Recommend a project!

For you, which of the NFT projects is the best today :roll_eyes: or in the near future? :face_with_monocle:

Mention the name of the project and briefly explain why. :wink: :+1:

Participate now and make the best current projects known to the entire community. :partying_face:


Cukies World is a 3D open world game where you own a Cuki: an NFT representing the game’s main character.

You can explore the infinite archipelago, collect resources, build new tools, craft special gems, learn new skills, cooperate and compete with other players… the possibilities are endless!

Your Cukies can complete daily missions and tasks to earn GEMD, the ecosystem internal token, and redeem it for real money. The rarer your Cuki, the better!

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Yea you can also check pet vs pets a great game with bramd new things :herb:


i will really love to know about these too


I would love to see a gamify project to win in the hackathon

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friends. I hope original projects win hackathons


I like the idea behind Africa Stars and the community drive behind Tronbies


It’s hard to upgrade! :sweat_smile:


Wow!! I suggest WARP by USTX team! Very opportunity on DeFi world


Sin lugar a dudas, CUKIES WORLD, presenta un juego en 3D, donde exploras, recoges materiales, crafteas, etc, teniendo un personaje te permite tener horas de entrenimiento y ganancias en sus respectivos tokens, además se podrá personalizar y hacer un muñeco único, lo cual confiere valor a tu NFT.


Yes! I think that this season risk of beautiful project

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gamify doing their best every single sec

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I really like defi tech but i will go for NFT projectss

Good reply!! :wink::wink: I like this community


Watch out for „theRevolt

An NFT trading card game, with a concept based on a mix of FF VII, Street Fighter, Yu-Gi-Oh, Tennis, & Poker with slight FPS feel that’s fast-paced & easy to learn.

Storymode, Play2Earn Vs friends, Tournaments, One Book to Rule them all, Closed Beta August 22, TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 2 → #G15

What makes #theRevolt different?

:white_check_mark: Create your own deck for different opponents
:white_check_mark: #free2play & #P2E
:white_check_mark: Each card will be an #NFT
:white_check_mark: Addictive & unique gameplay
:heavy_plus_sign: so much more!

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Cukies world el mejor lejos!

I guess on long term goals/investments turuglobal is a must check team where they have a lot of financial modules for their community…:100:


Beautiful projects in this season. My favorite project In WARP #D12

Africa Stars is my favorite closely followed by @ThanXFinance and @TronWeeklyJournal

Congratulations!! Nice post

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