Galaxy Throne Round 1 Release

Welcome everyone and thanks for your support during the hackathon!

We are glad to announce our first play-test on the 18th of February 2023!

We will be holding a two week tournament with 1.000$ total worth of prizes to win, with an additional 500$ total distributed for bug-reports & feedback given!

We will be spending the time until then to build several things:

Better UI&UX for attacks

Better UI&UX for the game-map

Ship Module Fittings UI

Alliance System UI

Setting up off-chain wallet signing for reducing the number of gas-using transactions for the Player.

And various other user experience improvements.

The first round will be limited to 500 players and we will be using a whitelist system.

Check out our Twitter/Discord for entry.

For the meantime our website will be under maintenance while we add more content.

Our Website:

Our Discord server: Discord

Our Twitter handle:


Hola, una noticia muy interesante poder probar en juego en el caso de ser elegido.


Very very nice. I hope i will be among the lucky guys to be selected to test this game.

I voted for this project and i am happy it really yielded good results.

Lets set the ball rolling, will be entering your discord and twitter very soon


Good to see the continuation of the projects even at the end of year.

Would love to explore the game soon.


Hola, a mi también tiene unos buenos gráficos y el planteamiento del juego es interesante.


Gracias, I am yet to check it.

The community is completely silent. No member around, is it always like this after Hackathon?


If @trondao can make the forum like a web3 just like lunarcrush where activity here will give you some tokens in reward. Here will be very vibrant than ever.


Si, suele estar bastante tranquilo, se trataria de darle un poco más de vida al foro, cuando no hay hackathon.


Why nobody is asking how to reach Trust Level 1 when there is no ongoing Hackathon? :smiley:

It’s quiet indeed but between all the different information canals such as telegram, twitter, reddit,… people probably don’t see the interest of coming here during quiet periods.

I think what could bring more people here:

  • Super Representative should communicate here. Explain why they vote for or against a proposal. What do they do in general. Asking people’s opinion on some topics.
  • TronDao team could post some communication here as well. For instance posting news and giveaways in a specific section.
  • The hackathon section should be divided in folders by season to make it easier to browse around.
  • Projects should have a dedicated section. Right now people can see projects info in hackathon section. But should have a new section called “Ecosystem - Community projects” where all the projects could post and update a general presentation. Not a discussion topic but just something informative.

This is comprehensive, what can we do while admin goes through the suggestion and try to implement some of it.

Can we organize those folders?
Can we post announcement from Telegram and Discord here?


Estoy de acuerdo, daría mucha más vida al foro, seria una manera de estar informado y seguir en el hilo.

Ohh well, Galaxy Throne. I appreciate the spirit of building a strong project for the community and i would like to try out your game in the future. Any criteria to get to the WhiteList of participating in the play-test?


Well said, @fabsltsa the forum needs to be upgraded a bit to be easy to navigate for the community. A lot of newbies find it difficult to understand how things work here and that contribute in the poor engagement especially after the hackathon


How can i follow up on participation?

And what are the procedures in registering for your tournament?

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Wondered same too. The @admin.hackathon need to put up some couple of events that will keep the forum active even after the hackathon

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We are still working to the first launch but you can start joining discord server and follow twitter account, where we are going to share all the info about asap.
At the moment the community is small but we are going to grow for sure.


As I said to @AjahOjiugo we are still working to the first launch but you can start joining discord server and follow twitter account, where we are going to share all the info about as soon as possible.
At the moment the community is small but we are going to grow for sure.

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Tronics are more used to Telegram imo. Could be good to have a group on there too


thanks for the suggestion! for sure we are going to make it


La sugerencia de @fabsltsa es muy correcta, ya que la mayoría de gente se mueve por telegram, y muchas comunidades de juegos están instauradas allí.

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