Happy month of April 2023 to all Tronics

As we can see from the

The countdown for the session 4 HACKATHON is going

Let get to share our

  • Our experience
  • Expectations
  • project and best track that got your attention
  • Persons you met and like from this forum
    In this ongoing session 4 HACKATHON.

I will go first

  • One project with my full attention is @TuruGlobal from the builders track

  • Persons I meet and like here
    @everyone i have interacted with
    You guys are awesome in ideas, views and opinions.

  • My experience is smooth and lovely, finally made here my hub.

  • My expectations, just full house of active euthusiant .



I just joined in season 4 and have met a lot of people on this platform. I’ve learnt a lot.


Hola, hay varios proyectos que llaman mi atención, me reservo el nombre para cuando llegue el día.
. Las expectativas; que el foro esté activo durante todo el tiempo y consigamos llegar a muchos usuarios, vale la pena que lo conozcan.
. Todas las personas que están aquí son interesantes, cada uno aporta l,o que sabe, experiencias y más.


Thanks brother,.
Maybe you get to share the project getting
Your attention, what you like about them.

Yes, people here are lovely.
I respect and love Thier different views, idea,
Suggestion about a subject.

Los proyectos que llaman mi atención, suelen tener un caso de uso a futuro, ya sean NFT, juegos, Web3, etc.
Que presente originalidad, operatibilidad y a lo largo del tiempo sean beneficiosos social y economicamente.

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Projects have only 14 days left to publish g
their submissions on #Trondao.
As @admin.hackathon said the keys to this forum are with #Dorahacks. You need to have something related to #Tron and or #Bttc to get these keys.

I hope they are all working on this to get here.
Waiting for them patiently

So far so good
thanks to all
Let’s all stay active and productive :pray: