Team Space Race - A 4x/RTS strategy game

Project Track:GameFi
Team Name:African Studios
Team Member(s): African-Studios
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Project Goal: 4x/RTS Space Strategy Game
Project Info:## Inspiration
Team Space Race was inspired by team based 4x/RTS strategy games such as Stellaris, Rising Constellation and Starbourne. This types of games do not exist in the Tron Ecosystem. We still mostly see games made by those who wish to get wish to get rich quick. They don’t tend to think of the players at all.

Our difference is that we play the games we make. It always community driven, community developed and community owned.

What it does

Players mint NFT Space ships using TRX. (Lol the fun part) Customize them by buying or crafting modules then set off into the universe to gather fortune, fame and glory (the other fun part). Players can earn tokens by teaming up to complete missions, collecting resources, raiding, battling and or course winning the big races.(While playing-to-earn). There is also an in game marketplace where players can buy and sell NFTs spaceships, mods and upgrades.

How we built it

Blood, sweat and tears. Tons of creativity. Little Sleep plus Unity, Blender , BTTC, Node.Js, Python and C#. Also, a lot of Agile Sprints and community conversations. (my legs are tired)

Challenges we ran into

We found a lot of reference material was either outdated or didn’t quite fit our purposes. We also had a serious problem with lags and player info updates when a lot of players minting at once. The answer here was still write your own libraries.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Our first major accomplishment was getting this ready in time for the hackathon. A lot of different thought processes came together to make this work. Getting that TRON-UNITY-BLENDERn communication figure out was an amazing feeling.

What we learned

We learned that every great feature isn’t great unless it adds fun and value to the community that is going to use it. It was so very important to get the community involved at the ground floor.

There was a lot learned about sharing data between blockchain and game engines. Do it as less as possible. Also employ an traffic cop.(LOL)

What’s next for Team Space Race

Next up for Team Space Race is to flesh out the demo version a little more.
We will move the project from the testnet to main next by end of the fourth Quarter 2022.
Airdrops of Tokens and NFTs by first Quarter 2023.
Making beautiful and fun connections along the way. And playing a lot of games!

Project Website:
Project Test Instructionslogin to press connect your wallet.
Project Details(Teamspacerace v1 - YouTube)


Having fun whiles enjoying something cool on the side is great. My questions are;

Will the game be compatible with phone? And also the ingame tokens that will be earned, will it only be useful in the marketplace or it will be tradable on a DEX? If u need a place to list your tokens too u can always link up with @fabsltsa.

My next question is, what will make me choose your game over others. What are you bringing that is soo unique that others are not currently doing.

Thank you and wishing u the best in this hackathon.


Link to the website doesn’t work here so I can’t check that out. I checked the YT video. I like the idea but it would be nice to see some more screenshots, videos/some actual gameplay… How much people are working on this? I can imagine a game like this takes a lot of time to make.

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It’s the ‘how we built it’ for me
Sweat and co
Kudos :+1::ok_hand:

Hola, sería posible ver algunos gráficos, gracias

Dont Forget to add the devpost link asap :+1:

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