Amaz-O-Tron 9000

Project Name: Amaz-O-Tron 9000

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: ToHuKo

Team Member(s): tde, kkonrad, hugo0

DevPost URL:

Project Goal: AI + Profile Picture + NFT = Amaz-O-Tron 9000

Project Info: Simply upload :camera_flash:20 photos of yourself and we’ll use AI to generate over :art:100 amazing photos of you! You can then mint your favourite picture as an NFT.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: Instructions on webapp

Project Details:

Amaz-O-Tron 9000 uses cutting-edge AI to generate custom profile pictures with your portraits that you can then mint as NFTs for $TRX.


AI + NFT = Amazing web3 profile pictures = Amaz-O-Tron 9000

AI shifted the paradigm for digital art. NFT profile pictures will be standard in web3 social media.

What it does

Amaz-O-Tron 9000 uses cutting-edge AI to generate custom profile pictures with your portraits that you can then mint as NFTs for $TRX.

How we built it

  1. We built a model based on Stable Diffusion. It was trained on millions of pictures.
  2. We train the model on 20 images of you to create totally custom photos.
  3. We generate over 100 cool pictures of you based on movie posters, video games, and portraits.
  4. We have built a frontend and dashboard that allows you to see the pictures you’ve generated. This is a webapp on django.
  5. We’ve built a selection tool that lets users choose their favourite pictures to be minted
  6. These get uploaded to IPFS via NFT.Storage
  7. Then, we’ve built a minting tool that takes these IPFS-stored images and mints them as TRC-721 tokens in exchange for TRX
  8. Voila!

Challenges we ran into

The largest challenge was to train the model such that the generated pictures were still recognizable portraits of the person. Humans perception is fine-tuned to the face, so even small changes can make it unclear whether it’s the same person.

The second largest challenge was to make these pictures mintable as IPFS-based TRC-721 tokens for TRX. We have never worked with NFTs, so we had to learn how Tron deals with TRC-721, what the best practices are, etc.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We’re extremely proud to be on the cutting edge of social media avatars of web3.

What we learned


  • Working with SD on Webapp

NFTs on Tron:

  • TRC-721
  • TronLink and integrating it in a webapp
  • Js for frontend to call wallet functions
  • Reducing sun costs

What’s next for Amaz-O-Tron 9000 - NFT Profile Pic Generator

If the Tron community likes this, we will turn this into a small business, with a big discount for TRX holders.


woooow it’s liveeee!

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Would love if someone tested this out with their own face - we’ve had amazing results with ours :smiley:

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Cool idea. What happens with the 20 pictures that users upload? Are they stored somewhere on a server and (if) how long are they kept there?


This is so cool! I’m definitly gonna use it!


Heard people talking about AI and I am willing to know more about that


We only use them for model training, as soon as model training is done and the output images are generated we 1.) delete all input images 2.) also delete trained model - so nothing remains :slight_smile:


@tde wow some of those renders look awesome, can see a lot of NFT generation coming out from AI at this rate.

Keep up the good work and hope you do well in this seasons hackathon :raised_hands:

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Nice, good to hear, thanks for your answer btw.


I like your project name :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

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Thanks! @ Azrailgazresmi <3

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Has anyone tried it with their own face? I’d love to see what kind of results you get :slight_smile:

woooow first user!!!

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wow how awesome is this