Galaxy Throne - A decentralised SciFi Strategy Game Beta Release

Project Name: Galaxy Throne Beta
Project Video: Beta Release Video Trailer
Project Track: [Builder]
Team Member(s):
Massimiliano ( Frontend & Smart Contract Dev)
Ender ( Backend & Smart Contract Dev)
Marco ( Smart Contract Dev)
Callum ( UX Designer)

HackerEarth Project Link: HackerEarth-Projectlink

Project Goal & Project Info:
We are glad to be back in season 5! We started out Galaxy Throne in the Season 3 Hackathon and have been working hard since then to make our project the best possible web3 strategy experience!

For Season 5, we are finally ramping up for the beta-release of Galaxy Throne!

We have these main new features in the works for Season 5, along with tons of polishing:



Expanded Alliance Functions ( resource management, shared planets , sending friendly ships)

Overhauled Star Map with newly added Graphics Engine

New Personal Page

More Battle Prediction Tools

Fully decentralised Subgraph Integration

Project Value: Harmonization of Game Development Studio to Community Management, creating a community-owned playing experience.

In web2 Builder Strategy games there was always a strong sense of ownership of the assets owned in the game.

But ownership never actually existed, only temporary allowances and tightly controlled structures that forbade you to do as you wished.

We wanted to create a SciFi Strategy Building Game where your owned planets & ships are actually yours, not just existing on a centralized backend and dictated by one company.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: Beta Signup, Beta Release Post

Project Details: Gitbook

Project Milestones:

Diplomacy :white_check_mark: [Medium Blog Post Link]
Tech-Tree :white_check_mark: [Gitbook Link]
Expanded Alliance Functions :white_check_mark: [Gitbook Link]
Overhauled Star Map with newly added Graphics Engine :white_check_mark:
New Personal Page :white_check_mark:
More Battle Prediction Tools :white_check_mark:
Fully decentralised Subgraph Integration :white_check_mark:

Follow us on Twitter & Discord if you want to stay in the loop.

We will be updating this page whenever we progress, thanks for reading!

Smart Contract Links: DiamondProxy
Metal : 0x9E94764e8d0d513A2Ae5Cdda6a7C3f083126a130
Crystal : 0xDE817128beb34ddB9199aa6F5E227807696c9EFC
Antimatter : 0x185317e95bF346dd96961630899175eB1aa9271e
Aether : 0x2aC59227afC610756a7f8309113ba798c81A2bDA
Planets : 0x84B5a313f7fd164b4F26dAFb061Bc4E30E0294a3
Ships: 0xB4456150c7dCDCaeF75bCE7Cb41cC8305e9A4788


You are welcome again team.

I want some clarification here, from the quoted line it means you haven’t released your game so please what have you been working on since S3.

Just the development of the game?


Thanks, nice to be back!

Over the past few months, we’ve been heavily invested in hosting multiple 2-4 week alpha rounds, the latest of which concluded just a month ago. You can read about some of our updates here:

For the last months, this was the best way of developing our game.

This approach has proven invaluable for refining our game. Having an actual player base allowed us to gain critical insights into game balance. To give an example, there were instances where we dedicated weeks to crafting a new combat mechanic. We’d theorycraft various scenarios only to discover, a day into the live alpha round, that a player had uncovered a new unexpected overpowered strategy. Given that our game world is decentralized, we couldn’t simply roll back the world state to fix this.

That’s why we opted for a series of alpha rounds as our development strategy. Based on these learnings, we’re now in the process of preparing for a more stable beta release. Our aim is to launch a version of the game that is not only balanced but also polished to meet the high expectations one would have from a beta version.


oh OK, I will leave it for the admins.
I get all what you are saying and it’s the best but to use same product for 3 season’s, one being alpha round 2 test and now beta test which means it is possible to come again for main launch right?


Thanks for bringing up your concerns. Yes, we’ve participated in previous seasons, but each time we’re stepping up our game ( :upside_down_face: ill see myself out). The transition from alpha to beta is a big deal for us, and it comes with major feature additions and upgrades.

According to the hackathon rules, existing projects are more than welcome as long as they show significant progress. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing. The beta we’re working on for this season isn’t just a rehash; it’s an evolved version with a lot of new elements and mechanics.

So, to answer your question about coming back for the main launch: The plan is for the beta to be the final stretch before we go for a full release, at which point we will not return for the builder track anymore.

Hope that clarifies things a bit.


Welcome to season 5, so exciting to see this in the builder track. After a careful read, I deduced your project aims to create a fully decentralized gaming experience where players truly own their in-game assets.
And one thing comes to mind with this analogy, i.e P2E.
P2E has really been a thing in this space for a long while now and a means to passive income while indulging in passion, with that being said, I’ve a few questions;

Can you provide more details about the game’s in-game assets and how players will truly own them in a decentralized manner?

Do you have plans for a token or NFT integration within the game to represent in-game assets?


oh good so we won’t see any submission about main launch?

i guarantee it GIF

Our beta release aims to be pretty close to the launch version already, so we wont be returning for the builder track in season 6, yes


Hello there, thanks!

All of our game assets are already represented by ERC721/ERC20/ERC1155 tokens respectivly, here would be an Overview & Explanation: Tokens - Galaxy Throne

We dont actively pursue any P2E mechanics. We decentralised our game assets, so players are free to trade their assets around however they want ( while still respecting the game laws of physics, i.e. not just randomly teleporting ships and resources around).

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alright all the best team

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Welcome back,

Why did you choose for the erc20 standard if the plan is to release on tron/bttc?

Or will it release on ETH?

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Checking a bit your twitter profile I saw this tweet:

Have you made up your mind yet about that?
Is the game going to be launched on BTTC?


The erc standard, at least erc20,erc721,erc1155, is functionally similar and fully compatible to trc20,trc721,trc1155 from a smart contract perspective.

Since we use BTTC (and will continue to do so) for its full EVM, and we are utilizing openzeppelin libraries, its just semantics.

We are also trying to attract non-web3 players for the game, so keeping the documentation as simple and mainstream as possible is intended.


Every round so far has always been on BTTC, and we will be staying there for the EVM compatibility + blocktime+ cheap gas, which we require for the game.

We did do some experimenting with zkEVM’s with cross-chain logic (keep the assets on a L1, move the game logic unto the L2 for faster &cheaper exec , and maintain state between via zkProofs), and depending on Trons zkEVM developments, we would like to utilize those eventually for an even better experience.

Thanks for your answer, the new graphics are a really great improvement compared to what you previously had. Best of luck this round


Thank you for providing more information about the tokenization of game assets and your approach to decentralization in Galaxy Throne. I’ve just one pertinent question that hit me reading through your reply;

Are there any restrictions or limitations on asset trading to maintain balance within the game, or is it entirely open and free-market driven?


Taking advantage of L1 + L2 is smart. Could anyway later open secondary markets for assets on L2’s if needed.


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5
Wishing you all the best as you continue to build

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Welcome back to S5 but I have some questions.

(1) what are the plans for the tech tree, will there be a variety of technologies to research,or will it be focused on a specific area of gameplay.

(2) How will the diplomacy feature work,and will player’s be able form alliance, trade resources or declare war.

(3) How will the expanded alliance functions work,will players be able to share planets, ships or resources.

(4) What will the overhauled star map look like,will it be more detailed, or will it have new features.


Heyhey ur projects web design looks so cool I love the color palette :ok_hand:, have you participated season 4 too? @Lukret