NFTBlocks - Redefine How You Create, Collaborate, and Own an NFT

Project Name: NFT Blocks
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: NFT Blocks
Team Members: 2; @aego, @karywjh
DevPost URL: NFT Blocks | Devpost
Project Goal: We’re trying to redefine how creators create, collaborate, and own an NFT.
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Project Demo Video: TRON - NFTBlocks Demo - YouTube

Project Details:
We’re trying to redefine how creators create, collaborate, and own an NFT.
We are building a new form of NFT, that allows creators to mint building blocks or components of a work as an NFT, and enables people to build on top of each other’s NFT to create a collaborative work. We ensure that every NFT gets royalties distributed fairly to every contributor of the final work.


We’re both music lovers before we learned about Web3. Every once in a while, I would hum a melody that I think could be made into a great song. But I’ve never finished making one because of the rest of the part that I’m bad at (writing lyrics, making beats, etc).

When we got to know about Web3 and NFTs, we know that we finally have the technologies to support and encourage collaborations between creators. With the tools we developed during this hackathon, anyone could create and mint NFT in whatever form they want. They can also build on top of others’ NFT to create new ideas. And WE’ll let EVERY building block of the creation earn what they’re worth of.

What it does

You can mint NFT that’s a collaborated work based on multiple creators’ NFT blocks. We ensure every contributing NFT block gets credited and royalties.

As of the NFT Marketplace, this new form of NFT brings in more forms of collaboration between creators in different fields. Artists collaborate to create a piece of artwork. Musicians add a song to it that best fit the artwork. Writers build a story around the artwork. There’s never an end to creativity, and we don’t want creativity ends at the point it’s being minted. NFT could be not only what it is right now, but also what it can become.

As a creator, you’ll focus on creating what you’re good at. If your expertise is making beats, do it and mint it as NFT. Let other musicians handle the rest of the parts to make it into a full song. But EVERY contributor will get the royalties they deserve.

As an NFT collector, you’re making money not only by investing in its potential to grow in value but also earns royalties from seeing NFT’s potential as being a great building block.

With the low transaction fees on TRON compared to other networks, we believe this product will not only attracts more creators to create on TRON, but also motivate more non-Web3 users to onboard to Web3 and make their creativity sound.

What we built


We build a protocol on top of TRC721 so that everyone who wants to support NFT collaboration could integrate. In the extended protocol, you’ll have to keep track of the dependencies of an NFT, and also define how royalties should be paid to those dependencies.

Collaboration Platform:

We also build a collaboration platform (using Tronweb) that supports our protocol to illustrate how it should be integrated with.

Next Steps

We’ll continue improving the UI/UX so that it’ll be easy for even non-Web3 creators to join and collaborate.

We’ll also be thinking and improving on our ideas of how to make royalties fair and how to give creators more options on the type of royalties they want.


Thanks! Hope you like it.

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Will be so grateful to learn one or two things here.

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Very inspiring, will keep my eyes on this very project.


Great idea, good work but it’s lacking some details on actualization. Keep up the good work guys.


Interesting project!

But what is the difference between this project and a parallel submission ?

Hi Yura,

We initially build the smart contracts and UX during this TRON hackathon. Later we integrated this idea into another blockchain in the NEAR hackathon. The two projects actually have many differences, since the smart contracts of NEAR are not compatible with TRON’s at all.


This is a great project… The inspiration behind it is amazing. I hope this project goes to the moon


nice project what are they credited with?