Journey by TRON Magicians - A TRON-native on-chain quests platform

Project Name: Journey

Project Track: Web3 (Contributing to the transition of Web 2.0 to Web 3.0)

Team: TRON Magicians (3 membeers)

  • iamminci (frontend & solidity)
  • Sofia Perez (PM & design)
  • 0xdeadlee (backend)

DevPost URL:

Project Goal: Journey is a platform designed to incentivize users to experience on-chain protocols, dapps, and NFTs on the TRON blockchain and help onboard the next billion users to Web3.

Project Info:

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Connect your wallet via TronLink
  2. Try an individual quest (e.g. Sunswap quest)
  3. Complete and verify each on-chain task for the given quest
  4. Claim the reward associated with the quest (on Shasta Testnet)
  5. View your badges on “My Profile”
  6. View the community leaderboard
  7. If you feel ambitious, try out the Sun Specialist Journey

Project Details:
View full product pitch with feature screenshots in our Presentation Slides.

Journey is an on-chain quests platform built for the TRON blockchain where users can engage in on-chain tasks called “quests” and be rewarded for doing so in token rewards, NFT completion badges, and experience points on the platform.

Our business model is that we partner with protocols in the TRON ecosystem who will fund and launch quests on our platform and help incentivize user engagement on their protocols (where we take a small fee for offering the service). By doing so not only do projects benefit from increase in engagement on their protocols, but this gamified learn-to-earn platform will help user seamlessly onboard into web3 - increasing the overall user base of the TRON ecosystem.

We believe Journey will help: (1) onboard new users into web3, (2) increase user engagement during current market conditions from existing users, (3) help educate anyone about the TRON ecosystem through hands-on on-chain experiences.


The projects showcased in our demo video and slides (e.g. SunSwap, JustLend, etc.) have no affiliation with this hackathon project. They are simply shown to help share our vision for the Journey platform as a proof-of-concept. Although we would be more than happy to follow-up with any of the projects when we launch on Mainnet:)

Project Milestones:

  • 10/10 - 10/24: Team Formation, Ideation and Product Roadmapping

  • 10/24 - 10/27: Wireframing, Designs, Technical Diligence

  • 10/27 - 11/4: Dev Work (Frontend completion by 11/1, Backend and contracts by 11/4)

  • 11/4 - 11/7: Deck, Demo Script, Recording + Integration Testing

  • 11/7 - 11/14: Finalize demo video and submission + Product Polish / Bug Fixes

  • 11/14 - 11/18: Create new landing page (it’s live! on

  • 11/18 - 11/21: Update NFT badges to AI-generated art using Stable Diffusion (this is live too!)

  • 11/21 - Present: Implement a KYC user verification system via BrightID or WorldCoin to prevent sybil resistance on quests that offer limited token rewards from partners

  • TBD - Find a launch partner protocol from the TRON ecosystem to help beta test the service on TRON mainnet

  • TBD - Add more gamification and social features to increase engagement and stickiness in the platform

  • TBD - Build a partner onboarding service to streamline the quest launch flow

  • Better responsive UI support, testing and monitoring of service


I like the fact that you added a timeline to your project, which makes it easy to follow. Thank you


Seems that was some quick work. Also great to have a timeline. Also seems interesting… would love to keep an eye once u post some updates to it…

Meanwhile would also like to know how this platform is going to look like, how will it work, the purpose of making it & lastly the revenue model.



Before you finish writing up the presentation can you quickly explain what kind of incentive you are going to distribute and where will the incentive come from? Thanks


I hope u success on your milestones, loved it


Greetings sofia! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Info
Project Website
Project Test Instructions
Contract Address


Nice concept but the moment incentives comes in, then it means revenue has to be generated one way or the other.

Will the incentives be in a form of token distribution or what? And where do u plan to get these tokens from.


I’ve asked the same question one month ago and no answer :slightly_frowning_face:


No response whatsoever, this actually reminds me of the guy who said he doesnt care about winning anything in the community forum and that all his concentration was on the devpost but the team never responded to his submissions and he couldn’t join the hackathon, he was complaining bitterly.

When such a person makes a forum post, expect that he is never going to answer any questions whatsoever and really dont care about the views of the community.

The team of this project should go and come again. Cos u cant avoid questions just like that


Hi @Nana66419 and @fabsltsa! First of all, sincere apologies for the late response. We’ve been hectic at launching a new landing page that it slipped our minds to monitor the replies here :sob: We’ll make sure to do that more closely from now on. Hope you understand:)

In our project details above, we’ve outlined our business model as follows:

“We will partner with protocols in the TRON ecosystem who will fund and launch quests on our platform and help incentivize user engagement on their protocols (where we take a small fee for offering the service).”

Here’s also a diagram for our business model draft (WIP, subject to change):

So to answer your question more directly, yes, rewards will be distributed in a combination of token rewards (funded by the partner that launched the quest on our platform), an NFT completion badge (minted and created from our platform), and experience points on our platform as a social incentive.

The token incentives will come from the partners themselves. And our revenue will come from taking a service fee on those incentives. Hope this answers your question! Let us know if you have any thoughts on this model. Would love any feedback:)


@haykay @gujjucryptoguy @ElisSenaVatansever Thank you for your support! Let me know if you have any questions about the project details outlined above:)


So Sunswap could for instance create a trading contest, send to you the rewards and you would track the volume of wallets in a certain period of time on sunswap and then reward the best traders? Did I get it right?

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@fabsltsa Yes, that could be a type of quest. In the context of your example, Sunswap would send us a small fund of rewards (e.g. ~100K), we’ll facilitate the quest by tracking wallets that engage with Sunswap and identifying the winning wallets, and the reward funds will be used to reward the winners of the quest. This would attract users to engage with Sunswap, while Sunswap benefits from an increase in user engagement on their protocol and wider exposure, allowing them to make back the reward they committed with more TVL and users who know understand Sunswap.

However, our current model is geared more towards newcomers to the TRON ecosystem rather than experienced users. For instance, a good quest example would be “DEX 101 with Sunswap” that teaches you how to use Sunswap, rather than a trading contest. This will allow for an increase in net new users on both TRON and Sunswap - potentially from other ecosystems or just new to crypto - instead of attracting folks who would want to game the system and cash out.

Finally, one thing we are in plans to build out is a Sybil resistance layer such that we prevent a single user from creating hundreds of wallets to drain the reward funds. One example would be using a service like BrightID or Worldcoin to ensure each wallet is a unique person. This would be applied to all quests that come with real-token rewards, such that the funds are indeed distributed to a wide range of new users.

Let me know if that answers your question:)


Thanks, it does answer my questions (even those that I haven’t asked yet :smiley:).

Just one more if you allow me. Are you going to issue your own trc20 token to distribute rewards? Or it will be an nft + the project initiating the quest’s token?


For instance you could ask the projects to purchase your own token in order to cover the quest costs. Distribute them, use a part for burn and keep a part for running your project.


@fabsltsa That’s a great point - as of now, we currently do not have any plans to issue our own TRC20 token to distribute reward, but will be issuing NFT completion badges with projects providing the quest’s rewards in their own token.

It’s something worth debating, but we currently believe TRX and partner tokens are sufficient as fuel to power our platform and feel that issuing our own token might in fact hinder our goal of empowering newcomers due to its potential volatility as a standalone asset. However, we’re open to these ideas as we’ve focused mostly on the platform development during this time over tokenomics. I think a lot will depend on the feedback we receive from this hackathon:)


Great project… hope everything goes well and good luck in your hackathon participation


If you want to avoid volatility, better to ask trx and stables only since most of your clients are most likely going to be new projects, which are the most volatile and high risk. Using your own token if the pool is deep enough would be more stable. Cause the projects would have to purchase those tokens before you handle a part to your users. Since a part would be burned to drive the token’s value up, I think a big part of the community would like to hold theirs on the long term, benefiting from the constant growth and, therefore reducing the volatility.


What a nice and lovely milestone… Wish you success ahead💥


Great project!
Gamification works for so many projects to get the attention of potential users!
I really support all the initiatives that help onboarding new comers into the Web3.

All the best for this hackathon!