Zombieland By Team Zombie - Survival Web3 Game v3 🧟

Project Name: Zombieland

Project Track:Builder

Team Name: Team Zombie

Team Member(s): 2 @gamerhack | @winner

HackerEarth Project Link:
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Project Goal:
Zombieland - Survival Game v3.00 is classic web3 game with Multiplayer PvP, DeFi, NFT and many more in game upgrades and different weapons to survive in zombieland.

Project Value:
Enhanced Gaming Experience: Dive into a seamless blend of classic zombie survival gameplay and modern web3 functionalities, offering a rich and immersive experience.

Multiplayer PvP Dynamics: Engage with players worldwide, form alliances, or challenge rivals, fostering global interaction and competition.

Financial Incentives with DeFi: Turn gameplay into profit. Earn, stake, and trade in-game assets, leveraging integrated DeFi mechanisms for potential real-world returns.

Unique Ownership with NFTs: Every in-game item can be a unique NFT, giving players verifiable ownership of their assets, which can be traded or showcased as collectibles.

Continuous Upgrades: Benefit from a plethora of in-game upgrades, enhancing gameplay strategy, longevity, and engagement.

Diverse Weaponry: Equip your character with a wide range of weapons, keeping gameplay exciting and ever-evolving as you strategize to fend off zombies.

Blockchain Security: With web3 integration, enjoy a transparent, secure, and decentralized gaming environment, ensuring fair play and safe transactions.

Tangible Asset Building: Grow your virtual assets, which can have real-world value, turning hours of gameplay into a potential investment.

Future-Proof Gaming: Stay ahead of the curve in the gaming world, as Zombieland incorporates the latest in blockchain tech, setting the standard for future games.

Whether you’re in for the thrill of survival, the excitement of PvP battles, the financial potential of DeFi, or the unique ownership offered by NFTs, Zombieland - Survival Game v3.00 promises a multitude of benefits for every gamer

Project Info:
Step into the immersive universe of “Zombieland - Survival Game v3.00”, a meticulously crafted blend of gripping gameplay and state-of-the-art web3 functionalities. Set against the haunting backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world, this game challenges players to navigate its perilous terrains, teeming with relentless zombies, using an expansive selection of weapons and in-game upgrades.

Diversity is at the heart of the Zombieland experience. With a plethora of gameplay modes, players can choose their own path, whether that’s solo survival, teaming up in Multiplayer PvP, or taking on special challenges. The game’s dynamic environments, ranging from desolate urban wastelands to overgrown forests, ensure that no two gaming sessions are alike. Add to that a variety of vehicles, allowing players to speed through the undead hordes or launch strategic assaults.

But Zombieland isn’t just about gameplay. It’s an ecosystem. Leveraging the power of blockchain, players can engage with DeFi elements, turning their in-game victories and strategies into potential real-world rewards. Additionally, the inclusion of NFTs offers an opportunity for players to own, trade, and showcase unique in-game assets, from rare weapons to customizable avatars.

In essence, “Zombieland - Survival Game v3.00” is more than a game; it’s a revolutionary digital experience, merging adrenaline-pumping action with the vast possibilities of the blockchain universe. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a blockchain enthusiast, Zombieland offers a captivating realm where survival instincts meet digital innovation.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  • Metamask wallet with Bittorrent Mainnet
  • Make sure you have enough BTTC Mainnet coins in account
  • Login from Desktop or Laptop
  • Ready to play

Project Details:
“Zombieland - Survival Game v3.00” is a groundbreaking fusion of classic zombie survival gameplay and the latest web3 innovations. Players navigate a dystopian world, teeming with the undead, employing an arsenal of weapons and a plethora of in-game upgrades. Distinctive modes, diverse environments, and a range of vehicles elevate the gameplay, providing dynamic challenges. With Multiplayer PvP battles, DeFi opportunities, and unique NFT assets, players don’t just experience an exhilarating game; they venture into a rich ecosystem where strategy, collaboration, and digital ownership intertwine. Dive into a world where every decision impacts your survival and potentially your real-world assets in this blend of action, strategy, and blockchain innovation.



Smart Contract links:
Contract Address:

  1. 0x8195AcB98d1bdA24ff51EC69949FA3Eb70b01D5E
    ZombieContractv3 | Address 0x8195AcB98d1bdA24ff51EC69949FA3Eb70b01D5E | BTTCScan
  2. 0x0CE8817ec14f424898f65c44A6025AeC378D7a09
    ZombieToken (ZT) Token Tracker | BTTCScan


  1. 0x64dDF9B674B6CC05CaC59375Fe52f66750E9Fd98
    Contract Address 0x64dDF9B674B6CC05CaC59375Fe52f66750E9Fd98 | BTTC
  2. 0xc30E684Fa057dbcBA0cC4DBfCEe75AD79eD40C0A
    ZombieToken (ZT) Token Tracker | BTTC

Project Milestones:

  • Major Change in Project is Multiplayer System
  • PvP (Player vs Player) Mode Where you can create or join battle with your friend 1vs1
  • Adventure Mode Where You can Play Against Random Players (Up to 5 players)
  • Global Leaderboard Added Now (Check your position and best player position in list)
  • Reward System Added For Multiplayers
  • New Desert Environment Added
  • Added New Levels in Career Mode
  • New Zombies and Attack
  • Edit Profile Function Added
  • Player can choose to play on Mainnet or Testnet
  • Fixed minor bugs and improved performance

Hello everyone this time you will kill zombies with your friend or any other online player !
Major update of Multiplayer System



Zombieland - Survival Game v3.00 sounds like an interesting project. It is a classic web3 game with multiplayer PvP, DeFi, NFT and many more in game upgrades and different weapons to survive in zombieland.
Players can earn income from simply playing and enjoying their gaming experience.


Welcome back Zombieland ! That’s a major update - online multiplayer ! :clap: Wish your team all good luck !


Welcome back, great to see you again

I will try your game this season
keep building


I also had the opportunity to review your other projects. You have really done a quality job.looking forward to seeing how far you’ll go this season.

'hoping yo good project development in advance.


Thank you so much and yes multiplayer will be the major update but apart from that we will add more possible features. stay tuned. thanks


Thank you so much for warm welcome, this season major update of multiplayer is coming. stay tuned. thanks for the support :woman_zombie: :man_zombie: :zombie:


OOOOO my favorite is theere. How you guys going? I played your game every season again and again with new updates, what kind of changes did you implement this season, do you have new maps, guns or smt ?


Welcome to Season 5, excited to see this in the Builder track. After a careful read, I deduce that the Zombie Land aims to combine traditional gaming with blockchain technology (GameFi) by utilizing the Bittorrent blockchain introducing a “Play-And-Earn” model, rewarding players for their in-game efforts with tokens and upgrades, using the Bittorrent Mainnet and Metamask wallet integration ensures a seamless gaming experience for users.
Nice read, I got a few questions;

How does the team plan to ensure a fair and balanced gaming environment, especially in PvP mode?

Can you provide more details about the gameplay mechanics, such as how players earn rewards and what types of NFTs will be available?


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5, wishing you all the best as you continue to build


Thanks, we are doing great and hope you are also awesome !
This time yes as usual new complete environment will be there and major update will be Multiplayer system where you can play with your friend or any other online person. More details will be shared soon. Thanks for support :zombie: :man_zombie: :woman_zombie:


Thanks a lot and sure we will launch pre-release for testing. specially multiplayer system. we are working on it and soon we will share link to test game.

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Thanks a lot @Okorie @manfred_jr @Nweke-nature1.com for showing your warm words, interest, support and sharing your queries.

First of all in PvP mode there would be a server based timer in which have to kill zombies or collect item. Whoever can completes earlier will be the winner and will receive reward.


This is carefully thought through an accurate, sounds like CSGO. Are you open to suggestions? If yes, here’s a few;

  • Suggest incorporating leaderboard functionality to PvP mode, displaying top players based on completion time, adding a competitive element to enhance engagement.

  • Encourage the integration of a communication feature, like in-game chat, during PvP mode to enhance player interaction and social dynamics, creating a more immersive experience.

Moving forward, I’ve a few questions following your last response;

How will the rewards be structured for PvP mode? Are they fixed or variable based on performance?

Can players form teams or alliances to compete collectively in PvP mode, or is it strictly an individual competition?

Are there plans to introduce additional challenges or difficulty levels in PvP mode to cater to different player skill levels?


This is great idea and ready to accept your and our communities suggestions.

we will add leaderboard and also will try to add quick chat feature so that you can express with online players.

And for now yes fixed reward will be given to the winner but in future based on XP and skills we will upgrade that functionality but for initial stage yes fixed reward


Oh thanks, you just boosted my morale with your response, it’s great to hear that you’re open to suggestions and community input. By embracing feedback, you can tailor the game to better suit the preferences and expectations of your audience. Here are further suggestions;

Incorporate a replay feature for PvP mode, allowing players to review their gameplay and strategies, fostering a learning and improvement environment.

Integrate a referral system, rewarding players who invite others to join the game, to boost user acquisition and community growth.


Really nice suggestions and will surely add in upcoming updates. Thank you so much again !


(1) What are the different ways that players can earn tokens and other rewards, and what are the different game modes available.

(2) How will the multiplayer system work, and what kind of PvP (player vs player) gameplay will be available.

(3) In what way will the new environment and zombies be more challenging than the previous versions of the game.

(4) What is the token’s utility within the game,and how will the game’s economy be balanced to prevent inflation.

(5) What security measures are in place to protect players’ accounts and assets, and how will the game prevent cheating and hacking.

(6) What are the team’s plans for future development of the game, and when can players expect to see the new features and content that are mentioned in the roadmap.


Hi @Okorie ,
Thanks for showing your interest toward game.

  1. Player can earn token by playing in single mode, in PvP mode, in Adventure mode.
    Currently player can play alone, with adventure mode can play with multiplayers with up to 5 players. in PvP 2 modes are there. 1 you can play with your friend by sharing code or you can play PvP with random person.
  2. my answer refer to 1) answer
  3. Yes new environment is added of desert and improved zombie mechanism and possibly add new zombie too
    4-5) we have contacted few audio developer for that part and we are internally securing data with encryption method
  4. we are planning to add feature of real money bet in PvP mode in future where player can bet some amount for game and winner win 2x directly once game is over and some interesting feature to focus on earning mechanism and improvement of ui and game

Thank you