TronKong NFT - TKong Jungle World Game

Project Name: TronKong NFT
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: TronKongClub
Team Member(s): @lopeed @EmmanuelTron
HackerEarth Project Link: TronKongClub - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons)


Project Goals:

  • Development an immersive and captivating gameplay within TKong Jungle Game, ensuring players are engaged and entertained throughout their gaming experience.

  • Foster a strong and active community of players, collectors, and enthusiasts who share a passion for NFT gaming and the TKong Jungle Game universe on Tron.

  • Allow players to express creativity by enabling them to customize and enhance their TKongs, encouraging a diverse range of unique in-game characters.

  • Develop a heartwarming storyline that revolves around friendship and cooperation between TKongs and extraterrestrial character Jimmy. Showcase the power of unity and friendship across different worlds.

  • Ensure seamless gameplay experience across various platforms, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, enabling players to access the game easily.

  • Integrate themes of environmental conservation and raise awareness about the importance of preserving jungles and natural habitats through in-game narratives and events.

  • Design a sustainable and fair tokenomics system, ensuring the economic stability of the in-game economy and providing incentives for players and collectors.

  • Plan for the expansion of the TKong universe by introducing new worlds, characters, and challenges, creating a vast and diverse gaming ecosystem for players to explore.

  • Educate the gaming community about the potential of Tron blockchain technology, NFTs, and their applications in gaming. Engage players in discussions and events to enhance their understanding of the gaming ecosystem.

  • Allocate a portion of the project’s revenue towards social impact initiatives, supporting causes related to education, healthcare, or environmental conservation, demonstrating a commitment to giving back to society.

  • Implement robust security measures to protect players’ data and assets. Ensure fairness in gameplay and trading to maintain trust among the player base.

Project Value:
TronKong is made up of members of the Tron NFT community, enthusiasts who do not want to let the community die and have taken the reins by building a game so that everyone can see how it is possible if we have developers willing to succeed.

We give advantages to holders of collections verified in APENFT such as BAYCT, MAYCT and TRONHAPEPRIME, for now . Offering you a discount on our minting process.

We are working hard on our first world, TKong Jungle. Where our characters must complete the necessary missions to obtain the basic components for the construction of our friend Jimmy’s extraterrestrial ship.

TronKong has the following objectives:

  • Strong community (no bots).

  • Our steps on the game tokenization model will be based on what the community prefers, building both a DAO system and open source development as our community grows.

  • Develop a game system based on missions, in different worlds or levels.

  • We are focused on building our NFTs on the Tron chain but the game will work on BTTC, while we build a DAO system that allows all these decisions to be made.

Project Website:

Project Details:

  • Number of TKongs: 8888
  • Mint Discount for BACTY, MAYCT and TRONHAPEPRIME Holders

Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:
:white_check_mark: Smart Contract Development and Deployment
:white_check_mark: Launch Tronkong Website
:white_check_mark: Deployment of DApp for Minting and Exploration
:white_check_mark: Deployment of DApp for TKong Rarity-tools
:white_check_mark: Game Development Initiation:

  • Start the development of TKong Jungle Game, focusing on fundamental game mechanics, character designs, and environmental elements. Begin creating the game world based on the established storyline.

:white_check_mark: Release of Development Sneak Peeks

  • Share teaser videos and development updates with the community, offering glimpses of the game’s progress. Build anticipation by showcasing key features and in-game visuals.

:white_check_mark: Community Engagement Events


Welcome to Tron Dao Forum Hackathon session 5.
Please can you provide valid link to your community that you talking about?


Added our socials, building discord server in next days.

Thanks for this.

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Welcome team, wishing you all the best


Okay, so any already existing community aside Discord you want to build?


Welcome to Tron Dao Hackathon season 5, please I have some important questions

What specific gameplay mechanics will be featured in the TKong Jungle Game, and how will players earn rewards and progress through the game.

What are the different types of missions and challenges that players can expect, and how will the game be balanced to ensure that both casual and hardcore players can enjoy it.

What technologies will be used to develop and deploy the TKong Jungle Game, and how will the game be secured to protect player data and assets.

How will you ensure that the game is compatible with a variety of devices and platforms,and what are your plans for scaling the game to support a large player base.

How do you plan to build and engage a strong community around the TKong Jungle Game,and what role will the community play in the development and governance of the game.

What is your monetization strategy for the TKong Jungle Game, and how will you ensure the long-term sustainability of the game.


Thanks for your support.

I will try answer your questions based on our vision but we want the involvement of the community in how to direct our game, we will work on a DAO management system so that together we can achieve the best possible gaming experience.

The answer to your questions is based on our own vision and how we would like to start TKong Jungle and subsequent sessions to it.

In TKong Jungle Game, players will navigate a vibrant, interactive jungle world, solving puzzles, completing quests, and engaging in exciting challenges. Gameplay will involve exploration, strategic decision-making, and teamwork with their TKongs. Players will earn rewards, including unique NFTs and in-game currency, by successfully completing missions, discovering hidden treasures, and participating in community events. Progression will be tied to achievements, with players leveling up their TKongs, unlocking new abilities, and gaining access to exclusive content as they advance through the game.
TKong Jungle was born in a jungle but we will travel to different parts of the planet with the help of our friend Jimmy.

TKong Jungle Game will offer a diverse range of missions and challenges, from rescuing characters in distress to solving environmental puzzles and battling jungle creatures. Missions will vary in complexity, allowing casual players to enjoy straightforward quests while offering hardcore players more challenging and rewarding tasks. Balancing will be achieved through scalable difficulty levels, ensuring that players of all skill levels find engaging content. Regular feedback from the community will be vital in fine-tuning this balance over time.

TKong Jungle Game will be developed using cutting-edge game development technologies, including Unity for game mechanics, with a primary focus on the Tron blockchain and BTTC tokenization protocols. Leveraging Tron’s high-speed, low-cost transactions, and BTTC’s advanced tokenization capabilities, we will seamlessly integrate NFTs into the gameplay experience, allowing players to truly own and trade their digital assets securely.

To ensure the security of player data and assets, we will implement robust encryption algorithms and utilize Tron’s secure infrastructure. Smart contracts on the Tron blockchain will authenticate transactions, ensuring the integrity of in-game purchases and NFT trades. Regular security audits, conducted by experienced professionals, will fortify our system against potential threats, providing players with a safe and trustworthy gaming environment.

By harnessing the power of Tron and BTTC, we aim to deliver a cutting-edge gaming experience while prioritizing the security and privacy of our players’ data and assets. Your trust and safety within TKong Jungle Game are our top priorities.

TKong Jungle Game will be designed with cross-platform compatibility in mind, ensuring seamless gameplay experiences on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. The game will be optimized for various operating systems and screen sizes. To scale for a large player base, cloud-based infrastructure will be employed to handle increased traffic and demand. Continuous performance monitoring and scalability testing will be conducted to identify and address potential bottlenecks.

To make all this possible we will use a Web3Login system so that our users can connect their wallets on any device without having to use TronLink. They will interconnect their addresses from this system and will be able to log into the game from any device and thus be able to play. For the marketplace, it will be necessary to sign the operations and they must do so through the official site.

Building a strong community is a priority. Engaging content, regular communication through social media channels, forums, and live events will foster a sense of belonging. Community feedback will be actively sought and incorporated into game updates. A decentralized governance system will allow the community to propose and vote on game enhancements and changes. Community-driven initiatives, contests, and in-game events will empower players to shape the game’s evolution collaboratively.

Likewise, having this game in Open Source will make many want to collaborate in the development and be able to obtain a clearer vision of what the community wants.

We will base our economy with the help of the community through a DAO, everything will be managed through this system.
Regular content updates, expansion packs, and community events will provide ongoing value to players. A portion of the proceeds will be reinvested in game development and social impact initiatives, ensuring long-term sustainability and positive impact for both players and the broader community.
Transparency regarding monetization practices will be maintained to build trust with the player base.

Note: We understand all these questions and we also asked ourselves many of them to start creating something like this, since we are also part of the Tron community and we were looking to grow this part of GameFi in some way and contribute our best.

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We are part of Tron Community, but we created our Twitter and Telegram Channel. You can join and put your point view there. Check our description and hit the links.

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season5
Do you mean mining :pick: or minting, whichever one, please what does the discounts schedule looks like?


Thanks, we fixed it. It is about mint, if you are NFT Holder of BACYT, MAYCT or TRONHAPEPRIME you can get instant discount, we added these collections to our smart contract.




Thanks for the clarification


I did participate in the Gleam giveaway, great to see what the team is building, equally very interesting to read. I’ve just one question;

How do you plan to balance gameplay elements to keep players engaged while also promoting environmental conservation within the game?

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Congratulations on your project at the TRON Hackathon. We love what you’re doing in the digital asset space.

We want to invite you to explore an exciting collaboration. At LinknRed, we offer the opportunity to mint your digital collection and register it on the TRON blockchain (using TRC-721). Additionally, you can leverage our secondary market to effectively sell your NFTs.

We’re excited to discuss in more detail how we can work together on this exciting initiative. Feel free to get in touch for a deeper conversation!

Keep up the great work at the TRON Hackathon! We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you in the world of NFTs.

Best regards,

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Thanks for your support.

To achieve a balance, we are designing missions that not only challenge the players’ skills but also contribute to the preservation of the virtual environment. Through these challenges, players learn about the delicate balance of nature and witness the direct impact of their actions. By completing conservation-focused missions, players earn rewards and unlock new levels, fostering a sense of achievement tied to environmental stewardship.

Additionally, our in-game narrative emphasizes the importance of sustainable living and responsible resource management. Through compelling stories, players will be encouraged to make green choices, both in-game and in their daily lives. By interweaving entertainment with education, we aim to keep players engaged while promoting a real understanding of environmental conservation.

Another point to highlight would be some cryptographic education missions, where knowledge about fundamental characteristics of blockchain is demonstrated. Thus we manage to impart one of the most important parts when it comes to managing any type of cryptocurrency.

Mixing education and play is one of the easiest ways to learn and achieving it is one of the main tasks of this team.

Integrating a recreation area, where players can emphasize as a community, would also be possible, where they can have fun and in the environment that they decide. But it is a goal that will come after improving our game. We would like to discuss all of these characteristics with the community, when we reach a considerable number of holders, and for decision-making to be made jointly.


Our collection is on APENFT Marketplace and our holders can sell them there. We have our mint dapp too.

If you want integrate our collection into your NFT market, why not.

do you plan to create your own marketplace?


Welcome to the HackaTRON Season 5. Honestly, I was so confused reading about your forum post, as I didn’t read about your NFTs that will engineer all the things you listed as your project goals. Not until I read somewhere around the project value that holders of a certain NFTs will receive a discount while minting your NFTs. And Reading further, along the responses you gave, I saw, in one of the graphics you shared, that your NFTs comprises of 8888 characters. This information, I believe, is necessary to provide to the community and should better fit in the Project Details category. Please consider this in future hackathon submission :pray:


Having said the above, is there any form of incentives for your NFT holders aside participating in your games. Like do you offer NFT stake?

Again, in what token will players be incentivize with?


We have thought about it, but we see that the Tron ecosystem has APENFT Marketplace, why not use it and give life to this platform.

In the future, integrating our market into our platform would be possible and using our own token if we don’t manage to incorporate it into the APENFT Marketplace, but we are focused on our alpha at the moment.


Thanks, and added to Proyect Details