Recommend a project!

Suggested check out Cubie. you can see their submmision on forum they got very good NFTs. :+1:


i think so
Yes! I think that this season risk of beautiful project

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I follow but I prefer to support other types of investments

Beautiful projects in this season. My favorite project Is Cukies World

My favorite project is USTX


Check out AfricaStars Nft, hold and earn passively, be educated about the good side of Africa that is not mostly made known and be part of a community that cares. From the camp of @TuruGlobal, with them anything is possible.

I follow this project and this team!! :muscle::muscle:

At a time like this I think the best project is WARP by USTX. I recommend getting information!

unfortunately not many things are happening on tron network. even defi which were the only meh thing, are dissapearing

@Miki beautiful team and beautiful ecosystem :heart:

I very excited about this season!!!

I like this topic, Very unteresti forum

T-boost by USTX :+1::+1: good tool

Probably the Bored Apes, PUNKS and MAYC :money_mouth_face: :call_me_hand:

You guys should check Chainge Finance

Nature ForeTold in ecosystem track

I just watched a YouTube video made by you guys on how to reach trust level 1 :sweat_smile:

Flipsies NFT marketplace we are a card game with an automated buyback system

cukies world i guess

Hola, para mí sigo diciendo CUKIES WORLD, por el planteamiento de juego, gráficos, desarrolladores cercanos y transparentes con la comunidad, con un gran futuro por delante.