Galaxy Throne, a decentralised SciFi Strategy Game

Project Name: Galaxy Throne
Project Track: GameFi
Team Member(s):
Massimiliano ( Frontend & Smart Contract Dev)
Marco ( Smart Contract Dev)
Ender ( Backend & Smart Contract Dev)
DevPost URL: Devpost Link
Project Goal: Decentralized Gameplay with real ownership & player driven story
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Project Test Instructions: Instructions & Guide are on the website
Project Details:

Update: Round 1 Release Announced!
Welcome to Galaxy Throne,
a fully on-chain SciFi strategy game inspired from games like tribal wars.

In these games there was always a strong sense of ownership of the assets owned in the game.

But ownership never actually existed, only temporary allowances and tightly controlled structures that forbade you to do as you wished.

We wanted to create a SciFi Strategy Building Game where your owned planets & ships are actually yours, not just existing on a centralized backend and dictated by one company.

So every Asset in our game has been created using ERC721 for planets and ships and ERC1155 for buildings/research/technologies, while the resources of the game itself are ERC20 tokens.

The main focus is building a sandbox that gives people ample freedom to play the game in as many ways as they wish to. The decentralized aspect ensures that the community has the final say into the game’s features, with a democratic governance DAO as the backbone of the future development path.

New Players begin with minting their home-planet , starting out with invulnerability from other players for a period of time.

During this period they have the chance to build their manufacturing buildings, craft their defense buildings & create their spaceships. These preparations will be vital to defend their planet in the future, or trying out their luck in the galaxy and conquering other planets

The resources buildings such as the Ethereus Miner give the user a boost to the resource miningthat are claimable every 24 hours. These Resources(Ethereus, Crystal & Metal) are the base-material of which every building & ship is being manufactured with.

The claim & resource-mining-system will be entirely on-chain. In order to avoid gas-fees & frequent transactions we will use automated chain-bots triggering those transactions instead of the player, for a gasless & seamless user experience.

Planets can be conquered by defeating all of the enemies spaceships & defense buildings, giving you the planet NFT & defeating their fleet ( Ships are not indestructible!)

Uninhabited Planets can be terraformed via the Terraformer Capital Ship, so expansion wont be strictly aggressive in nature.

Spaceships[ERC721 NFTs] will come in several categories and types, and all ships will fulfill their own specialized roles in combat.

Ships will be customizable with Modules that affect their stats & abilities, along with an experience stat that rises over the course of battles. All those modules & stats will be tracked on-chain

All the Artwork depicted is completely original using the Stable-Diffusion AI

The next steps of our project are:

  • Add User Interface for Ship-Customization
  • Expand Attack-Types & Building Types
  • Add research and technologies to develop,to craft even more types of buildings & ships
  • Add PVE events (bosses, galactic pirates, etc…)
  • Add quests
  • Add more boni/malus between ship types
  • Add races, possibly using even some of the existing NFTs collection (ex. Mutant apes) and make their buildings and fleet graphic according the NFT collection style
  • Make the fights interactive ( clash of clans style)
  • Make the game 3d
  • add CrewMembers to Ships
  • Build a Card Game based on the game NFTs

Thanks for reading!


We are really excited about winning the first price in GameFi! After a bit of celebration time we will expand on our future plan & roadmap in a new Thread.

Our Thanks go out to everyone in the Hackathon & the fellow forum members!


What a good project from a great man, keep it up


Thanks a lot! Really appreciated! Did you try it?


The video is quite impressive. But from the explanation given, there is currently no monetary incentives in place for players.

And also after building a well fortified planet can it be sold to other players? If yes is there any marketplace in the game for such a trade?

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the most creative gamefi project, I wish u good chance boyzzzz

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Thanks for the positive Feedback!

The game-assets are all tradable NFTs , so ships(ERC721)/ planets(ERC721) can be sold on any NFT marketplace that uses the standards.

Having an in-house marketplace is definitly on our list, but since its already being handled by a ton of marketplaces, not a priority.

Resources , while still being (modified)ERC-20 Tokens, wont be freely tradable, since those are actually bound to their physical planet ingame and have to actually be moved across planets for utilization.

So while a player can always choose to sell their hard-earned planets & ships, the game itself will not incorporate any monetary incentives from a game-design point of view.

We wanted to avoid a common pitfall these games have, which is incorporating monetization into the foundations of the game, usually hollowing out mechanics until they are only enjoyable by paying large amounts of money.

Our planned Monetization would focus on cosmetics / buy to play(eventually, not for a long time)


fantastic project! Kudos to the team and goodluck


Great team work ! Good luck :+1::sparkles:

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Will there be a passive route for the players who choose not too actively participate in war? Simply play it as a base building game without getting all of your assets stolen over night.

Awesome project, well explained but the details ain’t enough. Good project guys. You guys really did a great job. :+1:

Nice project. Conquering a planet, does that mean I automatically own the assets(ERC721, ERC1155) in the planet?

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Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, once a planet is conquered, the planet NFT & associated building NFTS go to the conqueror.

Basically transfer of ownership? Wow… that is some serious shit lol

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In the current development build there is a PVP Grace-Period until ships are being built on a planet.

In the future we might want to extend this further.

You can move your ships & resources to more fortified planets (via the alliance system) so they’ll be more secure from attacks, but yeah everything is on the table :slight_smile:

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Great project loving this already
U earned my vote

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Hola, es un buen juego, con muy buena presentación de gráficos, concepto interesante para los jugadores, esperamos ver sus continuas novedades.


Parece un juego impresionante, interesante el poder construir y obtener activos de propiedad