Do we have African Developers here?

Kindly state the country you are from and your project if any?
You can also state your area of specialization, your email address, your telegram I.D and Twitter handle


Yes I believe we should have some Africa developers with us

Which of category do wish to see AFRICA developer the more?

For me it’s #web3

Yes it’s good to have good connection and interaction with the developer
Not only from Africa, but across the globe

If there is any, kindly let us know

What a better way to be connected. Exchange ideas, build together and grow together with TRON BLOCKCHAIN

There is more
When we stay connected and build in one accord of TRON

Nigeria but live in US. Do I still count? LOL.


You welcome
Keep the building up

Oh nice, did you present a project last season?

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Yes but this time the team is stronger.


All the best to your project and your team

oh then we are waiting for your submission :pray:


Wishing best for his project submission.

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Hahaha no matter where you from, as long as you are black, you are African. What are you bringing on board by the way, give us headsup and lets see how we can support you on it.


Team Space Race - 4x Space Strategy Game. Play and Earn but Fun included.
thanks for all the wishes. We are about to launch mini version on Discord to test out combat and race mechanics.

Our staking and economy mechanisms should put us above the rest of the competition.
To support us check out the following site and let me know. I am open to all criticisms. ( leave comment on favorite image. suggest a name or function on was many as you like)
TEAM SPACE RACE (sign up to help test out in game mechanics)