Zombieland By Team Zombie - Survival Web3 Game With DeFi-NFT

Project Name: Zombieland - Survival Game

Project Track: GameFi

Team Name: Team Zombie

Team Member(s): @gamerhack, @winner

DevPost URL: https://devpost.com/software/zombieland-survival-game

Project Goal: Zombieland - Survival Game is classic web3 game with DeFi, NFT and many more in game upgrades and different weapons to survive in zombieland.

Project Info:
Zombieland - Survival Game stands as the combination of the words “game” and “finance”. In doing so, GameFi brings together Bittorrent blockchain technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrencies and decentralization, and advanced gaming mechanics where players can generate income from simply playing and enjoying their gaming experience.

Zombieland - Survival Game powers where players are financially rewarded for the time and effort they put into playing. This model is better known as Play-And-Earn. Economic incentives might include tokens, upgrades and much more. Typically, players are rewarded for completing game-related tasks like progressing through different levels.

Project Website:
Zombie Land - Click Here To Play

Project Test Instructions:

  • Metamask wallet with Bittorrent testnet
  • Make sure you have anought BBTC testnet coins in account
  • Login from Desktop or Laptop
  • Ready to play

Project Details:
Zombieland - Survival Game is classic web3 game with DeFi, NFT and many more in game upgrades and different weapons to survive in zombieland.

Contract Address:

  1. 0xA767C19343dAFE72fe83cE3BCfD0a8D47D173591
    ZombieToken (ZT) Token Tracker | BTTC
  2. 0x51b75B42deea2907749234d746e56D4AfA4C01BA
    Contract Address 0x51b75B42deea2907749234d746e56D4AfA4C01BA | BTTC

Features :

  • Full of fun zombie surviaval game
  • Get rewarded ERC-20 game token and utilize in game or keep it with you
  • In-game shop to buy coins or exchange with rewarded tokens
  • Multiple guns to unlock as NFT
  • Multiple power upgrades to survive in zombieland

Project Milestones:
During this hackathon we are expecting to complete milestones as mentioned below

  • Creating core game mechanism with Zombie AI

  • Creating possible good environment of Zombieland

  • Player mechanism with different weapons and upgrade system

  • Integrating game with Bittorrent testnet to authenticate and implement DeFi, NFT

  • Reward system with ERC-20 token in game

  • In-game purchase to speedup upgrade of weapons and weapon powers

  • Different smart contracts to use in this game

    Post hackathon milestones

    • Creating multiplayer mechanism to survive with other online players
    • Implement voice chat
    • Launch on other platforms
    • Deploy on mainnet


Nice, Zombie games rock :clap:
When have you planned to launch on mainnet? Any ETA?


Thank you really so much.
We have clear idea about BTT but we are still doing research about Tron mainnet as we have limitation with our game engine so currently its bit hard to say about mainnet, But hopefully in this hackathon period we will figure it out and announce mainnet development ETA.


Do you mean you will launch on BTTC and Tron? Will be nice to have some games deployed on BTTC :beers:


Yes, initially will launch on BitTorrent testnet.
Thank you :partying_face:


Will be available by phone


Yes but in upcoming milestone. Initial release will be on Web, which does not support mobile phone unfortunately

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Hola, siempre es interesante ver como se desarrolla el juego en BTTC, en cuanto al juego será de clicks o se podrá jugar en el.


Thank you so much :partying_face: We will do best

Zombies are coming !

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Project details updated :partying_face:


Are you going to launch your own token on BTTC? If you are looking for a DEX on BTTC you can have a look at just.money and contact me for more info


wow what a game, I wanna play it as soon as possible


Zombie games are always attractive, waiting for results


Yes, but currently on testnet. Sure, I’ll get in touch.


Release alpha in this weekend.


Will be sharing alpha in this weekend


First Look is ready to play :partying_face:
Click to Play Alpha Version

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Hey guys, this looks great. When did you guys start development?

Will you have a practice play version available where you don’t have to connect your wallet?

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we started RND around 3rd week of Sep. and started development at around end of Sep.
Actually as database is connected with wallet address and authentication so for now there is no practice mode without login but surely we will add in our upcoming features.
Still lots of work is pending so we will try to submit as much as possible.
Thanks for the cool suggestion.