Tronplex by TRON Nuggetz - Specializing in all things NFT

Project Name: Tronplex

Project Track: Builder

Team: Tron Nuggetz

Team Member(s): tronnugz

HackerEarth Project Link:

Project Info:
Tronplex is a no-code NFT minting platform built specifically for the TRON Blockchain. It aims to empower creators by allowing them to tokenize their content, especially those without technical knowledge. Tronplex provides a seamless experience for users to deploy NFTs onto the TRON Blockchain without any coding or fees.

Project Value:
Tronplex addresses the challenge faced by creators in tokenizing their content in the blockchain-powered creative economy. It revolutionizes the way artists showcase their work on the blockchain by allowing them to maintain creative ownership, preserve on-chain provenance, and interoperate with major NFT marketplaces.

Project Overview:
Tronplex was developed for the 2023 TRON Hackathon S5. It specializes in tools and products for NFT creators and communities. The platform supports high-resolution media, attribute customization, video thumbnail customization, decentralized on-chain storage, and compatibility with major NFT platforms. The Tronplex Studio feature allows users to mint NFTs with zero coding, offering a user-friendly interface for minting and customizing smart contracts.

Project Testing:
Currently, Tronplex supports high-resolution video and images, attribute customization, video thumbnail customization, decentralized on-chain storage, and compatibility with major NFT platforms like OpenSea, Foundation, Nifty Gateway, Rarible, SuperRare, and Zora.

Project Milestones:

  • Originally launched in S4 as Sealkey, enabling on-chain secrets via NFT
  • Pivoted to general-purpose NFT minting platform after realizing larger market demand
  • Development of a no-code NFT minting platform for the TRON Blockchain.
  • Introduction of Tronplex Studio for easy NFT minting.
  • Support for various media types and compatibility with major NFT platforms.
  • Future plans include adding interactive features, replacing NFT metadata caching with a TRON NFT indexer, supporting soul-bound tokens, and introducing more sophisticated NFT mint/burn mechanisms.


  • Mint NFT
  • Create NFT collection
  • Create NFT mint page
  • Create Auctions
  • Create marketplace
  • Create Dynamic NFTs
  • Create Membership Tokens
  • Create generative art with layers
  • Create AI art NFT with Dall-E API

With the no fees, do you provide free energy or how is this done?

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Ambitious project. Don’t forget to provide users with instructions in your original post. Preferably with screenshots. Website address and, if applicable, smart contracts addresses.

This is the last day to make sure the submissions are complete :+1:

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Welcome to the session 5 HACKATHON
Good to have your entry, just find out your previous projects.


Please write us any update concerning your previous projects

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5
Please how does your previous project in season 4 and this in season 5 was alligned to make a project goal or mission? Are they working in the same path?
Any updates about your previous project?

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Quite so ambitious. Can you tell us how Tronplex will contribute to the growth and evolution of the NFT ecosystem in the long run?

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Welcome to Season 5, the title “Nuggetz” is one that I hold dear, reason being while I was a student I was part of the editorial team and was actively involved in writing articles for campus called campus Nuggetz.
What was the inspiration behind the project name?

And secondly, I’d appreciate it if you can provide more details on the motivations behind Tron Nuggetz’s participation in the TRON Hackathon and the transition from Sealkey to Tronplex?
Thank you!

Welcome buddy to Tron Dao forum Hackathon S5

Hello, is your project still ongoing or have you stopped it. Because I didn’t see the important links

Looks like it was the same for the season 4. They post their entry, ignore questions and come back 1 or 2 months later to say “hey we are on mainnet”.

@tronnugz you still haven’t edited your post. Please give us some update. Some interaction with the community can only benefit you.

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