Flipsies NFT marketplace

Flipsies NFT Marketplace

Flipsies NFTs are a series of 7,803 playing cards on the BitTorrent blockchain, each NFT is uniquely programmatically traited and auto-colored. It will pair with our existing flipsies card game to reward the NFTs as prizes and will feature a buy back system to keep the prize pool full and the floor rising.

Project Name: Flipsies NFT Marketplace

Project Track: NFT Track

DevPost URL: https://devpost.com/software/flipsies-io?ref_content=user-portfolio&ref_feature=in_progress

YouTube Video: flipsies NFT marktplace hackathon entry

Project Website: https://flipsiesnft.sfxdx.com
Project Info/Details:

  • Founder: Matthew Bridgen
  • Website platform: flipsies.io
  • Team members:
    Matt Bridgen
    Maxim Prishchepo
    Nadia Firsova
  • Goal: Build a system that keeps a NFT floor rising without the need for hype.
  • Project test instructions: Follow the Marketplaces indications, mint in BTT. use this network BTTC Faucet
  • Project details: On the platform, there is a separation of roles based on permissions - user and admin. Each role is identified during authorization by the wallet address. The admin sets commissions for NFT sales on the marketplace and analyzes statistics on all NFT sales. Flipsies is a 1x1 game with a bot according to the rules of Texas Hold’em, where a user has the opportunity to bet not only on the outcome of the hand, but also on the majority color of the flop(2/3 or more of black or red). A user will receive one NFT as a reward every 40-60 hands. NFTs are also available for sale on the marketplace. Flipsies also has Buy back functionality, which will support the rise of the floor, regardless of the “pumping” with holders, and an NFT staking feature that is boosted by the NFT’s rarity.
  • Milestones: Initially, our platform was implemented on the Tron blockchain, but later we migrated to the BTTC network. We first built the card game on flipsies.io and now are tying the game and the marketplace together with a holding/staking system. When implementing the NFT-Marketplace, we implemented 5 smart contracts on Solidity.
  • Card
  • CardFactory
  • CardRandomMinter
  • NFTSale
  • NFTMarketplace

flipsiesNFTmarketplace.pdf (25.0 KB)

It is complete, i just have to fix a few bugs :slight_smile:


Interesting, can’t wait to try this out


thank you! We are really excited to launch, have you entered this season?

Fantastic! Kudos to the team.
No I haven’t entered the season

how do i get our post to not display in markdown? lol

Kudos… Nice project to launch


When I watched your video, I understood it completely, nice concept. Good luck


I think u need to change text style, otherwise everything is perfect

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thanks, your project is really good too!!

Greetings MatthewBridgen! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

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Done, thank you for the heads up.