HiFloor - brand new NFT marketplace based on the Tron blockchain

The HiFloor is a new NFT marketplace based on the Tron blockchain.

Website : https://hifloor.io

The key features of the HiFloor are unconditional safety and speed of work.
All activities on the HiFloor are controlled by Smart Contracts. The project was built using only modern technologies, which made it possible to optimize the speed of loading and displaying.

The HiFloor is especially proud of an innovative dashboard that includes all the necessary tools for successful trading.
Sales, purchases, launches and participation in auctions are managed in one place. All graphical interfaces are user friendly and do not require special skills. They are intuitive and easy to use.

HiFloor users will receive rewards for trading on the marketplace.

All collections presented on the HiFloor are subject to mandatory moderation, which helps to limit fakes and inappropriate content.

The HiFloor is another step in the exploration of the NFT world. The goal of the project is to expand the audience of the market, make it accessible and understandable for new authors and celebrities, for collectors and traders, for experienced and newcomers.

Peace for everyone!


looks amazing :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: I hope to see my collection on your marketplace)



Good luck, bro. Your concept seems good.


Hi team! Hifloor looks very nice. Will be on the marketplace some kind of reward system?