Zombieland 🧟 By Team Zombie - Survival Web3 Game v4

Project Name: Zombieland

Project Track:Builder

Team Name: Team Zombie

Team Member(s): 2 @gamerhack | @winner

HackerEarth Project Link: Devpost Link

Project Goal:
Zombieland - Survival Game v4.00 is classic web3 game with Multiplayer PvP, DeFi, NFT and many more in game upgrades and different weapons to survive in zombieland.

Project Value:
Enhanced Gaming Experience: Dive into a seamless blend of classic zombie survival gameplay and modern web3 functionalities, offering a rich and immersive experience.

Multiplayer PvP Dynamics: Engage with players worldwide, form alliances, or challenge rivals, fostering global interaction and competition.

Financial Incentives with DeFi: Turn gameplay into profit. Earn, stake, and trade in-game assets, leveraging integrated DeFi mechanisms for potential real-world returns.

Unique Ownership with NFTs: Every in-game item can be a unique NFT, giving players verifiable ownership of their assets, which can be traded or showcased as collectibles.

Continuous Upgrades: Benefit from a plethora of in-game upgrades, enhancing gameplay strategy, longevity, and engagement.

Diverse Weaponry: Equip your character with a wide range of weapons, keeping gameplay exciting and ever-evolving as you strategize to fend off zombies.

Blockchain Security: With web3 integration, enjoy a transparent, secure, and decentralized gaming environment, ensuring fair play and safe transactions.

Tangible Asset Building: Grow your virtual assets, which can have real-world value, turning hours of gameplay into a potential investment.

Future-Proof Gaming: Stay ahead of the curve in the gaming world, as Zombieland incorporates the latest in blockchain tech, setting the standard for future games.

Whether you’re in for the thrill of survival, the excitement of PvP battles, the financial potential of DeFi, or the unique ownership offered by NFTs, Zombieland - Survival Game v4.00 promises a multitude of benefits for every gamer

Project Info:
Step into the immersive universe of “Zombieland - Survival Game v4.00”, a meticulously crafted blend of gripping gameplay and state-of-the-art web3 functionalities. Set against the haunting backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world, this game challenges players to navigate its perilous terrains, teeming with relentless zombies, using an expansive selection of weapons and in-game upgrades.

But Zombieland isn’t just about gameplay. It’s an ecosystem. Leveraging the power of blockchain, players can engage with DeFi elements, turning their in-game victories and strategies into potential real-world rewards. Additionally, the inclusion of NFTs offers an opportunity for players to own, trade, and showcase unique in-game assets, from rare weapons to customizable avatars.

Project Website:
Zombieland v4 - Click To Visit

Project Test Instructions:

  • Metamask wallet with Bittorrent Mainnet/Testnet
  • Make sure you have enough BTTC Mainnet/Testnet coins in account
  • Login from Desktop/Laptop/Mobile
  • Ready to play

Project Details:
“Zombieland - Survival Game v4.00” is a groundbreaking fusion of classic zombie survival gameplay and the latest web3 innovations. Players navigate a dystopian world, teeming with the undead, employing an arsenal of weapons and a plethora of in-game upgrades. Distinctive modes, diverse environments, and a range of vehicles elevate the gameplay, providing dynamic challenges. With Multiplayer PvP battles, DeFi opportunities, and unique NFT assets, players don’t just experience an exhilarating game; they venture into a rich ecosystem where strategy, collaboration, and digital ownership intertwine. Dive into a world where every decision impacts your survival and potentially your real-world assets in this blend of action, strategy, and blockchain innovation.


  • Free to Play and Play To Earn
  • PvP and Single Player
  • Weapon upgrade system
  • Vehicle upgrade sytem
  • In-game store to buy or exchange coins
  • Global Leaderboard
  • Different powerups
  • Different Game Themes

Project Video Demo

Gameplay Images

Smart Contract links:


  1. 0x8195AcB98d1bdA24ff51EC69949FA3Eb70b01D5E
  2. 0x0CE8817ec14f424898f65c44A6025AeC378D7a09


  1. 0x64dDF9B674B6CC05CaC59375Fe52f66750E9Fd98
  2. 0xc30E684Fa057dbcBA0cC4DBfCEe75AD79eD40C0A

Project Milestones:

:man_zombie: Version 4 Milestones (Season 6 - Executed 04-05-2024) :zombie:

  • Introducing Player Power Up System
    • Invisible Power
    • Speedup Power
    • Freeze Zombies
  • Launch of v4 on Android Device
  • Daily Reward System
  • New Dark Environment - Torch Focused
  • Introducing new zombies
  • Introducing new power for zombies to attack us
  • Game Size Optimized 20%
  • Fixed minor bugs and improved performance

Hello everyone,
more details and post will be updated soon.
Stay tuned. :zombie: :man_zombie: :zombie: :man_zombie:

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Welcome to hackathon season 6,
The project description mentions a Weekly Pool Arena with a winnable pool amount requiring a paid entry, so my question is
How will the game balance the potential for pay-to-win scenarios within this system, while ensuring accessibility for players who might not want to invest real-world money.


Welcome to the session.

Please any active social account for your gamers?
Have check previous sessions for it.

Session 3

Session 4


BEST CRYPTO GAME is here after all… YES LET’S GO CAPTAIN. welcome back


To be honest I am playing games regularly (apprx. every week 1 time). Probably there are at least 20 30 users. Still lets hear from them

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Oh that good, you a big time gamer then.
So with your fellow gamers for this Game.
Which of the social media do you all gather?
Telegram, or discord?


Oh sorry, my mistake.
I thought you asked if there are active players? I commented that I’m hanging out as a solo player, guess how many people are playing?
(I just woke up @Gordian sorry hahaha)

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Welcome team, waiting for updates.

Keep building


Welcome to Season 6, as an O.G here, there’s something relatively familiar about your entry and/or project name, seems like a “blast from the past” from previous Hackathon.
However, further information, such as the project’s technical implementation, security measures, and community participation techniques, would be useful for a thorough evaluation.
But moving forward, how does the team plan to attract and retain a diverse player base amidst the competitive gaming market?


Welcome to you this Season 6, I read that you were here before now, please tell us what you have done better from the previous times gaming is full with competition, so how do you plan to get and keep players from different regions

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Welcome to Hackathon session 6. Seeing your project in builders track, I understood that this is a project you have been previously working on and I will like to know if there has been any challenges you’ve experienced in this gamefi industry. Do you have any active users playing your games?


Yayy ! So glad to see you again keep building!

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Introducing a new twist to our weekly pool games! In addition to our regular free games, we are now offering a weekly challenge where players can enter by paying an entry fee. The total fees collected, along with the pool prize, will be given to the winner based on their score. This new challenge adds an element of competition and skill, giving players the chance to earn even more rewards. Don’t worry, our free games will still be available for those who prefer not to pay. Join in on the fun and see if you have what it takes to come out on top!

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We previously had a Twitter account, but it was unfortunately removed about a month and a half ago due to multiple accounts originating from the same IP address. We are currently in the process of setting up a Telegram group/channel and will be sharing updates about the game soon. Stay tuned for more details and join us on Telegram for the latest news and announcements. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Thank you for your kind wishes and compliments. In terms of player retention, we are focused on enhancing the game experience and expanding to cross-platform availability to attract a larger user base. As outlined in our milestones, we have upcoming updates planned, and once we have completed them, we will provide more detailed information. Stay tuned for exciting developments and improvements to the game. Your support is greatly appreciated as we continue to grow and evolve.

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Hi,@Chizz , @ines_valerie
In response to both questions, our approach to improvement stems from our commitment to consistently strive for better results. We actively seek to enhance user experiences, understand their needs, and improve existing features based on feedback. Although the market may be saturated with competition, we remain dedicated to offering our best efforts. To expand our reach to different regions, we have plans to implement a multi-language interface in the future. While our current user base may not be extensive, we value the loyalty of our players who have been with us for an extended period. With strategic marketing efforts, we anticipate significant growth in our user base and are optimistic about the potential for expansion. Thank you for your interest and support. :man_zombie: :zombie:

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Thanks @Prince-Onscolo , @maaz

Thank you very much for your feedback and for being a long-time player of our game. Your continued support and loyalty are the driving forces behind our ongoing development efforts. Despite not always coming out on top, we are dedicated to constantly improving and enhancing the game to the best of our abilities. Your encouragement and engagement mean a great deal to us, and we truly appreciate your well wishes. Please continue to show your support, keep playing, and thank you once again for your kind words.
:zombie: :man_zombie: :zombie: :man_zombie:

This is a great addition I cant wait to see the finished product, definitely something I can see myself competing with friend on. Good work!