Galaxy Throne - A decentralised SciFi Strategy Game V2

Project Name: Galaxy Throne
Project Video: V2 Galaxy Throne Trailer
Project Track: [Builder]
Team Member(s):
Massimiliano ( Frontend & Smart Contract Dev)
Marco ( Smart Contract Dev)
Ender ( Backend & Smart Contract Dev)
Callum ( UX Designer)

Dorahacks Project Link: DorahacksBUIDL

Project Goal & Project Info:
We are glad to be back in season 4! We started out in the Season 3 Hackathon and have been working hard on our Project to deliver the best web3 gaming experience possible!

For Season 4, we are going all out for the v2 patch of Galaxy Throne.

Complete UI & UX Overhaul
Asteroid Belts
Deep Space Mining
Expanded Combat System
Trade Hubs for Resources

Feel free to check out our Gitbook for more Infos!

Project Website: Our Website

Project Test Instructions: Pre-Alpha TestRound

Project Details: Whitepaper
Smart Contract links: Latest deployed Contracts on BTTC can be found here: Repo

Diamond deployed: 0x36f277E7765f94b16B779a8B9f5Ca772D987f0F6
Metal deployed: 0xF3c36D3E410bc94eAB6105Ef5282A996517a49EF
Crystal deployed: 0xe4986675AB0761b4934Ef4BbFDFefbcA8911F1Ae
Antimatter deployed: 0xA588fBC77C7b3744b055E8ebe3B2DeEE5Bb94EeD
Aether deployed: 0x78Ae902da5609cFe11203e817c1928519743B565
Planets deployed: 0x1fbA22c5fa1334D9E16f19A28008E73b216dD889
Buildings deployed: 0x07A37B8E1368368A3bC77cE97cDCe33a0010FD0c
Ships deployed: 0x34541a01170a5e106D25aCB307132A1A58283B45

Project Milestones:

Complete UI Overhaul Implementation :white_check_mark:
New Star-Map :white_check_mark:
New Trade-Hub System for Resources :white_check_mark:
New UI Implementation for Ship Customization :white_check_mark:
Balance Patches Combat :white_check_mark:
Alliance System :white_check_mark:

Alpha Round Signup.
Follow us on Twitter & Discord if you want to stay in the loop.

We will be updating this page as we progress, thanks for your time!


Interesting :+1::blue_heart:…nice project


Welcome back Galaxy throne, it was a good run in season three, congratulations once again.

My question is, is the game somehow ready for beta testers. Cos if my memory serves me right, i join your discord channel with the hope of being selected to be part of the early tester. But till now i have not really heard anything again.

Would be very grateful if you could update us on your progress towards thats direction.


Amazing to see you guys once again in this fourth coming season 4 Grand hackathon, I want to use this opportunity to say a very big congratulations to you guys once again for achieving a huge success on Season 3

It will be a great thing to update the community about the building of your game project, I believe you guys are doing some great work and I can’t wait to see some leaks

Welcome once again to the season 4 Grand hackathon,… here we go again :facepunch:


oh great to see you again. I remember you in S3.
Now in builders track. Great great…this is the track most of us are waiting for. Good start…All the best :pray:


Yo también me uní al canal de discordia donde derivaba a una solicitud en la página principal del juego para inscripciones, realicé los pasos ya que sino recuerdo mal se empezaba a probar en febrero, nadie me ha respondido.


Bienvenido de nuevo, agradecería tal como ha dicho mi compañero @Nana66419, no diera información sobre el testeo, y si surgió algún problema, ya que mi inscripción no ha sido respondida. Gracias.


I am very sure clarification will be made available when he visits the forum. I am patiently waiting for the response to this query


Entonces ya somos dos

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The project looks interesting, it’s great to be able to test the game in the beta phase.

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Hi guys! Thanks all for the support, we gave some updates lately on our Discord server and also in our Twitter profile. We thought that was better to delay a little bit the prealpha round to have more time to implement the new UI/UX and also to implement new features, so that the game experience will be more engaging.
Can’t wait to show you the V2 of the game.

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are you still accepting beta testers?


yes! We are going to add the link to register to the pre alpha round on the new website in some hours


alright thank you :pray::pray::pray:


you can now register to the prealpha round from the register button on our website.


Gracias, ya he vuelto a registrarme.


Congratulations on making it to season 4, Galaxy Throne team! It’s inspiring to see you guys continually pushing forward to deliver the best web3 gaming experience. Exciting to hear about your plans for the v2 patch and looking forward to seeing what you have in store. Keep up the great work! :clap:t3::rocket:


Hi guys :wave:
I see you have selected 2 tracks for the project (web3 and builder). I think one project can only chose one track so you will have to select the one that fits best for Galaxy Throne.


You have sharp eyes​:joy::joy::joy:


The future is gaming, this has the potential to be a promising project that could leverage the benefits of blockchain technology to create a unique and engaging gaming experience. Keeping fingers crossed as things progresses.