[Disqualified] Zombax.io : Kill zombies, upgrade your Smasher, kill more zombies!

Project Name: Zombax.io
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: Waylad
Team Member(s): 1
DevPost URL: Zombax Devpost
Project Goal: Zombie smashing game with upgradable NFTs.
Project Website: Zombax.io
Contract Address: Nile Testnet: TSyAsSP1SoUpiVi2ouaydnLFpZHo92Pkxe
Project Test Instructions: To play de prototype, you’ll need to install Tronlink, connect it to the Tron Nile Testnet and have some tokens to buy a SMASHER NFT.
Project Details:

Zombax is zombie smashing game on Tron with upgradable NFTs and an integrated marketplace!

Demo Video



You and your SMASHER have to cross over the USA to deliver an important package. The only issue: It’s full of zombies!

The game is a 2D car game that will make you go from one point to another while smashing and killing zombies on your way. It is inspired from the very popular Earn to Die 2 game that has more than 100M+ downloads on Android alone.

We propose to create a similar game where your car is a SMASHER NFT on-chain.

Mood Board

The following Mood Board contains pictures courtesy of Earn To Die 2

Designing smashers, upgrades, backgrounds, etc…

We hired artist Robson Teixeira to create everything we’ll need for our game: smashers, garage, the upgradable elements and some elements of the game. We own the full copyrights of everything you see.

Getting started

The player will first need a SMASHER NFT to play the game. When you open the game, the first screen is the SMASHER marketplace, where you can buy and sell your SMASHERs from other players. Some are already upgraded and quite expensive and some are low-level and cheap.

Our team will make sure to often mint and put on sale some new entry-level SMASHERs on the marketplace for new players to get started for cheap.


Once you have purchased a SMASHER, you can select it and access the garage where you can upgrade it. Each upgrade costs SMASHER Coins, an in-game TRC20 currency that you earn at the end of each level depending on the number of zombies you have killed.


Once you have enough SMASHER Coins, you can upgrade your NFT SMASHER on-chain with new weapons, armor, wheels, etc and make it the perfect zombie killing machine.


That’s the number of unique combination your SMASHER NFT can have already, and we’re just getting started!

How it works?

Your SMASHER is dynamic NFT which means its metadata can be upgraded on-chain to equip your SMASHER with a gun, a booster, an armor, better wheels, etc…

We prerender all combinations of SMASHER and assign it a code. Each digit corresponds to the level of upgrade of the corresponding part.

For instance: This is SMASHER 0000000

An this is SMASHER 1220132

When upgrading a SMASHER NFT, we simply change the code in its metadata on-chain so the TokenURI points to the new pre-rendered configuration.

The Map

Each level is also a token! Its metadata contains the configuration of the level from the shape of the terrain to the position and strength of each zombie. Why is that? Because BattleSMASHERs is a metaverse when people can create and sell levels! From the map, you can see all levels and their ratings. The map will itself be another marketplace but for levels. You will be able to see the ratings of each level just like Happy Wheels (See next) so you can choose to purchase a level or not. Levels are NT-NFT, Non-Transfer NFT, you purchase them directly from its creator then you can play the level, but never resell it.

Image courtesy of Happy Wheels

Still under development!

Game flow

Token Model

We have 3 tokens :

  • SMASHER D-NFTs (Dynamic NFTs), they represent the SMASHER and can be updated on-chain with pre-rendered SMASHER metadata corresponding to their new SMASHER configuration. We plan to create 10,000 premium SMASHER designs that only the owner of that NFT can have. In addition, we’ll constantly mint and inject basic low-level SMASHERs into the marketplace for people who want to play the game but can’t afford a premium SMASHER. The revenues of the initial mint of the 10,000 premium SMASHERs will go in a DAO that will finance the development of the game. The second market royalties (5%) will also go into the DAO.

  • SMASHER COINS, a in-game currency that you earn at the end of each level and that you can spend to buy new upgrades. No initial distribution planed. Players earn them a the end of the level then spend them on upgrades, it’s a zero-sum game.

  • LEVELS NT-NFTs (Non-Transferrable NFTs), their metadata contains the whole configuration of a level (terrain shape, background images, position and strength of the zombies, etc…). They are created by the players and can be sold on the marketplace. Players can buy them to play the level but cannot resell it. They can rate the level to attract or warn off other players to this level. We plan to create a dozen levels to get the ball rolling then let the community create and sell levels. Only the creator can mint the levels he created. He can then sell them on the marketplace. There is a 5% royalties going into the DAO. The remaining 95% goes to the creator.


We are far from done but we have already coded the basics of the project, available at Zombax.io

We created a TRC721 smart contract for the SMASHERs and added metadata upgradability and marketplace functionalities. We also developed the first part of the game using the Phaser.js engine. The marketplace and garage are fully functional and you can already pilot your SMASHER in a physics sandbox (that is empty so far)

To play de prototype, you’ll need to install Tronlink, connect it to the Tron Nile Testnet and have some tokens to buy a SMASHER NFT.

Todo list

  • SMASHER D-NFT TRC721 + Marketplace Contract :white_check_mark:

  • SMASHER COIN TRC20 Contract :white_check_mark:

  • LEVELS NT-NFT TRC721 + Marketplace Contract :x: (3-7 days to complete)

  • In-game SMASHER marketplace :white_check_mark:

  • In-game Levels marketplace :x: (9-13 days to complete)

  • Physics Sandbox :white_check_mark:

  • Pilot your SMASHER NFT :white_check_mark:

  • Implement a full level :x: (I already got some level background and zombie designs from Robson but will need much more to actually complete a level)

  • Implement multiples levels, and multiples SMASHERs with their upgrades :x: (This is where most of the budget will go. All the technical pieces are in place, now we just need to fill the game with content)

[UPDATE - Dec 4th] Guys, we are currently designing the second vehicle!!
Here is the first draft with a few upgrades.


Wow I love this :kissing_heart: I’m rooting for you guys :weary::weary:


Is this game compatible for every device


The idea, the concept is :100::ok_hand:t4:


No w project, the graphics is top notch


Very nice project.

It has good graphics, UI/UX, logic and the details of the project are apt.

Can you describe the challenges you ran into, especially this being a sole member project?



Yes, I used phaser.js as the game engine so it runs on everything ^^

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Basically the amount of work that you have to do all by yourself. As I said I hired a designer for the graphics so that’s that at least ^^ But everything else, smart contracts, generation of all possible versions of the NFTs images and metadata, game engine, menus, marketplace, physics engine, etc… I take care of myself… but it’s also an awesome experience to just do all that by yourself ^^


Looks like a game I played when I was a kid,:sweat_smile: except there were no zombies. Great job guys


This is som amazing :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:… A great project this is.


Wow!!! I just kept reading and reading through, I so love this project.:+1: This is excellent.


The model bad the idea a well designed also I like the way the token economic will be design…


Nice project…Good graphic interface


Cool and nice nft to invest in


That’s good i love it i will rate you guys 5 stars

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Greetings! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Contract Address

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Congratulations on winning.

I wonder why did you change the name of the game?
Submitting the same project is allowed!



Thanks! Yes I know, I told the judges in the submission details ^^
I changed the name because there was already a game named Zombie Smash, and Zombax sounds better ^^


@Almustapha @Wuni @Dclimaxx @digitalak @Johnnycash @Hybee @Aramide Thank you for your kind words, that makes me really happy :slight_smile: