the AI algorithm work to draw dreams, and what kind of data does it need to generate realistic and creative images.

(2) What are the challenges that DreamVerser faces.

(3) How does DreamVerser ensure the privacy of users’ dreams.

(4) What are the benefits of turning dreams into NFTs.

(5) What are the future plans for DreamVerser, and how can one get involved.

(6) How does DreamVerser compare to other projects that allow users to create and share their dreams.

(7) What are the ethical considerations of creating and sharing NFTs of dreams. Also how does DreamVerser plan to reach it’s target audience.


Hi @Okorie, thanks for the list of the questions. We appreciate your interest in our project :heart_decoration: Let us explain in total two comments;

(1) We postponed this part for now, we put the detailed explanation in the Youtube video. If you have any questions after watching, we’d explain in more detail.

(2) Tbh it was a little difficult to develop a project for the first time in TRON infrastructure. Because we felt like some resources were limited. Additionally, when we sent messages to different project owners for support on wallets and other similar issues, we did not receive a response from most of them. But at the end of the day, after long efforts, we were able to present our project and we continue to develop it.

(3) We collect the data that users want to share and keep the rest. In addition, we keep all the data in our external json and gmail address after the payment form with the smart contract.

(4) We keep in our project not only dreams, but also everything that users want to always remember, keep and share on a daily basis. While users are creating their digital diaries, we are also considering establishing a market area for those interested in NFTs, if we can meet our budget.


(5) If we can raise enough fund, we are considering creating an NFT marketplace for the buying and selling of dreams. We will need extra support in cyber security and software in this area. We will be open to all possible partnership offers after the hackathon and we will further our project on BTTC with the support of TRON.

(6) We’ve decided not to limit ourselves to just dreams, and most sites displaying dreams either contain only text or extra 2D images. Our aim is to create a metaverse universe and capture our own style. We also want to highlight the concepts of trust and freedom in our users’ shares.

(7) Privacy and consent matter – dreams are personal, so users should control what they share. Ownership and attribution? Let’s clarify that. Moderation is vital to keep content appropriate. We must ensure inclusivity, avoid stereotypes, and be transparent about any commercial use. To find our dreamers, we’ll nail social media, receive advices from previous TRON developers, make educational content, and build an active community. Offering incentives, referral programs, and SEO help us spread the word. User feedback guides improvements.


I may have missed the update by half a mile but I’m doing my best to play catch up now. It’s great to see a project utilizing smart contracts on the BTTC blockchain and BTT to facilitate payments and data storage.
I’ve a question;

Have you considered the scalability of the platform to handle a potentially increasing volume of users and transactions on the BTTC blockchain?


No no you didn’t miss it, we can write about scalability as follows. We plan to make an calculation based on the number of users coming from different platforms during the first 4 weeks. In this way, we will exponentially calculate how many estimated users we can reach in 3 months - 6 months and 1 year.

We will try to adjust the size of the metaverse universe according to the size of the number. We also think that if there is a lot of continuity, we can ensure that the posts are shown by showing a limit (weekly, monthly, maybe) or by highlighting them. In short, we are waiting for the first number of users for now. When we make an update and make a decision, we will let you know and get your opinions :vulcan_salute:


This looks interesting, I love this :clap::clap:


Thanks for clarifying.


Thank you for sharing, we are happy to hear it :melting_face:


We’d say thanks to you for your interest, we hope you loved our project


What a creative project it really is. I realized the points I did not understand after reading your answers to questions. In short everything looks perfect.

I wholeheartedly expect you to develop and move forward with your project

Adding the TRON logo to your museum is a nice little detail :slight_smile:


I didn’t see many teams put pdf in their project’s description. I believe small steps like that create big achievements with domino and butterfly effects. There’s still time left to finish project nevertheless you put effort, all the best!


Oh yeah I did, I’m watching closely still for future updates.


in all honesty glad to hear your sharings, thank you so much.

Hoping nice travel in our platform

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to tell you the truth, we want every document need to be same in tron, forum and hackerearth.

We’re pleased to hear you check details like that :call_me_hand:

We’re grateful to you for sharing, thanksss


I couldn’t download pdf in the beginning, I thought it has some errors inside it, then log out and come back. Now checked everything, it is going well. I want to see more updates. Keep bring it, guys


We are glad that you were able to solve it in the end, we uploaded the presentation in pdf format so that people would not have any problems.

Again, if you experience any problems anywhere, please let us know and we will assist you immediately and explain :vulcan_salute:

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