Lazara - Generate NFTs with AI models

Project Name: Lazara - Generate NFTs with AI models

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: Lazara

Team Member(s): 1, @alleh

DevPost URL: Lazara - AI generated NFTs | Devpost

Youtube Video: Lazara - AI Generated NFTs - YouTube

Project Goal: AI generated NFTs and AI generated NFT collections

Project Website:

Project Info/Details:

There are two parts, the first is about generating an image and minting it into an EXISTING collection. The second is creating a collection, where users can later generate image and mint NFTs into the NEWLY CREATED collection. We are going to explain the first part here, because it is 100% finished.

It works like this:

You choose a collection, we have 4 test collections for the hackathon. They are

If you choose “The Random Collection”, you can write whatever you want in the prompt. For example, you can write something like “mad yoda eating a sandwich”. This will trigger a request to our backend, where we run the model Stable Diffusion. Stable Diffusion will generate 1 or 4 images for you (depending on what you choose), and send them back to your browser. You can now choose to mint the Mad Yoda. When minting, the chosen Mad Yoda image will get uploaded to ipfs and then get minted on the chosen chain (Tron mainnet or Shasta testnet). When the minting is done, you can view the NFT at In fact, I did all of this, and here is the Mad Yoda I generated and minted: The Random Collection #11 - The Random Collection | APENFT

If you choose any of the other collections, then your prompt need to involve a word that is related to the connection. The words are shown on the page where you generate the images! You can test it for yourself here LAZARA.

Project Test Instructions:
Step 1: Go to LAZARA
Step 2: Choose collection
Step 3: Write a prompt and let the AI model generate images for you
Step 4: Mint the generated image
Step 5: View the newly created NFT on!

Project Milestones:
We want to support more models than we do currently! There are some open source models that we haven’t integrated yet, but we are also eagerly waiting for Google to launch access to Imagen, and OpenAI to launch API access for DALL-E 2. We also want to finish the “Create a Collection” part of the website. It’s also possible that we look into “image to image” generation, where users will be able to upload an image to the model, and the model will adjust it in some specified way and then return it.

We would love seeing you mint some NFTs at and post the results here! You can find inspiration at LAZARA or at this awesome website

Contract Address:

Shasta testnet:


nice the ai models are super cool, I love stable diffusion and will try this later


When do you expect support from DALLE??? and what is Imagen. Sweet project :+1:


DALL-E 2 support will come when OpenAI enables API access! Don’t know when, but hopefully soon. Imagen is Google’s proprietary model, that is not available for the public yet.


Awesome, I hope you do! I just generated a cool one of a black hole. The prompt “black hole, starry night style, detailed, nebula, colorful, gargantua” gave me this image:

And the NFT can be found here The Space Collection #12 - The Space Collection | APENFT.


I like the user interface of your website. Top notch!! Good luck


is the ai running in the browser?? :thinking: or a server or similar somewhere


Nice the NFTs are so beautiful


cool stuff are you working alone?? some teams are many people

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right?? I’m still mindblown over what these AI models can achieve, it’s awesome

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is this on tron only or crosschain?? maybe crosschain in the future?


super cute dogs but you forgot “german shepherd” in the rules :laughing:

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This is sick. How does this work? I mean, how is the image “painted”?

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It’ s on tron mainnet and tron testnet (Shasta)!

check this video out for information about how the diffusion model works How AI Image Generators Work (Stable Diffusion / Dall-E) - Computerphile - YouTube

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Impressive, I’m patiently waiting for DALL-E :smile:

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Artificial intelligence is the future, good to see it integrated with crypto :100:


AI is immensely powerful! And It’s beautiful to see projects that harnesses it’s power. I love the speed taken in generating the NFTs.

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Definitely, the development there has been crazy recently

Thanks & I agree. Glad you like it